Making the Intern-to-Staffer Leap

Posted September 20, 2013 at 10:30am

Capitol Hill offices commonly hire entry-level staff from their field of interns. (No, this is not a paid vs. unpaid internship story, but you can read those here, here and here). So what can an intern do to ensure a smooth transition to full-fledged staffer? Hill Navigator — a former intern herself — offers some words of wisdom below.

Q: I have been interning for a representative for a few months and was recently hired as a full-time staffer. I am beyond excited for my new job, but a little worried about the transition (both for myself and for other staffers) from intern to full time. What can I do to differentiate myself from my past role?

One thing you’ll learn about Capitol Hill is that staffers respond to success. Show that you’re a willing and capable member of the team and they will start to treat you as such. And you’re already starting ahead of the gate — they saw your work and thought you’d be a great fit. Sounds like there is not too much changing you’ll need to do.

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