Watch Alex Gangitano's footage from Tuesday's Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony.

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White House correspondent John T. Bennett discusses Obama’s week in Europe, and the upcoming Trump administration’s emerging agenda items. White House Watch will take a break for the Thanksgiving holiday and return the week of Nov. 28.

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Senior Editor David Hawkings and Heard on the Hill reporter Alex Gangitano discuss their experience previewing the new Smithsonian museum opening Sept. 24th. In an attempt to manage crowds and a large interest from the public, the museum has issued "timed passes" and many weekday passes are taken through mid-November (you'll have to wait even longer for weekends.) If you can't make it to the museum for awhile, Roll Call has your in with this video.

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Republicans prevailed in four of the six tossup Senate races on Nov. 8. How did the candidates react? Watch Roll Call’s selection of some of the Senate victory and concession speeches *from* that night (and ~in~ the wee hours of the next morning).

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House and Senate Preview: New Faces and a Lame Duck

The House returned Monday and the Senate returns Tuesday to begin the lame-duck session. In the House, Republican caucus leadership elections dominate the start of the week. House reporter Lindsey McPherson previews what to expect from Speaker Paul D. Ryan. And in the Senate, new senators report for orientation while the chambers legislative business is to be determined. Senate reporter Bridget Bowman has more.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., supporters rallied in D.C. on Thursday. They were celebrating the likely end of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and Sanders vowed not to negotiate with President-elect Donald Trump on racism.

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Members-elect of Congress go through two weeks of orientation, where they are briefed on everything from policies to travel limits. Here’s what their week one in Washington looked like.

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In this week’s edition of Office Space, District of Columbia Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, takes us on a photographic tour of the District’s political history. Fresh off the capital city’s vote for statehood on Nov. 8, explore some of the Democratic delegate’s advocacy work for D.C. rights (though, even the mayor says the likelihood of congressional action to enact the ballot measure is slim). Plus, Holmes Norton’s personal ties to the city runs deep.

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Here’s Roll Call’s Perspective of Trump’s Arrival at the Capitol

President-elect Donald Trump arrived on the Hill for meetings on Thursday.

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Obama ‘Heartened’ by Trump’s Acceptance Remarks

President Barack Obama on Wednesday said that he spoke to President-elect Donald Trump, congratulating him on his victory. While acknowledging his many political differences with the Republican businessman, Obama noted that Americans are “all on one team.”

Get insight into this year's congressional races straight from the Roll Call newsroom as Senior Editor David Hawkings hosts political reporters Alex Roarty and Simone Pathé every hour.

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It's been weeks since members of Congress left the Hill to hit the campaign trail, and they're rounding the corner to Nov. 8. Senior Editor David Hawkings explains what lawmakers really do when they head home to their districts and states to try to keep their jobs in Washington.

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What's a Lame Duck? Once Rare, Now a Norm

Congress went home to campaign for re-election, but they're planning a post-election session beginning Nov. 14. Why is that, and why have these so-called lame-duck sessions become the norm in recent history? Senior Editor David Hawkings explains.

As votes from across the country began to point increasingly toward a victory for Donald Trump, hundreds of college students took to the front of the White House. It was a non-violent mixture of Hillary Clinton supporters protesting the GOP nominee’s rhetoric and Trump supporters energized by their candidate’s impending upset.

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Roll Call’s Heard on the Hill reporter Alex Gangitano looks at politicians’ best Halloween costumes this year, from Sen. Ted Cruz as the Phantom of the Opera to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney donning a Mitt Romney mask. And of course Rep. Marc Veasey, who went all out for his Halloween festivities at an amusement park in Texas, where he performed on stage as a Music Man-inspired zombie.

Also, hear a musical foray into the thoughts of Speaker Paul D. Ryan from “This American Life” and the songwriters of “Frozen,” performed by Neil Patrick Harris.

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How to Watch Election Night 2016

By Nathan Gonzales, Cody Long
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Roll Call’s Heard on the Hill reporter Alex Gangitano checked out the annual 17th Street High Heel Race, a drag parade that this year protested Virginia GOP Rep. Barbara Comstock's positions on gay rights and gun control. Later in the week, Roll Call was on the scene for another protest, this one outside the Trump International Hotel. And D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton will be depicted in the new Amazon series, "Good Girls Revolt."

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Meet the Capitol Hill Jesus Lady

She’s been a fixture on Capitol Hill since the late 70s. Members of Congress, staffers and journalists all know her -- and her signature mannequin. She’s Rita Warren, and she’s the Capitol Hill Jesus Lady.

The 88-year-old activist has been hauling a life-size Jesus mannequin to the steps of the Capitol since 1979. Perched by the doors to the House, she reaches out with her message of faith in Jesus to whomever will listen. What is Warren’s story? How was she inspired to begin this crusade nearly 40 years ago?

Restoring the Dome: The Capitol Gets a New Crown

The United States Capitol Dome.

It is the most recognizable symbol of American democracy, and a worldwide icon.

And for the last two years, it’s been getting a facelift.

Built amid the chaos of the Civil War, the original Dome cost $1,047,291.

Even the best-built structure suffers from exposure to the elements, though.

So in 2014, the Architect of the Capitol began a two-year, multi-million dollar renovation to repair cracks, remove lead paint and restore the structure to its original splendor.

When the current renovations started, Congress knew the ambitious project needed to be completed before the 2017 presidential inauguration.

With the scaffolding already coming down, it looks like Congress, for once, will hit its deadline.


Do you have a photo of the dome? Everyone seems to. Tweet or Instagram it at us with the #MyCapitolDome hashtag. We will publish some of the coolest images online and in the newspaper.