Filibuster Ends, Senate Will Consider Gun Proposals, Murphy Says

Two amendments Connecticut senator is pushing for will get vote, he says on floor

Sen. Christopher Murphy of Connecticut waged a filibuster to get the Senate to vote on gun-control proposals. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

The Senate will consider amendments on keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists and tightening background checks on firearms sales in certain cases, Sen. Christopher Murphy said early Thursday as he concluded his filibuster.  

As his filibuster over congressional inaction on gun control crossed the 14-hour mark and neared its end, Murphy said on the floor that "we can report some meaningful progress," noting that it was his understanding that Republican and Democratic leaders had committed to "get votes" on two amendments.  

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The amendments the Connecticut Democrat and others have focused on involve expanding background checks to close what's known as the "gun show loophole" and on barring individuals who appear on terror watch lists from buying firearms.  

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