Rating Change: Ohio Governor

At the beginning of the cycle, Ohio Republican John R. Kasich looked like one of the most vulnerable governors in the country. But with just three months to go before the election, the incumbent's prospects for re-election are getting better each day. After some initial stumbles in office, Kasich has appeared to get his footing. And his opponent, Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald has had trouble getting off the ground. The Democrat hasn’t raised nearly enough money to knock off the incumbent. We changed The Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call rating of the race from Tossup/Tilts Republican to Leans Republican midday on Aug. 1. A few hours later, FitzGerald was on the defensive for why he was with a woman who was not his wife in a parked car in a Cleveland suburb parking lot at 4:30 a.m. back in 2012. Even if you buy FitzGerald’s explanation, the situation can’t be encouraging for potential donors looking to invest in his candidacy.