July 3, 2015

Warren Rojas


Warren Rojas is a Heard on the Hill columnist for Roll Call. He returns to the business of shadowing our elected leaders after a five-year stint as the founding dining editor for Northern Virginia Magazine.

Rojas spent the early part of his career covering the sordid world of tax policy first as a Congressional reporter and later as the pioneering investigative reporter for Tax Notes. He holds journalism degrees from both James Madison University and American University.

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Stories by Warren Rojas:

Scott Brown Is Listed as AdvoCare Distributor

July 2, 2015

Former Sen. Scott P. Brown appears to be on his way to fattening his wallet with some supplemental income — all thanks to a drug cocktail his son-in-law, Keith Weiser, brought to his attention.

Patrick Leahy Lives for The Dead

June 30, 2015

Though it sounds like he’ll be unable to travel to Chi-town this weekend for the final shows, longtime Grateful Dead fan Sen. Patrick J. Leahy will undoubtedly be there in spirit.

Ben Jones Raises His Battle Flag

June 29, 2015

Its days might be numbered in the Palmetto State and other Southern states. But the Confederate battle flag has suddenly become the must-have item in the life of former Rep. Ben Jones.

Congressional Cemetery Dead Serious About Fitness

June 29, 2015

Dear unwanted flab: prepare to take a dirt nap.

Scott Brown’s Slim Pickings

June 26, 2015

Contrary to what social media users might think, former lawmaker Scott Brown hasn’t been conned by any Nigerian princes. And he no longer has any need to curry favor with Big Pharma.

Firing Up a Memorable Fourth

June 25, 2015

Independence Day doesn’t just commemorate the birth of our nation.

Jesus Lady Challenges Speaker Boehner to Step Up

June 25, 2015

Spiritual warrior Rita Warren can no longer hold her tongue about a perceived brush-off by Speaker John A. Boehner.

Peter Roskam Surprises John Lewis With Artful Homage

June 24, 2015

Rep. Peter Roskam broke from regularly scheduled committee business Wednesday to present civil-rights icon turned solon Rep. John Lewis with a personalized painting commemorating the historic March on Washington in 1963.

Redditors Get Off on Plugging C-SPAN

June 23, 2015

Playboy scoured the Internet (OK, just Reddit) in search of rock-solid sex tips and apparently came away with a deeper appreciation for public broadcasting.

Bad News Babe Sizes Up Congressional Softball Squad

June 23, 2015

Roll Call alumna and inexhaustible trash-talker Abby Livingston remains confident her fellow Bad News Babes will wind up winning Wednesday’s seventh annual Congressional Women’s Softball Game.

Markwayne Mullin's Crunching Workout Plan

June 22, 2015

Rep. Markwayne Mullin expects to lead any and all members of the legislative branch interested in feeling the burn in a cardio-intensive workout Thursday.

Dennis Ross Smokes Out Grilling Mates

June 19, 2015

Just because he no longer makes the rounds on the competitive barbecue circuit does not mean Rep. Dennis A. Ross is done raking favorite foods — or like-minded colleagues — over the coals.

Derek Kilmer Gets a Jump on Father’s Day (Video)

June 18, 2015

Rep. Derek Kilmer took to the House floor Thursday to say a few words about a certain someone who schooled him — and quite possibly most of Port Angeles, Wash. — in the finer points of hard work and perseverance.

Steve Daines Wants Jeannette Rankin on #TheNew10

June 18, 2015

Sen. Steve Daines, hoping to get out ahead of Treasury’s recently announced hunt for the next face to grace the $10 bill, is placing his pick for Alexander Hamilton’s successor in the hopper.

Texas Pols Go to Bat for Astros (Updated)

June 18, 2015

Updated 3:31 p.m. | A bipartisan group of House lawmakers from the Lone Star State put Missouri pols on notice Thursday: acts of aggression against the Houston Astros will not be tolerated.

Union Kitchen Grocery Stocks Up | Food Court

June 18, 2015

Having successfully carved out a space for culinary artists to tinker with our collective taste buds, the mad scientists at Union Kitchen have moved onto the next phase of epicurean domination: market-ing.

Overheard: House Email Crash = Liquid Lunch

June 18, 2015

“Email down? I’m off to Bullfeathers.”

Team Amash Tackles Hot-Dog Bites Pizza

June 18, 2015

Rep. Justin Amash conducted a little taste test Thursday, chowing down with staffers on Pizza Hut’s polarizing Hot Dog Bites Pizza.

Jeb Bush: 21st Century Digital Boy

June 17, 2015

Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has finally committed to the 2016 race.

Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders Qualify for Comics Treatment

June 17, 2015

See photos, follies, HOH Hits and Misses and more at Roll Call’s new video site.

Jesus Lady Ready to Do Some Arm Twisting of Her Own

June 16, 2015

Capitol Hill fixture Rita Warren has had it with being blown off by Speaker John A. Boehner regarding her plan to help save lawmakers from total ruin.

Roll Call Has Always Made Room for Fun Stuff

June 16, 2015

The history books show that the Heard on the Hill column we all know (and love?) officially came into existence on Jan. 17, 1988.

Dan Kildee Views BLT Disposal as a Team Effort

June 12, 2015

After securing another year of bragging rights by coming out on top in the 54th Annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game, Rep. Dan Kildee now faces a victory celebration decidedly not for the faint of heart.

Bill Shuster, Not Gonna Play Ball

June 12, 2015

His vital statistics were listed in the program for the 54th Annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game. That’s his smiling mug featured in the deck of 2015 trading cards.

A Sea of Smiles at Taste of Hawaii

June 11, 2015

If the Taste of Hawaii gets much bigger, it will take over Upper Senate Park.

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