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Warren Rojas


Warren Rojas is a Heard on the Hill columnist for Roll Call. He returns to the business of shadowing our elected leaders after a five-year stint as the founding dining editor for Northern Virginia Magazine.

Rojas spent the early part of his career covering the sordid world of tax policy first as a Congressional reporter and later as the pioneering investigative reporter for Tax Notes. He holds journalism degrees from both James Madison University and American University.

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Stories by Warren Rojas:

Minnesota Hotdish Banter Is Simply Delicious

April 22, 2015

How good a cook is Rep. Betty McCollum? Skilled enough that the eight-term Democrat didn’t have to campaign — or even show up, for that matter — at the fifth annual Minnesota Hotdish Off to clinch congressional bragging rights.

Steve Knight Lashes Out at Conservative Activists

April 21, 2015

Updated 7 p.m. | Freshman lawmaker Steve Knight got so fed up over the weekend with the anti-immigration protesters who have been hounding him for months that he finally snapped.

Minnesota Pols Prep for Hotdish Fest

April 21, 2015

Carb lovers, rejoice!

Bluewater Productions Toons Into 2016 Race

April 20, 2015

Bluewater Productions is looking forward to putting its stamp on anyone and everyone who plans to give the White House a go in the next presidential contest — a daunting proposition that should keep its illustrators busy for months to come.

Listen Up, D.C.! Here Comes the White House Correspondents' Jam.

April 20, 2015

If getting the ear of Washington was half as easy as coaxing accomplished writers who moonlight as rockers out from behind their laptops and up onto stage, Mother Nature Network Co-Founder Chuck Leavell might very well already be running #ThisTown.

Getting Sloshed, POTUS-Style

April 17, 2015

Author Brian Abrams is set to dish about the boozing habits of the train-wrecks-in-chief laid bare in his irreverent expose, “Party Like A President: True Tales of Inebriation, Lechery, and Mischief From the Oval Office.”

Scott Peters Challenger Poised to Launch Bid From Afar

April 16, 2015

Iraq war veteran and House hopeful Jacquie Atkinson plans to toss her hat into the ring Thursday to unseat two-term California Democrat Scott Peters.

Versatile Toques Aim to Tantalize Seafood Fans

April 16, 2015

Profish has reeled in a who’s who of award-winning local chefs for its fourth annual “Charity Off the Hook” event, a gourmet dine-around designed to net much needed funds for food- and education-related charitable organizations.

Yoga Crews Court Congressional Posers

April 15, 2015

Stressed out about not fitting enough relaxation time into your schedule?

Bill Johnson’s Clout Undercut by Gyrocopter Mayhem

April 15, 2015

It turns out we’re all equal in the eyes of the U.S. Capitol Police when things go cuckoo on the congressional campus.

Capitol Hill Alumnus Wants to Huddle with Hibernian Staffers

April 15, 2015

Former Hill staffer Keith Carney has a plan to help foster comity within the ideologically charged Capitol: unite the children of the Emerald Isle.

Tex-Mex Free-for-All Set for April 21

April 15, 2015

Never mind the tired axiom about Sen. Charles E. Schumer, D-N.Y., and unattended TV cameras. History has clearly shown the most dangerous proposition on Capitol Hill is impeding the path of fast-food crazed congressional staffers.

Iowa Will Not Be Ignored

April 15, 2015

Whether courting home-schoolers or kicking it live with hog castrators (the new hockey moms?), would-be POTUSes have had it beaten into their skulls that the road to victory begins in Iowa.

Key Lime Pastry Pops Up at Ted’s Bulletin

April 14, 2015

Capitol Hill’s home for reimagined snack treats has flipped the script on a Sunshine State staple, (Just in time for Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio’s presidential run? Hmm.) whipping up a house-made goodie accented with fruity key lime, crumbly graham cracker and fluffy whipped cream.

Exit Interview: Scott Overland Cherishes Congressional Cutups

April 13, 2015

Leaving the friends he made and inspirational figures he encountered while working on Capitol Hill is no easy task for former staffer Scott Overland.

Meditation Museum Moves On Up

April 10, 2015

Need a little serenity now?

Golf Lobby Continues Chipping Away at Congress

April 10, 2015

Advocates for living life 18 holes at a time are scheduled to bring their “A” game to Capitol Hill on Wednesday for another round of links-related outreach.

Congresswoman Jams Out to The Beatles

April 8, 2015

Think you partied hard this spring break? Rep. Cheri Bustos certainly attempted to rock her constituents' world.

The Illinois Democrat pounded the skins Wednesday during a swing through a nursing home nestled in her district.

Bustos appears to bongo with the best of ‘em, keeping time as best she can while her co-performers chime in via guitar, tambourine and rain stick.

Shake It Up, Bustos (Video)

April 8, 2015

Think you partied hard this spring break? Rep. Cheri Bustos certainly attempted to rock her constituents’ world.

Gary Kroeger’s Candidacy Is No Laughing Matter

April 8, 2015

These days, you are more likely to find funnyman Gary Kroeger poring over think tank reports than cracking wise on a late-night sketch comedy show.

Jordan Belfi Sees Parallels Between Showbiz and Politics

April 7, 2015

Playing a morally suspect congressman on the hit ABC drama, “Scandal” wasn’t overly taxing for Jordan Belfi. He has, after all, received a master class in the art of behaving badly from the near-constant parade of lawmakers who wind up blubbering on national TV after their shady dealings become public.

The Dog Days of ... April?

April 6, 2015

Spring break has apparently broken bad for staff trying to go about their business in the Hart building.

#HashtagWars Gets All Political

April 3, 2015

A social media challenge to come clean about well-known fibs wound up fragging political types across the ideological spectrum.

Jesus Lady Vows to Make Easter Event Happen

April 1, 2015

Religious activist Rita Warren will not allow House Sergeant-at-Arms Paul D. Irving — or anyone else, for that matter — dictate how or when she carries out her business on the Capitol grounds this Easter.

Food Court: Exploring The District Fishwife Is a Net Win

April 1, 2015

As if lining its display case with glistening slabs of crimson tuna and pearly white scallops wasn’t enough of an irresistible lure, the tastemakers calling the shots at The District Fishwife are not afraid to reel in folks with the intoxicating aromas of beer-battered, deep-fried, finger-licking-good seafood.

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