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Warren Rojas


Warren Rojas is a Heard on the Hill columnist for Roll Call. He returns to the business of shadowing our elected leaders after a five-year stint as the founding dining editor for Northern Virginia Magazine.

Rojas spent the early part of his career covering the sordid world of tax policy first as a Congressional reporter and later as the pioneering investigative reporter for Tax Notes. He holds journalism degrees from both James Madison University and American University.

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Stories by Warren Rojas:

Poll Shows GOP Focused on Terrorism, Democrats on the Economy

Nov. 16, 2015

The latest American Values Survey paints a picture of a mistrustful, world-weary electorate that’s pretty much had it with political dynasties, monolingual immigrants and political correctness in general.

NRSC Relishes Making Russ Feingold Eat His Own Words

Nov. 13, 2015

Supporters of Wisconsin Democrat Russ Feingold’s Senate campaign plan to welcome their candidate back to D.C. next week with a fundraiser at 201 Bar — a spot the former lawmaker once cited as a key place where influence is bought and sold.

Artur Davis Determined to Win Grudge Match With Democratic Leader

Nov. 12, 2015

Former Rep. Artur Davis says there’s a very simple reason the Alabama Democratic Party won’t bend on letting him back into the fold: Power broker Joe Reed wants to clear a path for his son, Montgomery County Probate Judge Steven L. Reed, to run for mayor in 2019.

House Hopeful Keeping Bush, Rove in Her Back Pocket

Nov. 9, 2015

Denise Gitsham, the latest Republican to declare for the congressional seat currently held by California Democrat Scott Peters, is committed to standing on her own two feet — for now.

About Face! Pols Who Tried to Rewrite Military History

Nov. 9, 2015

Whether Ben Carson fudged a bit on that offer of a “full scholarship” to West Point or it’s a question of “semantics,” as he told reporters on Nov. 6, it wouldn’t be the first time a politician misrepresented their military experience.

Rove Aide Enters Race Against Scott Peters

Nov. 6, 2015

Capitol Hill vet and former George W. Bush aide Denise Gitsham on Friday officially put incumbent Rep. Scott Peters, D-Calif., on notice that she wants his job.

Coasting to Victory: D.C. Bar Handicapping Presidential Race

Nov. 5, 2015

No matter their standing in the latest polls, every White House hopeful is virtually guaranteed to soak up some attention at D.C.’s historic Off the Record bar.

Artur Davis Goes to Court to Get Back Into Democratic Party

Nov. 5, 2015

Should a desperation move to crowbar his way into local politics fail next week, former Rep. Artur Davis may attempt to drag Democrat leaders before the state Supreme Court.

Clinton Campaign Picks Hill Vet as Congressional Liaison

Nov. 2, 2015

Hillary Rodham Clinton on Monday picked Maura Keefe, a long-time Capitol Hill veteran with more than than 20 years of presidential campaign experience, as her new director of congressional affairs.

George Burke Death Stuns Connolly, Va. Democrats

Nov. 2, 2015

Congressional spokesman George A. Burke died on Oct. 30 after battling cancer, a departure that left his boss, Rep. Gerald E. Connolly nearly at a loss for words.

Candidates All Face Challenges Heading Into Third GOP Debate

Oct. 27, 2015

The horse race that is the 2016 presidential campaign remains a long one. But Republican strategists maintain that several White House hopefuls have serious ground to cover in Wednesday’s third GOP debate lest they get left behind in the dust.

Carson's Anti-Gay Stance Stops With Campaign Consultant

Oct. 26, 2015

That Christian conservatives overwhelmingly support White House hopeful Ben Carson shouldn’t surprise anyone — he’s been critical of same-sex marriage and once said equating LGBT rights to civil rights “irritated” him.

Clinton Ready for Showdown on Benghazi (Video)

Oct. 21, 2015

Eighteen months after outgoing Speaker John A. Boehner charged him with holding the Obama administration’s feet to the fire about the attacks in September 2012 that claimed the lives of four Americans in Libya, Benghazi Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy finally gets to grill former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton about the diplomatic catastrophe.

D.C. Socialists to Party Sans Bernie Sanders

Oct. 21, 2015

Members of the D.C. chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America are expected to get together at Busboys and Poets Thursday for a “We Need Bernie!” rally. The group deliberately did not contact the outspoken presidential hopeful about attending.

Jeff Flake Fears No Contest at Spelling Bee

Oct. 21, 2015

Spelling bee veteran Sen. Jeff Flake Wednesday is returning to the tongue-tying trenches for the National Press Club’s latest “Politicians vs. Press” spelling bee bout — mostly because he’s antsy after staying put all summer long.

Kaine Prepares to Defend Spelling Bee Crown

Oct. 20, 2015

Lawmakers are of very different minds as to what’s going to help them carry the day Wednesday, when they face off against political scribes at the National Press Club’s biennial spelling bee.

Tim Young Abuzz About NPC Spelling Bee

Oct. 19, 2015

Conservative comic Tim Young is not planning to mince words Wednesday during the National Press Club’s “Politicians vs. Press” Spelling Bee.

Alaska Delegation to Fete ‘Pipeline Pioneers’

Oct. 19, 2015

The energy lobby will attempt to stoke warm and fuzzy feelings Tuesday about The El Dorado of the North by hosting a screening of “Pipeline Pioneers,” a series of short films chronicling the iconic Trans-Alaska Pipeline.

Chuck Grassley Invites Web to Put Words in His Mouth

Oct. 16, 2015

Iowa Republican Charles E. Grassley Friday created another blizzard of controversy by sharing a nebulous update on social media.

Joe Sestak Looks Out for the Visually Impaired

Oct. 15, 2015

We haven’t seen much of Senate hopeful Joe Sestak in D.C. these past few years. But when he was around, the former House lawmaker purportedly made his mark on the time-honored tradition of networking.

Westboro Baptist Church Targets John Lewis

Oct. 14, 2015

The provocateurs that make up the Westboro Baptist Church are expected to picket an appearance Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., has scheduled Wednesday evening at Washburn University in Topeka, Kan.

Do the #DemDebate Right

Oct. 13, 2015

It would appear there is a thing on TV tonight that some folks may be interested in.

Pols, Cops Prepare for Gridiron Match

Oct. 9, 2015

Team “Mean Machine” will once again clash with “The Guards” for bragging rights on Capitol Hill in the 2015 Congressional Football Game for Charity on Oct. 28.

'Interim Speaker' Stumps Scholars

Oct. 8, 2015

Frustrated House Republicans kept floating trial balloon speaker candidates Thursday in the wake of Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s about-face on climbing the GOP ladder, including several who might serve as an “interim” speaker.

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