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Jason Dick


Jason Dick is the House editor for Roll Call and coordinates Congressional leadership coverage of Capitol Hill. He previously was editor of National Journal Daily and its predecessor publication, CongressDaily. He began his journalism career in Washington at National Journal’s environmental news daily, GreenWire, in 1998. A native of Arizona and a resident of Capitol Hill, he has also worked for the AmeriCorps program in West Virginia, and taught in Arizona and West Virginia.

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Stories by Jason Dick:

Is There an Echo in Here? Ben Finzel to Glen Echo Group | Downtown Moves

Jan. 14, 2014

Ben Finzel, a veteran communications specialist and former congressional and executive branch staffer, has joined Glen Echo Group as executive vice president.

Alpine Group Stocks Up on Hill Experience | Downtown Moves

Jan. 13, 2014

The Alpine Group, a top K Street firm, is adding two veteran operators with deep congressional staff experience, Lauren Bazel and Sheila Kennett.

Ode to Capitol Hill's Li'l Pub

Jan. 13, 2014

The Li’l Pub at 655 Pennsylvania Ave. SE closed its doors one week ago, but it’s still a sad sight to behold — its signage gone, along with another link to Capitol Hill’s gritty, working-class past.

Old Congressional Hubbard | Capitol Quip

Jan. 12, 2014

As the economy continues to send mixed messages (Unemployment is down! Yea! But only because people gave up looking for work! Boo!), what’s a Congress to do when it comes to extending long-term unemployment benefits? This brings us to this week’s Capitol Quip.

A Concurrent Resolution for the New Year | Capitol Quip

Jan. 12, 2014

Thanks to the many readers who contributed captions for last week’s Capitol Quip contest. Here’s the winning entry, as voted by readers of Heard on the Hill.

Football Breeds Bipartisanship, Betting

Jan. 10, 2014

Bipartisanship is in the air, at least when it comes to the National Football League. It’s not uncommon to see fans of college and professional sports in Congress wager their states’ wares and fares over the outcome of contests, but this week has produced some nice examples of bipartisan bonhomie over the gridiron.

Calendar: Restaurant Week on Capitol Hill

Jan. 10, 2014

It’s Restaurant Week Jan. 13-19 in Washington, and with scores of establishments to choose from, it’s important to winnow the list to a manageable number. Capitol Hill and its immediate environs have a healthy number of tables available for the Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington’s three-course winter feed. Here’s a handy list of nearby places for that $20.14 lunch or $35.14 dinner.

Buster Keaton Classic This Weekend at National Gallery of Art

Jan. 10, 2014

The National Gallery of Art is screening one of the classics of silent cinema this weekend, Buster Keaton’s “The General.”

Gabby Giffords Chatty in Sky Dive (Video)

Jan. 9, 2014

To mark the third anniversary of the Arizona shooting in which she was nearly fatally wounded, ex-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords took to the friendly skies over her home state to jump out of a functional aircraft. Here’s footage of the sky dive:

Bass Goes Pro at Greenberg Traurig Shop | Downtown Moves

Jan. 9, 2014

Former Rep. Charles Bass, the moderate New Hampshire Republican who’s done a couple of stints in Congress, has joined Greenberg Traurig as a senior director in its Washington, D.C., government law and policy practice.

New Orleans Food Guru Weighs In on Saints-Seahawks Wager

Jan. 9, 2014

If Sen. Mary L. Landrieu has to pay up in the football bet she’s made with Washington state’s senators, she’s got her choice of providers for the charbroiled oysters she’s wagered, but there is one restaurant that stands above all comers, according to New Orleans food oracle Tom Fitzmorris. “Drago’s is it,” he said.

House of Cards -- Just in Time for Valentine's Day

Jan. 8, 2014

“Democracy is so overrated.”

Tucson Picks Site for Jan. 8 Shootings Memorial

Jan. 7, 2014

Wednesday marks the third anniversary of the shooting in Arizona that killed six and injured 13, including then-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and now-Rep. Ron Barber. To commemorate the event, Tucson officials have announced the location for the memorial to the day and its aftermath.

Bipartisan Policy Center Hires New Immigration Director | Downtown Moves

Jan. 7, 2014

The Bipartisan Policy Center has hired Theresa C. Brown to be its new immigration policy director, replacing Rebecca Tallent, who left the position last month to serve as Speaker John A. Boehner’s go-to immigration staffer.

Rose's Luxury Gets Garden and Gun Shoutout

Jan. 6, 2014

Is Washington, D.C., the South? Depends on whom you ask, although Garden and Gun magazine, the Charleston, S.C.-based chronicler of the Southern good life, likes the District enough to visit and file dispatches.

When Cooter Joined Gopher in Congress

Jan. 3, 2014

It was 25 years ago this month that Congress, and the country, braced for the swearing-in of a new Congress that featured not one, but two television stars of the late 1970s and ’80s: Cooter from “The Dukes of Hazzard” and Gopher from “The Love Boat.”

Kay Hagan's Klingon Problem

Jan. 3, 2014

Sen. Kay Hagan, D-N.C., knew she would be facing a tough re-election battle this year. But she probably didn’t account for the latest development in the North Carolina Senate race: an opponent who’s tight with the Klingons.

Calendar: Gen X Writers, Bands Represent!

Jan. 3, 2014

As official Washington begins to trickle back to work in this new year, the city’s cultural institutions are getting back into the swing of things, too.

Lieberman Scores a Victory ... Chairmanship, That Is | Downtown Moves

Jan. 2, 2014

Former Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, I-Conn., continues to collect new titles as he starts his second year away from Congress. Victory Park Capital, a Chicago-based asset-management firm announced Thursday that Lieberman was coming aboard as chairman of its executive board.

Bono to Present Bono With Bono

Jan. 2, 2014

The headlines write themselves sometimes. On Saturday, ex-Rep. Mary Bono, R-Calif., will present U2 with the Sonny Bono Visionary Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Capitol Tourists Jump for Joy

Jan. 2, 2014

Ah, tourists. Sometimes they really are the lifeblood of the city. With Congress still in recess and many staffers using vacation time until things heat back up on Jan. 6, these visitors, spotted jumping for a photo on the East Front, injected a little life into an otherwise quiet Capitol campus on Thursday.

CATSCAN! Fever at Rock and Roll Hotel

Jan. 2, 2014

Panic about Friday’s impending snowstorm is starting to set in, as it so often does in Washington, but if you’re ready to brave a chilly or wet night out, the D.C. rock duo CATSCAN! is headlining a show at Rock and Roll Hotel.

Documentaries That Grabbed the Public Spotlight

Dec. 25, 2013

Documentary films are a kind of step-child in both Hollywood and Washington, D.C. Everyone gives lip service to how important they are, but the films themselves are ultimately lucky to get attention.

Merry Capitol Quip Christmas

Dec. 22, 2013

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from Capitol Quip! No caption contest this week. Enjoy the season!

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