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Jason Dick


Jason Dick is the House editor for Roll Call and coordinates Congressional leadership coverage of Capitol Hill. He previously was editor of National Journal Daily and its predecessor publication, CongressDaily. He began his journalism career in Washington at National Journal’s environmental news daily, GreenWire, in 1998. A native of Arizona and a resident of Capitol Hill, he has also worked for the AmeriCorps program in West Virginia, and taught in Arizona and West Virginia.

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Stories by Jason Dick:

D.C. Helps Stephen Colbert Say Goodbye

Dec. 19, 2014

Citizens of #ThisTown were among the pop culture illuminati sending off faux conservative blowhard Stephen Colbert on the final episode of “The Colbert Report,” all to a resounding singalong of “We’ll Meet Again.”

The Five Capitol Quips of Christmas

Dec. 17, 2014

The five finalists for this week’s caption contest are ready for your votes.

Liver Let Die, Foie La La Ducks Controversy

Dec. 17, 2014

The second annual Foie La La competition is under way on H Street Northeast, with nine establishments going beak to beak for the hearts and minds (and livers?) of diners with a taste for foie gras.

Shocked, Shocked Woodhouse Brothers Are Fighting on Cable TV

Dec. 16, 2014

With all the spontaneity of a professional wrestling match, the Woodhouse brothers, liberal Brad and conservative Dallas, argued their political points on cable television today and their mom called in to scold them.

Calendar: 'Through a Lens Darkly' Illuminates Screens

Dec. 15, 2014

Thomas Allen Harris worked on his latest film project, “Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People,” for years, and it was released in Washington on Dec. 12.

HOH Word of the Week: Clinker

Dec. 15, 2014

“Clinker. n. An amendment or rider to a bill that is so out of place that it stands out like a wrong musical note. In November 1973, President Nixon complained about “a couple of clinkers” in the Alaska pipeline bill with which business groups were unhappy. See also joker.

Lighting the Capitol Quip Christmas Tree

Dec. 14, 2014

All Congress wants for Christmas is, what exactly? That brings us to this week’s Capitol Quip.

D.C. Marijuana Rider is Officially Chopped Liver

Dec. 11, 2014

As the “cromnibus” careened in fits and starts on Thursday’s alleged get-out-of-town day, advocates for the District of Columbia got the latest in series of jabs, this time not even warranting a mention in the White House Statement of Administrative Policy.

McCain: CIA Torture Policies 'Stained Our National Honor'

Dec. 9, 2014

As the Senate Intelligence Committee’s CIA torture report roiled Capitol Hill Tuesday, Sen. John McCain framed the argument as one of moral clarity, all the while bumping up against his party leaders.

“I rise in support of the release, the long-delayed release of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s summarized, unclassified review of the so-called enhanced interrogation techniques that were employed by the previous administration to extract information from captured terrorists,” the Arizona Republican said on the Senate floor. “I believe the American people have a right, indeed responsibility, to know what was done in their name, how these practices did or did not serve our interests, and how they comported with our most important values.”

McCain, who spent five-and-a-half years in a North Vietnamese prison during the Vietnam War and endured unspeakable torture, is virtually unassailable on the issue. His comments put him back in the maverick role, at least in relation to the chamber’s internal politics, that has long defined his congressional career.

Nan Natcher Settles Into Post-Hill Life

Dec. 9, 2014

This is what Nan Natcher knew about the great-great-uncle who worked for the same place she was going: He didn’t miss a vote for more than 40 years. No pressure, then, for the great-great-niece of the late Rep. William H. Natcher, D-Ky., who voted 18,401 straight times in a distinguished career representing Kentucky’s 2nd District.

McCain and a 'Unique Moral Perspective' on Torture (Video)

Dec. 9, 2014

As the Senate Intelligence Committee’s CIA torture report roiled Capitol Hill Tuesday, Sen. John McCain framed the argument as one of moral clarity, all the while bumping up against his party leaders.

The Capitol Quip Before Christmas

Dec. 8, 2014

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Presents and snow, and mistletoe and . . . massive appropriations measures to ring out the season. That brings us to this week’s Capitol Quip.

HOH Word of the Week: Vote

Dec. 8, 2014

“Vote, n. The instrument and symbol of a freeman’s power to make a fool of himself and a wreck of his country.”

Mr. Reid Goes to Capitol Quip

Dec. 7, 2014

Thanks to the readers who contributed captions for last week’s Capitol Quip contest. Here’s the winning entry, as voted by readers of Heard on the Hill.

'O' Boy: 'Bedlam' in Inhofe's Office

Dec. 5, 2014

What’s orange and crimson and Oklahoma all over?

The Congressional Baseball Game and the Spartans at Thermopylae

Dec. 4, 2014

Here’s something you don’t see every day in the Congressional Record: a subhead titled, “The Spartans at Thermopylae.”

'Remote Area Medical' — a Documentary Whose Subject Is No Longer Remote

Dec. 2, 2014

“If I’d made this movie, I’d have screwed it up,” said Stan Brock, the founder of Remote Area Medical and a man with nearly a half-century of film experience.

Congressional Baseball Game Scheduled for June

Dec. 1, 2014

Mark your calendar: The 54th Annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game is scheduled for June 11.

HOH Word of the Week: Congressionalist

Dec. 1, 2014

“Congressionalist: One who believes the U.S. Congress should have wide-ranging power.”

A Tale of Two Handshakes

Dec. 1, 2014

Taking pictures at a political event is hard.

Changing of the Capitol Quip Guard

Nov. 30, 2014

Much of the drama in the Senate the last few years has centered around the way Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has run the place. Well, with the changing of the majority after November’s elections, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., will get his chance to show how he’ll manage the place beginning in January. That brings us to this week’s Capitol Quip.

To Trot or Not to Trot

Nov. 24, 2014

Staying put in Washington for the Thanksgiving holiday has its perks. No airport waiting lines. No captivity on I-95. A relaxed, convivial atmosphere. That’s good to keep in mind when arriving amid the forecasted snow and cold at Freedom Plaza for the 2014 Trot for Hunger 5K race.

Word of the Week: Bold

Nov. 24, 2014

“Bold: A politician’s most common description of their own or their party’s proposals. It manages to be a punchy, optimistic-sounding break with conventional thinking and deliberately vague all at once.”

Capitol Quip's Thanksgiving Pardon

Nov. 23, 2014

It’s a short week, so Capitol Quip’s captioning contest is taking a break and wishing a happy Thanksgiving to all with RJ Matson’s take on the annual presidential turkey pardoning ritual.

Elephants Stampede Capitol Quip

Nov. 23, 2014

Thanks to the many readers who contributed captions for last week’s Capitol Quip contest. Here’s the winning entry, as voted by readers of Heard on the Hill.

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