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Kate Tummarello


Kate Tummarello was hired in June 2011 as an editorial assistant. She writes for the Around the Hill section and helps with the production of the newspaper.

She graduated from Hamilton College in Clinton, NY, where she served as editor-in-chief of her campus paper.

Tummarello no longer works for Roll Call.

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Stories by Kate Tummarello:

Websites Go Dark Despite Delayed SOPA Vote

Jan. 17, 2012

The House has postponed its planned vote on the Stop Online Piracy Act, but many leaders in the technology industry feel the fight against what they call online censorship is far from over.

Lawmakers (App)lying Pressure

Jan. 13, 2012

If you wondered what your cat would look like in a driver’s license, you can blame Sen. Bob Casey for missing the chance to find out.

Search Engines Are a Thorn in Congress’ Side

Jan. 6, 2012

Congressional staffers control the content on Members’ websites. They control Members’ Facebook and Twitter accounts. They can even manage Internet search results by buying ads and using search engine optimization techniques. But Hill staffers can’t control what people wonder about their bosses.

Hill Climbers: D.C. Is ‘Like Politics in a Blender’

Jan. 6, 2012

Four years ago, Abe Rakov was on track to graduate from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and become a sports reporter. But the college newspaper’s editor-in-chief decided to add Congressional intern to his résumé, and “everything has just kind of snowballed since then.”

Capitol Hill Craftsman Caught Between Art and Law

Dec. 19, 2011

David Berkowitz is close to politics in more ways than one. Not only is the guitar builder’s sawdust-covered and parts-strewn studio blocks from the Capitol, but his work is also being affected by his neighbors in Washington, D.C.

Hill Climbers: Bono Mack Aide Is a Political Lifer

Dec. 16, 2011

The new deputy chief of staff for Rep. Mary Bono Mack has been involved in politics since before she was 2 years old.

Political Campaigning Enters Age of Technology

Dec. 12, 2011

With more and more constituents looking for information about their Members of Congress online, offices and campaigns are spending more time and energy focused on online advertising.

Artistic Bookbinder Thrives at GPO

Dec. 9, 2011

Bookbinder Peter James practices the ancient task of marbling paper, which beautifies book edges while helping to preserve the pages.

Hill Climbers: Political Enthusiast Loves the Hill

Dec. 9, 2011

Sen. Frank Lautenberg's new deputy chief of staff attributes her deep interest in politics to her upbringing.

Bass Trained in the Art of Martial Lawmaking

Dec. 7, 2011

Many lawmakers are experienced at sparring over political issues on the House floor. Rep. Karen Bass is experienced at a much more literal kind of combat.

Hill Climbers: Pursuit of Science Led to Hill

Dec. 2, 2011

Carolyn Shore describes herself as a “curious person.” The new science fellow for Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) attributes her curiosity to her interest in science.

Local Ladies Will Bare Arms for a Good Cause

Nov. 30, 2011

Madame Jillotine. The Ohio Hacksaw. CoCo the Killer Clown. These aren’t characters in a horror movie, or even competitors in the increasingly revivified sport of roller derby. These are arm wrestlers in the District’s Collective of Lady Arm Wrestlers.

Congressional Memories: Lawmakers Recall Their Standout Gifts

Nov. 28, 2011

Reflecting on the many Christmas gifts given and received over the years, Members of Congress share the standouts that hold a special place in their hearts.

Hill Climbers: From a Twister of Fate to Hill Life

Nov. 23, 2011

A tornado was all the impetus Angela Zirkelbach needed to move to Washington, D.C. The new staff assistant for the National Republican Senatorial Committee was working in Joplin, Mo., when the city was struck in May by a devastating tornado.

Hill Climbers: Aide Experienced at Beating Odds

Nov. 18, 2011

When Aaron Welty was an infant, doctors were convinced that the baby with cerebral palsy and breathing problems would not survive or have a high quality of life if he did. Almost three decades later, the legislative assistant for Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.) continues to prove them wrong.

BlackBerry Hill: Droids, iPhones Yet to Make Headway in Capitol

Nov. 14, 2011

On the Hill, almost everybody uses BlackBerrys, even though Senate staffers can choose between BlackBerrys and Apple iPhones, and House staffers can choose among BlackBerrys, iPhones and Google’s Android devices.

Campus Notebook: Darrell Issa Proposes Greater D.C. Autonomy

Nov. 14, 2011

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), whose committee has jurisdiction over the District of Columbia, unveiled draft legislation Monday that would allow D.C. to spend its own money — but not on abortions.

Hill Climbers: Honda Staffer Is Storyteller at Heart

Nov. 11, 2011

For some, a career in the film industry sounds like a dream. For Rep. Mike Honda's new communications director, it was a reality.

Lawmakers Overcome Party Divide With Hot Cups of Coffee

Nov. 7, 2011

It’s a rare moment in a city increasingly divided along partisan lines: two Senators from the same state but from different parties respectfully explaining their positions to constituents. And Illinois Sens. Dick Durbin and Mark Kirk do it once a week.

Different Meeting Styles Provide Similar Results

Nov. 7, 2011

Three other states — Tennessee, Montana and Wyoming — hold their Senate constituent coffees jointly, but these pairings are far more likely to agree with each other.

Hill Climbers: Energy Aide Has World Perspective

Nov. 4, 2011

Growing up, John Kerry's new energy and environmental adviser was not the outdoorsy type. Instead of traveling the world to study and work on environmental issues, Clare Sierawski pictured herself traveling the world as an ambassador — until her college adviser persuaded her to consider environmental studies.

Mike Honda’s Father Recognized Decades After Internment

Nov. 2, 2011

For Rep. Mike Honda, his family’s story came full circle this week. In 1942, he and his family were taken to an internment camp for Japanese-Americans. Today, he watched as Congress awarded a Gold Medal to Japanese-American veterans of World War II, a group that included his father.

Hill Climbers: Catholic Education Shaped Politics

Oct. 28, 2011

Jessica Kahanek was born into a Republican family, but she jokes that the nuns turned her into a Democrat. The new communications director for Rep. Jim Costa (D-Calif.) credits her affiliation to her Catholic education and a campaign fight over children’s health issues.

House Streams Mobile-Friendly Video

Oct. 27, 2011

You can now use your smartphone to watch live streaming video from the House of Representatives through, a website run by the Office of the Clerk of the House.

Hill Climbers: Career Detours Don’t Deter Staffer

Oct. 21, 2011

Capitol Hill can be a rough-and-tumble place, but Laura Sisemore has already skated through a shark tank. The California native worked for the San Jose Sharks hockey team before joining the office of Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) as press secretary.

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