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Eliza Newlin Carney


Eliza Newlin Carney is a senior writer covering political money and election law for CQ Roll Call. Carney writes features, investigative stories and news articles for CQ Weekly. She also writes a Rules of the Game column for Roll Call that analyzes the latest developments in lobbying, political money and ethics. Carney signed on in 2011 as a Roll Call staff writer. She joined the CQ Weekly staff in April 2013.

Carney previously was a contributing editor at National Journal, writing about campaign financing and Washington's influence industry. She was an election law columnist for and NationalJournalDaily. She also contributed features and investigative stories to National Journal and Government Executive magazines, among others, and worked as a freelance writer.

Before that Carney spent close to 10 years as a National Journal staff correspondent covering Congress, political money and lobbying. She also wrote about abortion, health care and welfare. Before joining National Journal in 1991, she covered Capitol Hill for States News Service, where her subscribing newspapers included the New York Times and the Evening Sun of Baltimore. She previously worked as a daily newspaper reporter in the Philadelphia area.

Carney has offered commentary on C-SPAN, CNN, National Public Radio and the PBS NewsHour, among others. She also has taught journalism at George Washington University's School of Media and Public Affairs, and has written a chapter in a book, Abortion Politics in American States (M.E. Sharpe Inc., 1994.)

Carney has a master's degree from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism and a B.A. from Swarthmore College in Swarthmore, Pa. Her work has been recognized by the Capital Press Women and the Philadelphia Press Association. She lives in Silver Spring, Md., with her husband, Dan Carney, an editorial writer for USA Today, and their daughter, Elizabeth.

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Stories by Eliza Newlin Carney:

Conservative Veterans of Voting Wars Cite Ballot Integrity to Justify Fight

Sept. 25, 2012

Call them the voter fraud brain trust. A cadre of influential Washington, D.C., election lawyers has mobilized a sophisticated anti-fraud campaign built around lawsuits, white papers, Congressional testimony, speeches and even best-selling books.

SEIU Official Strives to Boost Latino Turnout

Sept. 21, 2012

Most politicians and party leaders fighting to win over Latino voters have probably never heard of labor organizer Eliseo Medina, but they should have.

Appeals Court Rejects Bid to Demand Full Campaign Finance Disclosure

Sept. 18, 2012

In a blow to advocates of campaign finance disclosure, a federal appeals court today threw out a lower court's finding that the Federal Election Commission's public reporting rules are at odds with campaign finance law.

Rahm Emanuel to Raise Big Money for Super PACs

Sept. 5, 2012

When it comes to political money, President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney are delivering the same message from their respective conventions: Do as I say, not as I do.

Reform Advocates Take to Subways to Force SEC Disclosure Rule

Sept. 5, 2012

Activists opposed to secret money in politics have stepped up a pressure campaign aimed at the Securities and Exchange Commission, targeting two major Washington, D.C., Metro stops with billboards and street demonstrators urging the SEC to adopt a new corporate disclosure rule.

'People Power' May Lead To Low-Wattage Event

Sept. 3, 2012

In setting out to pay for a $37 million "people's convention" with low-dollar citizen donations instead of big corporate checks, Democrats have either embarked on a fool's errand, a bold experiment or both.

FEC Spells Out Disclosure Rules

July 27, 2012

The Federal Election Commission today issued a statement outlining how it plans to comply with a federal court ruling that ordered the commission to tighten up its disclosure rules.

Behind the Scenes, Norm Coleman Raises Cash

July 23, 2012

Just like the influential conservative nonprofit that he runs, American Action Network Chairman Norm Coleman likes to fly below the political radar.

IRS May Strengthen Oversight of Politically Active Nonprofits

July 23, 2012

In a potentially significant move hailed by reform advocates, the IRS has signaled that it will consider changing its regulations for politically active tax-exempt groups.

DISCLOSE Act Advocates Vow to Press On After Senate Defeat

July 18, 2012

The DISCLOSE Act is dead, but the bill’s Senate champions said today they will continue to push for campaign disclosure via regulatory channels and to work to overcome uniform GOP opposition.

Best and Worst of Times at EMILY's List

July 16, 2012

For the Democratic women’s political action committee EMILY’s List, 2012 looks at first glance like a banner year: Money is pouring in, the group is backing a bumper crop of female candidates, and Republicans have helped thrust women’s issues front and center.

Aetna Shareholders Question Company Payments to Advocacy Groups

July 13, 2012

A group of Aetna investors has written the insurance company’s CEO to allege that Aetna violated its own political disclosure policy when it gave $7.8 million to the nonprofit American Action Network and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Democrats Renew Push for DISCLOSE Act

July 12, 2012

Days after ripping Republicans for the political theater of holding a health care repeal vote, Democrats are planning their own bit of campaign messaging: a new push for legislation to force disclosure of political spending.

Judges Will Rule on Texas Voter ID

July 11, 2012

The war over this election’s voting rules is heating up, drawing crowds this week to a closely watched federal court trial in Washington, D.C., where a three-judge panel is hearing arguments for and against a contested Texas voter ID law.

K Street Files: Activists Lobby for Paid Leave

July 10, 2012

More than 200 activists are visiting lawmakers on Capitol Hill today to lobby for legislation that would grant workers a minimum number of sick days and for a federal family leave insurance program.

Rules of the Game: Debate Over Corporate Spending Spans Parallel Universes

July 6, 2012

Are big corporations taking over American elections? It depends whether you ask liberals or conservatives, who can’t even agree on the basic facts.

Effort to Overturn Contraceptive Mandate Shifts Focus to Bishops’ Advocacy

July 4, 2012

A Catholic-led fight to overturn contraceptive mandates in the health care law has drawn big dollars, large crowds and prominent GOP backing, raising questions about how aggressively Catholic bishops might wade into politics.

K Street Files: Business Roundtable Snags Veteran Lobbyist

June 29, 2012

The Business Roundtable has snagged veteran lobbyist and political strategist Bill Miller as senior vice president in charge of its outreach to Capitol Hill and the Obama administration.

Drugmakers Wary Despite Apparent Win

June 28, 2012

Among the biggest winners in Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling to uphold the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is the drug industry, which played an intimate, if controversial, role in shaping the new law.

Montana Ruling Could Fuel Campaign to Amend Constitution

June 25, 2012

The Supreme Court’s Monday ruling to strike Montana’s ban on corporate campaign spending opens a new chapter in the political money wars, fueling an improbable but increasingly vocal movement to amend the Constitution.

Supreme Court Rejects Montana Case Challenging Campaign Finance Ruling

June 25, 2012

In a 5-4 ruling that reaffirms the Supreme Court’s position that unrestricted political spending is constitutional, the high court today summarily reversed a lower court ruling upholding a Montana ban on corporate campaign expenditures.

Public Funding Ban for Political Conventions Might Move Quickly

June 22, 2012

A Senate-passed measure to end public subsidies for the national political party conventions is expected to win quick approval in the House, delivering a long-awaited, if symbolic, victory to opponents of public campaign financing.

Wealthy Democrats Still Ignoring Super PACs

June 21, 2012

Campaign finance reports filed Wednesday yet again point to the basic problem facing Democrat-friendly super PACs as they struggle to catch up with their GOP counterparts: Wealthy liberals are still not playing the big-money game.

More Compliance Seen for Politically Active Nonprofits

June 20, 2012

Nonprofit groups that spend big money on campaign-style ads will face growing pressure to comply with tax and campaign finance laws in the wake of a federal court ruling last month, Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) said in a speech at the National Press Club today.

GOP Rips IRS for Donor Request

June 19, 2012

As evidence mounts that the IRS is more closely scrutinizing politically active nonprofit groups, Republicans on Capitol Hill have lashed out with assaults on the tax agency and fresh demands for an explanation.

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