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Eliza Newlin Carney


Carney is a senior writer covering politics, campaign financing and lobbying for CQ News. She writes features, investigative stories and news articles for CQ Weekly and CQ News. She also writes a political money column for CQ Weekly.

Carney previously worked at National Journal, first as a staff writer and then as a contributing editor. She was an election law columnist for NationalJournal.com and NationalJournalDaily.

Before joining National Journal in 1991, Carney covered Capitol Hill for States News Service, where her subscribing newspapers included the New York Times and the Evening Sun of Baltimore. She previously worked as a daily newspaper reporter in the Philadelphia area.

Carney has offered commentary on C-SPAN, CNN, National Public Radio and the PBS NewsHour, among others. She also has taught journalism at George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs, and has written a chapter in a book, Abortion Politics in American States.

Eliza no longer works for CQ Roll Call.

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Stories by Eliza Newlin Carney:

Senators Touting Transparency Should Look in the Mirror | Rules of the Game

June 18, 2013

Senators on both sides of the aisle have demanded transparency lately from a growing list of government agencies: the State Department, the Justice Department, the IRS, the National Security Agency.

Who's the Right Watchdog for Nonprofits' Political Activity? | Rules of the Game

May 21, 2013

An obvious danger of the IRS political targeting scandal is that congressional and federal investigations will produce much heat but little light.

Why the IRS Mess Bares Big Campaign Finance Problems

May 20, 2013

To many on Capitol Hill, the burgeoning scandal dogging the IRS looks like a simple case of partisan political targeting by an overbearing federal agency.

Super PACs Fuel GOP Civil War

May 8, 2013

Republicans who have long pushed for campaign finance deregulation are now paying for one of its consequences: the rise of influential conservative super PACs vying for the soul of a fractured GOP.

Obama Budget Puts OFA on the Spot

April 17, 2013

President Barack Obama’s budget proposal to trim Social Security benefits has intensified liberal angst over his controversial nonprofit advocacy group, Organizing for Action.

Rules of the Game: Lame-Duck FEC Invites Scofflaws

April 5, 2013

Already short one officer, the Federal Election Commission will soon have a dubious distinction: As of April 30, all five of its remaining commissioners will be serving expired terms.

ICE Union Skewers Bill From Immigration 'Gang'

April 3, 2013

The union for immigration agents slammed the immigration bill being drafted by the Senate’s “gang of eight” because it does not focus on enforcing immigration laws in the nation’s interior.

Evangelicals Ramp Up Immigration Ads

April 2, 2013

As part of a six-figure campaign to promote an overhaul of immigration laws, a coalition of evangelical Christian groups on Tuesday launched radio ads in Colorado, Florida, North Carolina and Texas.

Rules of the Game: Hispanic Caucus Leverages Latino Power

March 24, 2013

The growing clout of Latino donors and voters has quietly boosted the fortunes of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, which has gained members, political leverage and fundraising power in the 113th Congress.

FEC Terminates 'Zombie' Super PACs

March 21, 2013

The Federal Election Commission has pulled the plug on 300 “zombie” super PACs that had registered with the commission but then failed to raise or spend any money.

Republican Super PAC War Splits the Party

March 19, 2013

A cottage industry of new Republican super PACs run by a diverse array of tea party activists, conservative organizers and established operatives is making the GOP look less like a political party than a collection of competing outside groups.

Keystone Fight Escalates in Final Phase

March 15, 2013

As the totemic fight over the Keystone XL oil pipeline enters its crucial, final phase, backers and detractors of the project have escalated their pressure on President Barack Obama, who has the final say but remains noncommittal.

Deep Pockets Back Organizer of CPAC

March 14, 2013

The three-day Conservative Political Action Conference that began Thursday at National Harbor in Maryland showcases a wealth of conservative spending power from more than 200 right-leaning donors, foundations, universities, think tanks and activists who have collectively doled out more than $1 million to help underwrite the event.

Critics Step Up Attacks on Obama Nonprofit

March 13, 2013

As President Barack Obama prepares to meet with donors to his advocacy group Organizing for Action, he continues to field criticism over the organization from both watchdogs and Republican operatives.

Rival Lobby Campaigns Focus on Birth Control Mandate

March 12, 2013

Activists on both sides of the abortion debate have unleashed new ads and grass-roots lobbying drives in the ongoing fight over birth control requirements in the 2010 health care law.

Rules of the Game: Obama's Nonprofit Carries on Dubious Tradition

March 10, 2013

A Democratic rising star who campaigned on a platform of sweeping ethics changes draws fire once in power, after his top campaign donors bankroll a secretive nonprofit promoting his agenda.

Obama Group to Reject Corporate Cash

March 7, 2013

Under fire from watchdog groups and editorial writers, the pro-Obama advocacy group Organizing for Action has announced that it will no longer accept corporate money and will more fully disclose contributions.

Pressure Points: A 'Counter Voice' to AIPAC

March 5, 2013

Two pacifist groups have launched a $100,000 billboard advertising campaign to challenge the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the influential pro-Israel lobby, during AIPAC’s annual policy conference in Washington, D.C.

Giffords Ads Continue Barrage of Political Maneuvering Over Guns

March 5, 2013

The new ads unveiled Tuesday by the super PAC headed by ex-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., and her husband, Mark Kelly, are just the latest in a wave of gun-related advocacy and political spending.

K Street Files: Both Sides Rev Up for Wage War

March 5, 2013

Calls to increase the minimum wage by President Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress have triggered pre-emptive action on both sides of the debate.

K Street Files: FEC Complaint Targets Chevron, GOP Group

March 5, 2013

Public Citizen and several progressive groups filed a complaint Tuesday with the Federal Election Commission, calling on the agency to take action against Chevron Corp. for $2.5 million the energy company gave to the Congressional Leadership Fund, a Republican super PAC.

American Crossroads Excoriates Obama Group (VIDEO)

March 4, 2013

Members of Congress have been remarkably quiet about President Barack Obama’s controversial new advocacy group, Organizing for Action, but the GOP super PAC American Crossroads has jumped in with an excoriating new video that rebrands the president’s group “Organizing for Access.”

Defense Lobby Is Facing a Moment of Truth

March 3, 2013

The once-mighty defense lobby’s failure to head off some $500 billion in Pentagon cuts marks a moment of truth for an industry that has lost clout and allies on Capitol Hill, probably for good.

Supreme Court Won't Hear Contribution Limits Case

Feb. 25, 2013

Advocates of campaign finance restrictions breathed a small sigh of relief Monday when the Supreme Court declined to take up a challenge to the ban on direct corporate contributions to candidates and political parties in a case known as U.S. v. Danielczyk.

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