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Ambreen Ali


Ambreen Ali covers science and technology policy as a staff writer for CQ Roll Call. She joined the company in January 2010 to help launch a website and blog on grassroots advocacy, Congress.org. A 2008 new media graduate of the Medill School at Northwestern, Ambreen previously worked as a White House stringer covering the presidential press pool for Bloomberg and an intern for the late Seattle Post-Intelligencer. During a stint in India for Agence France-Presse, her fluent Urdu led to widely published stories on Tibetan refugees and Mumbai's red-light workers.

Ambreen holds an undergraduate degree in finance from the University of Washington, where she wrote for the Daily, and she has written about social media and finance for SmartBrief. She also worked as a web editor for Newser.com, a news aggregation site. Ambreen's first journalism job was at Seattle Magazine in 2003, where she acquired fact-checking skills she uses to this day. She spends her spare time running and cooking.

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Stories by Ambreen Ali:

Bishops’ Group: Religious Freedom Under Siege

Oct. 3, 2011

A new lobbying group being created by the Roman Catholic Church appears to have made the Obama administration its prime target.

FEC’s Institutional Memory Says Farewell

Oct. 2, 2011

Bob Biersack, one of the most respected experts in campaign finance, retired Friday from the Federal Election Commission, ending a 30-year career in which he led the agency from the era of dot matrix printers to online databases.

Facebook Joins Tech Firms’ Move to Old-School Politics

Sept. 28, 2011

New media companies may be at technology’s cutting edge, but they are resorting to age-old tactics when it comes to influencing politics. This week, Facebook announced that it is creating a political action committee much like those run by its competitors, building on the growing Washington lobbying and influence presence of the “next-tech” sector.

No Rush to Offer Tea Party Solutions

Sept. 24, 2011

Every interest group in town is vying for the attention of the super committee members except the very movement that drove the federal deficit to the top of Congress' agenda.

In Texas, Disaster Aid Is a Contentious Topic

Sept. 16, 2011

Wildfires, historic drought and a tight state budget may have made Texans more reliant on the federal government, but that doesn't mean they like it.

Liberal, Conservative Groups Join to Find Spending Cuts

Sept. 15, 2011

Congress should have no trouble trimming $1 trillion from the federal budget, according to a report released today by two watchdog groups that usually disagree on policy matters.

GOP Deregulatory Push Makes Cement a Star

Sept. 13, 2011

After years of persistent lobbying, cement’s political moment has apparently arrived. The small industry facing new environmental standards has spent millions of dollars to make itself the poster child for Republican deregulatory fervor.

Website Seeks to Help Public Hire Lobbyists

Sept. 9, 2011

A new website is offering the general public entrée to one of the Beltway’s most exclusive institutions: K Street.

Oversight Confusion Hinders Security Policy

Sept. 7, 2011

Seven years ago, the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, popularly known as the 9/11 commission, said Congress had too many committees with oversight authority for the Department of Homeland Security, creating a bureaucratic web that impaired security policy. Since then, Congress has made matters worse.

Pipeline Protests Fail to Move White House

Sept. 3, 2011

Note to the pipeline protesters outside the White House: He's not listening. As he turns his focus to jobs and his re-election, President Barack Obama appears to have concluded that the economic benefits of an oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico outweigh the vigorous protests of environmental activists.

Windows Damaged at Rep. Gene Green’s District Office

Aug. 30, 2011

The Houston Police Department said an air gun is likely to blame for damage caused to Rep. Gene Green’s district office Tuesday morning.

Lawmakers Facing Disgruntled Voters Back Home

Aug. 23, 2011

For some lawmakers, the summer return home has been less than a welcoming experience.

Perry’s No Tea Party Darling in Texas

Aug. 16, 2011

HOUSTON — Texas Gov. Rick Perry might seem like the ideal tea party presidential candidate, but he hasn’t been winning over activists at home — and it’s not just because he’s competing with Rep. Ron Paul, a fellow Texas Republican, for their affection.

Liberal Groups Launch Contract of Their Own

Aug. 10, 2011

Liberals are borrowing a tactic from the tea parties to get the nation’s attention back on jobs. A broad coalition of advocacy groups including MoveOn.org Civic Action, the Sierra Club, CodePink and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force launched the “Contract for the American Dream” on Wednesday.

Tea Party Summers in Wisconsin

Aug. 3, 2011

National tea party groups are quickly pivoting from the debt debate to upcoming recall elections in Wisconsin that could shift the power in an ongoing fight over labor unions and their bargaining rights.

Steamed Activists to Disrupt Forums

Aug. 1, 2011

Activists on the far right and far left might be angry at Congress, but they are fracturing with party leadership in a similar fashion, with each side decrying the debt deal for not going far enough.

Liberals Seek Boost From Debt Talks

July 28, 2011

Two years ago, stimulus packages and bailouts fed a nationwide revolt that became the tea party movement. Now, liberal groups say frustration over the debt ceiling talks is fueling a left-wing equivalent.

Conservative RightMarch Raises Big Bucks but Gives Little

July 26, 2011

A political action committee that raised more than $1 million from tea party and conservative activists in the last election cycle spent very little of that money actually supporting candidates.

Christian Coalition Asks Obama to Protect the Poor During Meeting

July 20, 2011

Just before stepping into a meeting Wednesday afternoon with House and Senate Democratic leaders to discuss the budget and debt, President Barack Obama met with Christian leaders to seek their advice and ask them to pray for him.

Obama's Dinner Donor Stunt Builds Grass Roots

July 15, 2011

As campaign stunts go, dinner with a presidential candidate appears to be a sure way to create die-hard supporters.

Low Registration Sinks Tea Party Convention

July 13, 2011

Organizers of the Freedom Jamboree announced Wednesday that they have canceled the tea party convention planned for this fall, citing low registration.

Tax Protection Ends for Dormant Causes

July 12, 2011

Five years have passed since House Majority Leader Tom DeLay resigned from Congress, and it has been 24 since the Texas Republican created a conservative grass-roots group that failed to take root. But until last month, you could still make tax-free donations to that nonprofit.

Tea Party Offers a 1¢ Solution

July 6, 2011

A flat-rate spending-cut plan advocated by tea partyers is gaining fans in Washington, D.C. The One Cent Solution requires Congress to reduce federal spending by 1 percent — one cent per dollar — of gross domestic product annually until 2018.

Chamber Goes to Courts More Often — and Wins

June 29, 2011

While most Washington influence efforts focus on Congress or the federal agencies, the nation's largest business lobby has been expanding its campaign to influence the Supreme Court.

Tea Party Group Starts New Anti-Obama PAC

June 24, 2011

Familiar faces are behind a new effort to challenge President Barack Obama.

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