Feb. 7, 2016

Kate Ackley


Kate Ackley is a lobbying reporter and editor for Roll Call. For more than a decade, she has covered the K Street industry and the relationship between Congress and those seeking to influence it. She is an expert on the lobbying job market, the revolving door between Capitol Hill and the private sector, the culture of K Street and on Washington, D.C.’s business community including its lobbying associations, lobbying firms, unions and corporate offices.

Before joining Roll Call in January 2005, Ackley was news editor at Influence and Legal Times. She has held reporting internships with the Wall Street Journal, Reader’s Digest magazine and the Fort Collins Coloradoan.

A Denver native, Ackley graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

She has appeared on CSPAN, including in a documentary about a Congressional Delegation trip in 2008 to Colombia, and on XM Satellite Radio and various other programs around the country.

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Stories by Kate Ackley:

K Street Cash Buoys Clinton, Rubio in White House Bids

Feb. 2, 2016

K Street cash is helping to pay campaign bills, but money from lobbyists may also haunt presidential contenders with ties to special interests as the White House race heads to New Hampshire and beyond.

Powerful Gun Lobby Faces Growing Resistance

Feb. 1, 2016

Lawrence Keane is the gun lobby. So is Chris Stone. Neither works for the National Rifle Association — the grass-roots and political organization that has become synonymous with the cause — but both are entrenched in the gun policy debate that is swirling to the forefront of 2016 campaigns. Still, the two men are not of one mind. Keane, who represents gun manufacturers and retailers at the National Shooting Sports Foundation, said his group is lobbying to…

Giuliani Calls Trump a Friend As He Weighs Endorsement

Jan. 20, 2016

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani just made a major decision to switch law firms, but the one-time GOP presidential contender says he’s still weighing an even tougher choice: whom to back in the 2016 race.

The Wait Is Over for Ex-Lawmakers Ready to Lobby

Jan. 19, 2016

Since leaving Congress one year ago, Nick J. Rahall II has stayed away from Capitol Hill, except to occasionally sneak into the credit union in the Rayburn House Office Building. “If I saw a member, I ran,” he boomed with a laugh.

Chamber's Donohue: 'Loud Voices' in 2016 'Politically Stupid'

Jan. 14, 2016

U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Donohue took swipes Thursday at the Obama administration's regulatory agenda and the GOP's leading White House contenders, as he outlined the 2016 mission for Washington's biggest lobbying organization. 

Funding Bills Drive Lobbyists' Election-Year Agenda

Jan. 12, 2016

K Street won’t cede the year’s policy battles to election-year politics just yet.

Omnibus Directs Cash to Conventions, Inauguration Security

Dec. 16, 2015

The presidential nominating conventions are months away, but Congress earmarked funding in the omnibus appropriations bill to beef up security in host cities Cleveland and Philadelphia and for the 2017 inauguration of the next White House occupant.

Lawmakers Raise Campaign Cash Amid Omnibus Debate

Dec. 11, 2015

Negotiations over the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill aren't the only thing on Congress’ to-do list that will stretch into next week.

Campaign Finance Riders Face Fight in Year-End Spending Bill

Dec. 1, 2015

Progressive and political money groups say they will intensify their lobbying in the coming days to prevent four campaign finance measures from hitching a ride on a year-end spending deal.

Bipartisan Plan for Visa Changes Faces Business Backlash

Nov. 19, 2015

Efforts to curb a visa-waiver program in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attacks may win bipartisan support in Congress but already are stirring backlash from industries that thrive on foreign visitors.

Legal Troubles Await Governors Seeking to Bar Refugees

Nov. 16, 2015

Governors could be opening their states to costly court challenges as they try to block Syrian refugees from settling in the United States after the Islamic State claimed responsibility for terrorist attacks in Paris.

GOP Governors Say No to Syrian Refugees

Nov. 16, 2015

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott dispatched a message Monday to President Barack Obama: Syrian refugees will be unwelcome in the Lone Star State.

Ryan: 'No Idea' How Long I'll Be Speaker

Nov. 15, 2015

Speaker Paul D. Ryan, after two weeks on the job, said he has “no idea” how long he may lead the House, committing only to the 14 months left in the current Congress during an interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes.”

Tribal Lobbying Is Booming After Abramoff Scandal

Nov. 15, 2015

The Gila River Indian Community, an Arizona tribe that operates casinos near Phoenix wants to stop another tribe from opening a rival enterprise. So Gila River mobilized its lobbyists at Washington’s biggest firm.

Ex-Lawmakers Push for Campaign Finance Overhaul

Nov. 5, 2015

A new caucus of former elected officials — now freed of chasing money to keep their seats — is pushing for a comprehensive campaign finance overhaul.

Boehner Team in Place to Show Him the Money

Nov. 5, 2015

Boehner Inc. begins.

Boehner May Do More Than Golf After Congress

Nov. 4, 2015

Updated 10:51 a.m. | Former Speaker John A. Boehner may have more than golf on his post-congressional to-do list.

Taxpayers Foot Bill for Boehner's Post-Speaker Office

Nov. 2, 2015

Updated 6:10 p.m. | Looking for John A. Boehner? Try the Longworth House Office Building.

It's All in the Family for Ryan on Speaker Day

Oct. 29, 2015

Updated 12:45 p.m. | It was a job he said he didn’t want — largely because of the toll it may take on his family.

Grass Roots to Ryan: Show, Don't Tell, on Budget Deal

Oct. 27, 2015

Paul D. Ryan isn’t even House speaker yet, but conservative grass-roots activists say he can’t hide while his predecessor moves a budget and debt-limit deal they despise. Their message: Ryan must lead — now.

It's Already Go Time for Ryan's Speaker Staff

Oct. 26, 2015

Everybody knows Dave Hoppe — at least that’s how it seems in Washington’s GOP circles.

Ryan Staffing Up for Speaker's Office

Oct. 25, 2015

If he’s elected speaker Thursday, Paul D. Ryan plans to name David Hoppe — a man best known around the Capitol for his Senate experience — to be his chief of staff.

Chamber's Donohue 'Doubling Down' for 2016

Oct. 23, 2015

Thomas Donohue, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, pledged Friday to “double down” on Capitol Hill and on the campaign trail against the ultra-conservative forces that threaten the business community’s agenda.

Who Whispers in Paul Ryan's Ear?

Oct. 21, 2015

After the 1994 elections handed Republicans control of the House, freshman Sam Brownback of Kansas searched for a legislative director. His pick: A boyish, almost 25-year-old policy wonk named Paul D. Ryan, who had left the Hill for a policy job.

Wanted: House Speaker Willing to Compromise, Poll Says

Oct. 14, 2015

Even though conservative rebels within the GOP conference want a staunch conservative to replace Speaker John A. Boehner, most Americans say they’d prefer a new House leader who is willing to compromise, a new Economist/YouGov poll found.

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