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Stories by John Stanton:

Leaders Want to Focus Conference on President’s Policies

Jan. 20, 2012

BALTIMORE — House GOP leaders today signaled they hope to put an ugly internal rift over the Conference’s direction behind them, insisting that Republicans are united heading into the new year behind a renewed focus on the economy.

House GOP Lands at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor for Retreat

Jan. 19, 2012

BALTIMORE — House Republicans rolled into Baltimore under tight security for their three-day annual retreat as Speaker John Boehner (Ohio) sought to turn the page on a difficult first year in the majority.

Keystone Decision Hands GOP Ammo

Jan. 18, 2012

President Barack Obama’s rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline on Wednesday handed Congressional Republicans a rallying point, with Speaker John Boehner (Ohio) warning, “This is not the end of the fight.”

House Disapproves of Obama’s Debt Request

Jan. 18, 2012

The House today passed a symbolic resolution of disapproval of President Barack Obama’s request to increase the debt limit, but there is virtually no chance the chamber can actually block it.

Approps Panel Regains Status

Jan. 13, 2012

When the House gaveled out for the year last month, lawmakers from both parties quickly made for the exits. One who didn’t sprint to the airport was Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers (Ky.), who sat back in his office just off the floor and enjoyed a cigar, content in the knowledge that his committee had overseen a productive year of lawmaking.

House Democrats Press on Payroll Issue

Jan. 5, 2012

House Democrats today sought to keep up the pressure to extend the payroll tax cut extension through the year, using a media event to portray themselves as ready to work even with Congress in recess.

House GOP Finds Itself Out on a Limb

Dec. 21, 2011

House Republicans today found themselves increasingly isolated in their high-stakes game of chicken over a payroll tax cut extension as Democrats, the White House and even Senate Republicans were all increasingly critical of their intransigence.

The Sound of One Chamber Grousing

Dec. 21, 2011

Senators and most House Members might be away from Washington, but the political theatrics over a stalled extension of the payroll tax cut kept rolling on Capitol Hill this morning.

Payroll Tax Cut Standoff Begins

Dec. 20, 2011

Congress settled in for an old-fashioned staring contest today with House Republicans on one side and the White House and the entire Senate on the other over extending a popular payroll tax cut set to expire Jan. 1.

House Rejects Senate Bill, Asks for Conference on Payroll

Dec. 20, 2011

House Republicans voted today to block a bipartisan Senate deal to extend a popular payroll tax cut for an additional two months and sought to instead force a conference committee with the Senate before heading home for Christmas vacation.

House Postpones Vote on Payroll Tax Cut

Dec. 19, 2011

House leadership postponed a vote on the Senate-passed payroll tax cut package, opting to take up the bill Tuesday instead.

Boehner Says He Never Backed Senate Payroll Tax Deal

Dec. 19, 2011

Speaker John Boehner this morning flatly denied he had ever supported a Senate-passed temporary extension of the payroll tax holiday and vowed that the House will shoot it down today.

GOP Leaders Reject Payroll Tax Deal

Dec. 18, 2011

A year-end deal to extend a popular tax cut and unemployment benefits collapsed in the span of 48 hours this weekend as the House GOP rejected en masse an agreement that had the blessing of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and most Senate Republicans.

House Will Likely Modify Senate Extenders Package

Dec. 17, 2011

The House will likely modify or send to conference a Senate-passed bill to temporarily extend jobless benefits and the payroll tax cut when the chamber returns Monday, prolonging a session already well past its target end-date.

House GOP Conference Wholly Unsatisfied With Senate Extenders Deal

Dec. 17, 2011

A percolating frustration that House Republicans are not getting what they want in a package to temporarily extend the payroll tax cut and jobless benefits could make for a second round of battle next week, prolonging a session already well past its target end-date.

Democrats Get In December Digs

Dec. 16, 2011

House Democratic leaders today slammed Republicans over their handling of end-of-year spending and tax cut bills, accusing Speaker John Boehner (Ohio) of “manufacturing” last-minute crises to extract policy concessions from the White House.

Little Progress on Key Bills After Leaders Meet

Dec. 14, 2011

Democratic and Republican lawmakers retreated to their respective corners tonight after an early evening meeting among top leaders failed to produce a deal to avoid a government shutdown and extend a popular payroll tax cut.

White House Asks for More Time to Cut Payroll Tax Deal

Dec. 14, 2011

The White House called on Congress late tonight to pass a short-term continuing resolution to give lawmakers enough time to resolve a standoff over long-term spending and a payroll tax cut extension.

Boehner’s Pursuit of Big Deal Irks GOP

Dec. 14, 2011

Speaker John Boehner said Wednesday he remains committed to a "grand bargain" to cut the deficit while reforming entitlements and taxes — despite growing GOP unhappiness with his longtime push to cut a deal with President Barack Obama.

State of the Union Scheduled for Jan. 24

Dec. 14, 2011

Speaker John Boehner today officially invited President Barack Obama to deliver the State of the Union address on Jan. 24.

GOP Prepares Its Counterpunch

Dec. 14, 2011

With a government shutdown approaching, House Republicans may try to force Senate Democrats into a corner on year-end legislation by bringing an omnibus spending bill to the floor Friday and daring them to oppose it.

Cantor Warns of Weekend Work Heading Into Holidays

Dec. 7, 2011

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor warned colleagues today that they could be facing a rare weekend session as soon as next week as lawmakers struggle to finish a host of year-end bills.

Payroll Tax Pressure Balloons

Dec. 5, 2011

Senate Democrats unveiled yet another plan Monday to extend a popular payroll tax holiday, but the political theater surrounding their move — including an appearance by President Barack Obama in the White House briefing room — seemed designed to score a public relations win and increase pressure on the GOP.

House Won’t Roll Back Defense Cuts This Year

Dec. 1, 2011

The House won’t be taking up changes to mandatory cuts to defense spending anytime soon despite increasing calls from GOP defense hawks and some leaders to tackle the issue this year.

GOP Leaders Feel the Heat on Payroll Tax

Nov. 30, 2011

House Republican leaders bluntly warned their Members today that opposing an extension to a popular payroll tax cut is politically unsustainable.

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