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Stories by Georgina Gustin:

FDA Nutrition Label Shift Expected to Face Pushback

April 4, 2014

When the Food and Drug Administration unveiled its revision of the iconic Nutrition Facts label that appears on processed foods and beverages earlier this year, nutritionists and consumer groups applauded the changes. Even the food industry, which resisted the labels in the first place, greeted the news with a display of muted enthusiasm.

Daily Value Changes Present Marketing Challenge

April 4, 2014

Among the proposed changes in the more than 500 pages revising the Nutrition Facts label are tweaks to the daily values, or reference daily intakes, of a range of nutrients.

Will Water-Trading Credits Help Reduce Pollution?

Feb. 7, 2014

The concept sounds familiar: Polluters looking to meet certain emissions targets buy credits from other entities that have some leftover credits to spare. Itís a cap-and-trade program.

Water Credit Trading Supporters Look Westward

Feb. 7, 2014

The Chesapeake Bay watershed amounts to 64,000 square miles, contains some 10,000 tributaries and streams, serves as home to about 17 million people and is the nationís largest estuary.

Will FDA Salmon Ruling Lead to Labeling Law?

Dec. 16, 2013

As the U.S. Food and Drug Administration prepares to release its final ruling on whether a genetically engineered salmon will end up in grocery stores, a handful of northwestern lawmakers are watching especially closely.

Congress Wrestles With Laws on GMO Labeling

Dec. 16, 2013

Just a few weeks before Election Day in Washington state this year, polls showed voters were solidly behind a measure calling for labels on genetically modified food. Proponents, from state farming coalitions to D.C.-based advocacy groups, felt optimistic.




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