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Giacomo Bologna


Giacomo "Jack" Bologna is a Fall 2013 reporting intern for Roll Call. He still has a year of school left at the University of Michigan, where he studies political science.

In the summer of 2013, Jack interned for The Flint Journal as a general news reporter. He's held several positions at U-M's campus newspaper, The Michigan Daily, where he primarily covered student government.

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Stories by Giacomo Bologna:

West Virginia House Hopeful Says He's No Carpetbagger (Video)

Dec. 30, 2013

The candidate: Former Maryland state Sen. Alex MooneyThe member: Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., is running for Senate, leaving an open race for her House seat in 2014. The district: In 2012, Mitt Romney won the 2nd District, which includes Charleston and the Eastern Panhandle, by more than 20 points. But Democrats continue to win local office in this region in West Virginia, making the race somewhat competitive.

Doctor Candidate Plans to Tap Medical Community for Fundraising (Video)

Dec. 27, 2013

The candidate: Surgeon Bob Johnson, a Republican.The member: Rep. Jack Kingston, R-Ga., who is running for Senate, leaving his seat open in 2014.The district: Kingston has held the 1st District, which includes all of of Georgia’s coastline, since 1992. It’s a strong district for the GOP, and Mitt Romney carried it with 56 percent last cycle.The team: John Konkus at Jamestown Associates (general consulting, media/communications, and mail), Robert Blizzard (polling), and Nathan Wurtzel at The Catalyst Group (PAC fundraiser).

Republican Hopeful Explains Van Damme Truck Trick (Video)

Dec. 26, 2013

The candidate: Mike Collins, a RepublicanThe member: Rep. Paul Broun, R-Ga., is running for Senate, leaving his seat open in 2014.The 10th District: Broun has held this strong GOP district since 2007, soundly winning re-election each cycle since then. GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney carried the district with 62 percent.The candidate’s team: Brandon Phillips at Wiregrass Strategy Group (general consultant) and Bob Kish at Third Wave Communications (media).

Yule and YOLO: The 2013 Dingell Jingle

Dec. 20, 2013

Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., released his annual “Dingell Jingle,” a lyrical gift rife with potshots, holiday jeer and even the acronym “YOLO.”

Republicans Seek Straight Flush in North Dakota

Dec. 18, 2013

If politics were poker, North Dakota Republicans would hold all the right cards and the deck would be stacked in their favor.

Reps, Wizards Christen Horton's Kids Hoops

Dec. 4, 2013

“Do y’all know how to shoot any hoops out here in Ward 8?” Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-D.C., asked the crowd gathered to cut the ribbon on the newly refurbished outdoor basketball court at the Horton Kid’s Community Resource Center.

Big John Cornyn Hangs Out on Google

Dec. 2, 2013

In describing his typical week, Sen. John Cornyn said in a Google Hangout Monday that he’s “kind of a boring guy.” Outside of work, the Texas Republican said he likes to hunt, read and exercise, but he doesn’t want constituents to think he doesn’t like his job in Senate.

For Holiday Season, Hillys Offer a Guide

Nov. 21, 2013

Now that the Roll Call holiday gift and eating guide is out, it seems like as good a time as any to plug the Capitol Hill businesses, nonprofits and services that were recently honored at the Hilly Awards.

Republican Seeks to Succeed Paul Broun in Georgia (Video)

Nov. 20, 2013

The candidate: Donna Sheldon, a RepublicanThe member: Rep. Paul Broun, a three-term Republican who will run for Senate in 2014, leaving the seat open The district: Georgia’s 10th District, which Mitt Romney carried with 62 percent The candidate’s team: Chad Holland (manager), Ron Butler of Creative Direct (mail), Tony Marsh of Savanna Communications (media), Laura Dunaway of Capitol Strategy Group (fundraising), Dan McLagan of Tactical Communications Solutions (communications), and Scott Riles of RightPass Strategic Affairs (general consulting).

Tolar's Natural Transition From Florida to Arkansas | Hill Climbers

Nov. 19, 2013

Talk about trial by fire. When Helen Walker Tolar joined Sen. John Boozman as his chief of staff in the midst of the government shutdown, nothing was typical.

What We Learned From Manchin's AMA

Nov. 18, 2013

Sen. Joe Manchin III, D-W.Va., opened up last week, answering 10 questions submitted by Redditors in a video posted by The Atlantic.

Take Five: Rep. Bill Flores

Nov. 18, 2013

It’s time again for Take Five, when HOH talks with a member of Congress about topics relatively unrelated to his or her legislative work.

K Streeters Downplay Their Influence on Reddit

Nov. 14, 2013

Two D.C.-based lobbyists bore down on their keyboards Wednesday, telling Redditors in their “Ask Me Anything” that lobbyists are people, too.

K Street Heads to Reddit

Nov. 13, 2013

Two veteran lobbyists are about to go boldly where others on K Street have not — Reddit, where they’re scheduled for an “Ask Me Anything” session this afternoon.

Redditors Ask Joe Manchin, Well, Anything

Nov. 12, 2013

Sen. Joe Manchin will release a video response on Friday to questions submitted to a thread on Reddit over Monday and Tuesday.

McKeon Challenger Sees Advantages in Open-Seat Race (Video)

Nov. 11, 2013

The candidate: Podiatrist Lee Rogers, a Democrat.The member: Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon, a Republican. The district: California’s 25th District, which McKeon has held since 1992. The candidate’s team: Bill Wachob of The Campaign Group (general consultant and media), Eric Hogensen of HSG Campaigns (direct mail), Jonathan Brown of Global Strategy Group (polling), Adam Nashban (fundraising and strategy).

John Schlimm Delivers a Mouthful for Veggie Caucus

Nov. 8, 2013

John Schlimm grew up in rural Pennsylvania working in his father’s butcher shop — a long way from the Capitol Visitor Center, where the vegan cookbook writer lunched on Thursday with the Congressional Vegetarian Staff Association.

Biden Tops Michigan Democrat's List of Pols to Bolster House Bid (Video)

Nov. 8, 2013

The candidate: Former state Rep. Pam Byrnes, a Democrat.The member: Rep. Tim Walberg, a Republican. The district: Michigan’s 7th District, which favored GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney in 2012, but only by 3 points. The candidate’s team: Al Quinlan of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research (polling), Martha McKenna and Jennifer Pihlaja of McKenna Pihlaja (media), Terry Walsh of The Strategy Group (mail), Karen Defilippi (campaign manager)

Lynn Rivers' New Life Includes an Old Flame

Oct. 30, 2013

When redistricting forced four-term Congresswoman Lynn Rivers to square off with fellow Democratic Rep. John D. Dingell in 2002, she saw her tenure representing southeast Michigan end in heartbreaking fashion.

Lee: GOP Infighting Will Lead to a Stronger Party

Oct. 29, 2013

Utah Sen. Mike Lee said Tuesday that the turmoil he and others have fomented in the Republican Party is all part of a Reaganesque revolution that will return the GOP to its glory days.

Democratic Candidate Says Gitmo Experience Is Not a Liability (Video)

Oct. 29, 2013

The candidate: Ret. Army Major General Jerry Cannon, a Democrat.The member: Rep. Dan Benishek, a two-term Republican.The district: In 2012, Benishek defeated Democratic challenger Gary McDowell by less than 2,000 votes in this Upper Peninsula district. Mitt Romney carried the district with 54 points.The candidate’s team: Travis Lowe and Clare Gannon of Three Point Media (media), Al Quinlan and Andrew Baumann of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner (polling), Terry Walsh at The Strategy Group (mail).

The Dean Cracks Wise About His Age

Oct. 28, 2013

Rep. John D. Dingell, D-Mich., is typically not at a loss of words. But the dean of the House said being honored by the LUNGevity Foundation at its third annual Musical Celebration of Hope was one such occasion.

Take Five: Sen. Brian Schatz

Oct. 28, 2013

It’s time again for Take Five, when HOH talks with a member of Congress about topics relatively unrelated to his or her legislative work.

Paul Ryan, Elizabeth Warren Find a New Way to Talk Back

Oct. 23, 2013

Rep. Paul D. Ryan, R-Wis., and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., two heavyweights from opposite sides of the political spectrum, see eye to eye on a new way to respond to constituents.

Nevada Republicans Line Up to Depose Reid in 2016

Oct. 23, 2013

There’s a long list of Nevada politicians clogging the state’s pipeline to Congress, but any massive movement hinges largely on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s fate in 2016.

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