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JM Rieger


JM Rieger oversees video production for Roll Call. He began his career as an editorial intern for Roll Call in 2013 and started full time as Roll Call's video editor in September 2013.

Prior to joining Roll Call, he interned at Fox Sports in Los Angeles, NBCs Meet the Press" and Performics, a Chicago-based performance-marketing company.

JM graduated with honors from Miami University with degrees in journalism and political science. At Miami he worked as an editor for The Miami Student, covering higher education, campus life and sports, and also worked as a broadcaster and producer for the campus television and radio stations.

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Stories by JM Rieger:

Boehner on Obama's Immigration Action: 'The House Will Act'

Nov. 21, 2014

Speaker John A. Boehner said Friday morning that "the House will, in fact, act" to respond to President Barack Obama's sweeping immigration executive orders but the Ohio Republican offered no details on the type, scale and scope of such action.

In a four-minute press conference outside his office, Boehner said the nation's immigration system is "broken," and that "the American people expect us to work together to fix it.

"And we ought to do it in a Democratic process," he continued, "moving bills through the People's House, through the Senate and to the president's desk."

But Boehner also said Obama was trying to "deliberately sabotage" the prospects for congressional action on the issue by moving forward with changing immigration law unilaterally, that he "created an environment where members will not trust him" and "making it impossible for me to do what he wanted me to do."

Congressional Hits and Misses: Week of Nov. 17

Nov. 21, 2014

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, members spent the week discussing dirty oil, political ads and "dumb-ass liberals."

November 21 House GOP Leadership Press Conference

Nov. 21, 2014

Speaker John A. Boehner discussed President Barack Obama's executive actions on immigration at his weekly news conference on Nov. 21.

Obama Announces Executive Actions on Immigration

Nov. 20, 2014

President Barack Obama outlined executive actions to fix existing immigration laws Thursday night during a nearly 15-minute speech from the East Room of the White House.

The executive actions themselves are numerous and sweeping, and in many ways go far beyond the more than 4 million people who officially will be eligible for work permits and protected from deportation.

Obamas administration will order immigration agents to prioritize deportations of criminals and recent arrivals and let people who are not on that priority list go free.

Officials acknowledged though that Illegal immigrants without records would be less likely to encounter immigration enforcement.

Senate Democrats: We've Got Obama's Back on Immigration Action

Nov. 20, 2014

At a Thursday news conference ahead of President Barack Obama's prime-time address outlining his immigration executive action, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid argued that in the past 60 years, every president has taken immigration-related executive action.

"This isn't anything new and unique, it's been done many times," Reid said. "As indicated in the meeting last night at the White House, we told the president and we're telling him before all these TV cameras, we've got his back."

Obama is scheduled to announce his proposal at 8 p.m.

Congresswoman on Immigration Action Criticism: 'It's Because It's Obama'

Nov. 20, 2014

House Democrats pushed back Thursday against the notion President Barack Obama should wait to act on immigration, given the results of the 2014 midterms, while also suggesting the criticism of his expected executive action on immigration is overblown.

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Obama acted with Congress when the Senate passed an immigration overhaul bill in 2013 and Rep. Louise M. Slaughter, D-N.Y., later slammed criticism of Obamas expected action.

"Its perfectly legitimate, and I dont know why in the world you all are so obsessed with that notion, because I bet you that you know yourselves that its perfectly legitimate for him to do it, and you made no outcry of any sort when anybody else did it, Slaughter said. "Its because its Obama.

Pelosi to GOP on Immigration Action: 'Look to Ronald Reagan, Your Hero'

Nov. 20, 2014

In presenting her defense of President Barack Obama's executive action on immigration, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi laid out the historical argument Thursday, praising a number of actions Republican presidents had taken on immigration and drawing parallels from Abraham Lincoln's 1863 Emancipation Proclamation to Obama's immigration order.

"Does the public know that the Emancipation Proclamation was an executive order?" Pelosi asked during a news conference Thursday. "People have to understand how presidents have made change in our country."

The California Democrat was trying to establish a history of presidents making significant changes without going through Congress, and she brought up the pattern of Republican presidents in the past 50 years exerting their executive authority to act on immigration.

Asked whether Republicans had a case proving what the president was proposing was unconstitutional, Pelosi said Obama's action was "absolutely, positively" not outside his constitutional bounds.

GOP Senator: Obama Immigration Action Worse Than King George

Nov. 20, 2014

The next chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said President Barack Obama's expected executive actions would go beyond the dreams of even King George III.

Sen. Charles E. Grassley, R-Iowa, spoke on the Senate floor Wednesday night about a series of administration actions that Republicans have found objectionable, ranging from the use of recess appointments to the transfer of five Taliban prisoners out of the prison camp at Guantnamo Bay for the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

"It is no exaggeration to say that the freedom of the American people is at stake. That's what the framers believed," Grassley said, before quoting from James Madison in Federalist 51.

Grassley contended that what the White House is planning on immigration policy would go beyond the bounds of enforcement discretion and the powers of the executive branch, comparing it to a power that King George III of England would not have had in 1776, going back nearly a century before that.

Obama Previews Primetime Immigration Address

Nov. 19, 2014

In a video posted to Facebook, President Barack Obama said he will announce his immigration executive actions Thursday night and speak again in Las Vegas on Friday at Del Sol High School.

Obama says in the video he will lay out what he can do with his "lawful authority" as president while still working with Congress on an immigration overhaul.

Speaker John A. Boehner's spokesman Michael Steel, however, said taking action on his own would "ruin" chances of getting anything done.

Native American Tribe Protests Keystone Vote (Video) (Updated)

Nov. 18, 2014

Updated 11:15 p.m. | A Senate vote to approve the Keystone XL pipeline Tuesday took an odd turn after Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., read the final vote tally as protestors of the pipeline in the Senate Gallery burst into song.

Native American Tribe Protests Keystone Vote

Nov. 18, 2014

A Senate vote to approve the Keystone XL pipeline Tuesday took an odd turn after Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., read the final vote tally as protestors of the pipeline in the Senate Gallery burst into song.

Capitol Police officers dragged out five protestors, including Greg Grey Cloud of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe as he bellowed a tribal song. Grey Cloud, who wore a headdress, continued singing as he was knocked to the floor and pulled to the wall of the hallway.

Protesters were handcuffed with plastic zip-ties while standing shoulder-to-shoulder, facing the wall. Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Drew Willson arrived on the scene as doorkeepers and police officers tried to direct the crowd away from the protesters.

In response to the Nov. 14 House vote to authorize the Keystone XL pipeline, Rosebud Sioux Tribe President Cyril Scott announced that the tribe recognized the action as an act of war.

McConnell Says Goal on Spending Bill to Fund Government, Avoid Tax Increases

Nov. 18, 2014

With appropriators hoping for a spending bill compromise by Dec. 8, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday he "anticipated" supporting a House-passed spending measure to fund the government past Dec. 11 while criticizing President Barack Obama for his expected executive action on immigration.

"Our goal is to fund the government; how long will be determined, I think largely, by the House majority in consultation with the Senate majority, and to avoid retroactive tax increases," McConnell said at his weekly news conference.

McConnell Praises Wife, Campaign Manager on Election Night

Nov. 18, 2014

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell praised his wife Elaine Chao and campaign manager Josh Holmes at his election night gathering in Louisville on Nov. 4, calling Chao "the most valuable player on our team" and thanking Holmes for pitching "a perfect game.

Reid: Obama 'Should Go Big' on Immigration Action

Nov. 18, 2014

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid urged President Barack Obama Tuesday to "go big" on his expected immigration executive order, while saying it's "hard to comprehend" why Republicans are threatening a government shutdown over immigration.

"I believe that when the president decides to do his executive order, he should go big, as big as he can," Reid said. "The fact that he wants to do something on immigration, is being forced to do something on immigration, should not stop us from doing our job, and that is funding government.

Reid Will Not Move on Attorney General Nominee in 2014

Nov. 18, 2014

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is hoping Republicans will play ball on confirming a number of President Barack Obama's nominations before they take over the majority in the next Congress, but that list won't include the next attorney general.

The Nevada Democrat said the White House wasn't pushing for confirmation of Loretta Lynch, the Brooklyn-based U.S. Attorney tapped by Obama to become the next attorney general, before Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., becomes the man in charge of the Senate floor schedule.

"My personal feeling is that the White House has, through intermediaries with me, have said don't be pushing that, we can do it after the first of the year," Reid said.

Congressional Hits and Misses: Week of Nov. 10

Nov. 14, 2014

Despite the short work week, members still managed to discuss airbags, baseball and Mitch McConnell's age while dressing up in madras.

Congressional Hits and Misses: Week of Nov. 10 (Video)

Nov. 14, 2014

Despite the short work week, members still managed to discuss airbags, baseball and Mitch McConnells age while dressed in madras.

McConnell Slams Obama, Says GOP Will Not Shut Down Government

Nov. 13, 2014

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell hammered President Barack Obama on issues ranging from net neutrality to immigration at his weekly news conference Thursday, while praising Senate Democrats for their "epiphany" on the Keystone XL pipeline.

McConnell also twice refuted the notion Republicans would shut down the government over Obama's expected executive action on immigration, amid speculation House Republicans may attach a rider to a December spending bill blocking funding for the action.

Boehner: GOP Will Fight Obama 'Tooth and Nail' on Immigration

Nov. 13, 2014

Speaker John A. Boehner said Republicans will fight "tooth and nail" against President Barack Obama's plans to act on immigration by himself, and didn't rule out a government shutdown.

"We're going to fight the president tooth and nail if he continues down this path," the Ohio Republican said at a press conference introducing the new GOP leadership team. "This is the wrong way to govern. This is exactly what the American people said on Election Day they didn't want. And so, all the options are on the table."

Boehner is facing pressure from conservatives to pre-emptively defund any amnesty, but that could lead to a shutdown fight.

"We're going to have conversations with our members and when we have a decision, we'll let you know. ... Our goal here is to stop the president from violating his oath of office and violating the Constitution. It's not to shut down the government."

Reid Unveils Leadership Team, Says 'Not Get Even Time' With GOP

Nov. 13, 2014

Sen. Harry Reid survived a four-hour meeting with his Democratic flock with his job as their leader intact, albeit without unanimous support, as he debuted three new members of his leadership team and promised to work with Republicans to legislate.

His leadership team has three new members: Sen. Jon Tester of Montana, a moderate who is the new head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee; Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, who is chairwoman of Steering and Outreach; and Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who has a newly created post to reach out to the progressive wing of the party.

"We have to continue fighting for the middle class," Reid said. "The middle class is what is concerning every one of my senators. They're not getting a fair shot and we are going to do everything we can in the 114th Congress to make sure the middle class of this great country of ours has a fair shot.

Pelosi Defiant on Leadership Post, Slams Media

Nov. 13, 2014

In her first public remarks since Election Day, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi defended her decision to run to keep her post atop the House Democratic Caucus, and doesn't sound likely to relinquish her role anytime soon.

"I don't understand why this question should even come up," the California Democrat said at a news conference Thursday. "I'm here as long as the members want me to be here."

She also hinted there was implicit sexism in the constant "will she or won't she?" rhetoric.

"When was the last time you asked Mitch McConnell, ... 'Aren't you getting a little old, Mitch?'" Pelosi asked about the Republican senator from Kentucky.

Watch: House Committee Holds Hearing on ISIS Military Campaign

Nov. 13, 2014

The House Armed Services Committee holds a 10 a.m. hearing on the U.S. war against the Islamic State terror group, also know as ISIS or ISIL. Last week, the Obama administration committed 1,500 additional troops to Iraq and requested $5.6 billion more to fund the military campaign.

Pelosi Criticizes Keystone Bill for Liability Exemption

Nov. 13, 2014

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi voiced her opposition Thursday to a House Republicans bill approving the Keystone XL pipeline because it would exempt TransCanada from having to pay into the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund.

"If you were 100 percent for the Keystone pipeline, you would have to have a problem with the legistlation on the floor," Pelosi said at her weekly news conference. "Should there be a leak, TransCanada will be exempted from paying into the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund, even though the tar sands component of what they're transmitting is highly corrosive."

Pelosi: Obama Has Legal Authority, Precedents to Act on Immigration

Nov. 13, 2014

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi reasserted President Barack Obama's legal authority to change existing immigration laws Thursday, while saying Republicans should not attach a spending bill rider blocking funding for Obama's expected executive action.

"[Republicans] are saying to the president, 'Don't use your executive authority.' Suppose he turned to us and said, 'Don't use your legislative authority,'" Pelosi said at her weekly news conference. "That's what presidents do: they have executive authority. ... Why are we going down this path when Congress can prevent it all from happening by passing the Senate bill?

Landrieu Calls for Vote on Keystone Pipeline

Nov. 12, 2014

Embattled Democratic Sen. Mary L. Landrieu announced her support for an immediate vote on the Keystone XL pipeline on the floor Wednesday, as House Republicans moved forward with an identical measure to help Rep. Bill Cassidy, who is in a runoff with Landrieu.

"This has been a project that has lingered far too long," Landrieu said. "I believe it is time to act.

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