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Daniel Newhauser


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Stories by Daniel Newhauser:

House Members Push for Open Debate on NSA Snooping

April 24, 2014

Bipartisan House members are calling for an open debate when the House takes up legislation later this year dealing with a controversial National Security Agency intelligence gathering program.

Biden Meets U.S. Congressional Delegation in Ukraine

April 21, 2014

Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. was expected to meet with a congressional delegation of members in Ukraine on Monday to discuss the unrest in the region and how the United States can support Ukraine’s independence.

Cantor Leads CODEL to Asia

April 18, 2014

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., on Friday began a congressional delegation trip to Asia, where he will meet with the prime minister of Japan and the president of South Korea as well as key U.S. ambassadors in the region.

Republican Governor Makes Unemployment Extension Push (Updated)

April 15, 2014

Updated April 16 9:50 a.m. | The governors of the two states with the highest unemployment rates — including a Republican — are urging Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio to take up the Senate’s unemployment extension bill.

Breaking Down the 12 Republican 'No' Votes on the Ryan Budget (Updated)

April 10, 2014

Updated, 3:51 p.m. | This year saw more Republicans than ever vote against Budget Chairman Paul D. Ryan’s spending blueprint, which passed the House Thursday 219-205. Here is a breakdown of the 12 Republicans who voted against the Wisconsin Republican’s budget and why.

Hoyer Clarifies: No, I Have Not Smoked Pot

April 8, 2014

House Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer said Tuesday that he has not smoked marijuana, clarifying his remarks from earlier in the day when he indicated he had.

Hoyer Suggests He's Smoked Pot, Backs Maryland Decriminalization Effort

April 8, 2014

Updated, 2:30 p.m. | Two high-ranking Maryland Democrats said they support Gov. Martin O’Malley’s decision to sign a bill decriminalizing recreational marijuana in the state.

Cantor: McAllister Right to Apologize After Kissing Video

April 8, 2014

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia said Tuesday that embattled Rep. Vance McAllister was right to apologize to his constituents, but did not say whether the freshman Louisiana lawmaker would face repercussions within the Republican Conference.

Unemployment Extension: Senate Passage Puts Bill in Boehner's Court

April 7, 2014

The Senate’s vote late Monday to pass an unemployment extension doesn’t mean the more than 2 million people who have lost their benefits can rest easy — the House isn’t likely to touch the issue until the end of the month, if at all.

Westmoreland: Perdue 'High School Graduate' Comments 'Stupid'

April 3, 2014

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland on Thursday knocked down Georgia Senate candidate David Perdue’s assertion that his opponent is not qualified to run for the Senate because she does not have a college education.

Boehner Confuses Mental Health Measure for Gun Control, GOP Author Says (Updated)

April 3, 2014

Updated 5:50 p.m. | Speaker John A. Boehner Thursday morning said that Congress had recently passed a provision to address whether people with mental health issues have access to weapons, but the measure’s Republican author said his bill actually does nothing of the sort.

Obama Signing Cantor's Pediatric Bill, Leader Will Attend White House Photo Op

April 2, 2014

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Va., will make a rare trip to the White House Thursday afternoon to attend a bill signing ceremony for the Gabriella Miller Kids First Research Act.

Mulvaney Gives Jordan the Finger

April 2, 2014

Walking into Wednesday’s Republican Study Committee meeting, Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio said he’d vote for the budget unveiled this week by Budget Chairman Paul D. Ryan and was asked if he expects his conservative colleagues who voted against other budget deals to take the same approach.

Conservatives Still Fuming Over Secret 'Doc Fix' Voice Vote (Video) (Updated)

April 2, 2014

Updated 5:14 p.m. | Conservative House members confronted Speaker John A. Boehner at a private Wednesday morning meeting, fuming that last week’s secret deal to pass the “doc fix” violated the trust between leaders and their rank and file.

McCarthy: Ryan Budget Will Pass Despite Conservative Reservations

April 2, 2014

House Republican leaders expressed confidence Wednesday that the Ryan budget blueprint will pass, despite grumbling from some in the conference that the document does not go far enough to curb spending and change social programs.

Ryan Says Budget Roadmap Will Pass House

April 1, 2014

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul D. Ryan defended his spending blueprint Tuesday and said he is confident the House will pass it, despite GOP opposition to the underpinning bipartisan budget agreement last year.

Peter King, Devin Nunes Lead Crowded Field to Succeed Rogers as Intel Chair

March 28, 2014

Within hours of Mike Rogers’ surprise retirement announcement, the hawks started circling to seize his Intelligence Committee gavel.

Leaders Sneak 'Doc Fix' by Members in Bipartisan Power Move

March 27, 2014

The House on Thursday passed a bill that did not have the votes to pass.

It was clear that a bill ensuring doctors’ Medicare payments aren’t cut did not have enough support, so Republican leaders struck a closed-door agreement with Democrats to pass it by voice vote while members were not yet in the chamber, according to members and aides from both parties.

The voice vote allowed members to avoid a tough roll call, which would have forced them to either vote for a bill they do not support or allow doctors who treat Medicare patients to take a pay cut, incensing powerful outside interests.

Secret 'Doc Fix' Deal Angers Rank and File (Video)

March 27, 2014

The House on Thursday passed a bill that likely did not have the votes to pass.

'Doc Fix' Deal Passes Without Roll Call Vote (Updated) (Video)

March 26, 2014

Updated March 27, 12:49 a.m. | The House passed controversial “doc fix” legislation with a voice vote Thursday, after House GOP leaders spent hours scrambling to round up votes for the deal backed by Speaker John A. Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Boehner Backs Ending NSA Collection of Bulk Data

March 26, 2014

Speaker John A. Boehner on Wednesday backed for the first time the end of the National Security Agency's collection of bulk data, expressing support for a bipartisan bill that would reform the way the government engages in domestic surveillance.

The Ohio Republican endorsed a bipartisan bill that would allow private companies to store the telephone metadata, rather than the government.

Unemployment Extension Vote Not Worrying House Republicans

March 26, 2014

House Republicans say they feel little political pressure to pass a bipartisan unemployment benefits extension expected to pass the Senate in the coming days, bolstering Speaker John A. Boehner’s hand as he holds out for concessions from Democrats and the White House.

Boehner Backs Ending NSA Collection of Bulk Data (Video)

March 26, 2014

Speaker John A. Boehner on Wednesday backed for the first time the end of the NSA’s collection of bulk data, expressing support for a bipartisan bill that would reform the way the government engages in domestic surveillance.

Boehner Still Cool to Senate Unemployment Extension Bill

March 25, 2014

Speaker John A. Boehner reiterated Tuesday that the Senate’s bipartisan unemployment insurance proposal would not likely be taken up by the House, even if the Senate passes it later this week.

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