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Jackie Kucinich


Jackie Kucinich joined Roll Call in December 2008 and covers House leadership. Before joining Roll Call, she covered House Republicans for the Hill newspaper. Her byline has appeared in Capitol File Magazine, the Washington City Paper, CQ Politics and Washingtonian magazine. Prior to coming to Capitol Hill, Jackie covered local politics in Maryland for the Prince George's Sentinel. Jackie, a native of Columbus, Ohio, received her bachelor's degree in communication from American University.

Kucinich no longer works at Roll Call.

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Stories by Jackie Kucinich:

Turning the Lights Back on in Detroit

Nov. 12, 2015

Detroit’s economic decay has been closely watched. It’s a gripping narrative. The city stood for decades as a pillar of industry, harnessing the skilled, creative labor of its locals into a uniquely American manufacturing powerhouse that stood as the “arsenal of democracy” in World War II. Though its fall mirrored the rest of the rust belt, its decline was particularly hard-felt—the Great Recession and decades of waning industrial capacity left the city in near ruin. …

Gas Price Spike Prods Energy Debate

March 9, 2011

The annual spike in gas prices triggered by the turmoil in the Middle East has started well before the summer months, forcing party leaders to begin the push for their respective energy policies months ahead of schedule.

Schumer: All Areas Subject to Cuts, Except Social Security

March 9, 2011

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) said Wednesday no area of the budget should be exempt from the “all of the above” spending cuts — other than Social Security.

Obama Faces Pressure on Trade Deals

March 5, 2011

The Obama administration is coming under increasing pressure from frustrated pro-trade lawmakers in the House and Senate to move ahead on three key trade deals.

Lott the Lobbyist Still Advises Old Colleagues

Feb. 27, 2011

Trent Lott no longer has an office in the Capitol, but the Mississippi Republican, who spent 35 years in public office, has evolved from a master vote-counter into a power broker on K Street who still acts as an adviser to his former colleagues.

Reid and Schumer Ask House GOP Leaders to Come to the Table

Feb. 22, 2011

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Senate Democratic Conference Vice Chairman Charles Schumer (N.Y.) urged House Republican leaders on Tuesday to stand up to far-right Members and negotiate long-term spending cuts to avoid a government shutdown.

McConnell’s Bond With Paul Untested

Feb. 14, 2011

After years of strained cordiality in the Kentucky Senate delegation, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R) has forged an unlikely but good rapport with Sen. Rand Paul (R).

Thune Hits on Conservative Themes

Feb. 11, 2011

Sen. John Thune on Thursday seemed to hit on all the right themes Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference: He slammed the Obama administration, praised President Ronald Reagan and remained coy about his White House ambitions.

Rubio Adds Well-Known GOP Strategist to Staff

Feb. 10, 2011

Sen. Marco Rubio has hired veteran strategist Terry Sullivan to serve as his deputy chief of staff, rounding out a staff filled with heavyweights in both politics and policy.

McConnell Promises to Continue Attacking Health Care Bill

Feb. 10, 2011

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday reiterated his pledge to continue to fight the health care law, saying during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference that the GOP would not stop until it is repealed.

Tea Party Express: Hatch Is No Town Hall Crasher

Feb. 8, 2011

The Tea Party Express appears to have buried the hatchet with Sen. Orrin Hatch, who spoke Tuesday at the group’s first town hall.

Democrats Retreat to Beef Up Agenda

Feb. 8, 2011

Senate Democrats convening for their annual retreat are hoping to put some meat on a sparse floor agenda and polish their messaging on the economy.

Tea Party Freshmen Will Star at Annual Meeting

Feb. 4, 2011

The Conservative Political Action Conference has long been a rite of passage for would-be Republican presidential candidates, but this year the GOP’s top names will share the spotlight with the lawmakers who will be hailed as the tea party movement’s success stories.

Senators Press Boehner for Deeper Spending Cuts

Feb. 4, 2011

A group of conservative Senators are calling on Speaker John Boehner to cut at least $100 billion from the president’s budget request — significantly more than House Republicans had planned.

DPCC to Streamline Caucus Messaging

Feb. 2, 2011

Sen. Charles Schumer (N.Y.) has modeled the majority’s revamped policy and messaging shop on the political operation that he built during two successful cycles at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, as Senate Democrats look to re-create lost magic and counter emboldened Congressional Republicans.

Portman's Bio Makes for a Unique Player

Feb. 1, 2011

With the budget, trade and jobs high on Congress’ priority list this year, freshman Sen. Rob Portman’s return to Washington appears almost too well-timed.

Rubio’s Strategy: No Spotlight, Yet

Jan. 28, 2011

A year ago, then-candidate Marco Rubio received a megastar welcome when he was introduced by Sen. Jim DeMint as a keynote speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference annual gathering in Washington, D.C. But when CPAC kicks off next week, Florida’s freshman Senator plans to be miles away.

Senate Finalizes Panel Ratios, Doles Out Assignments

Jan. 27, 2011

Senate Democrats shed seats on key committees, but it appears departures and electoral losses spared leaders from having to make deep cuts from key panels as assignments were finalized Thursday.

Changes to Senate Rules Fall Short of Drastic Proposals

Jan. 27, 2011

The Senate voted to agree to two changes to the chamber’s rules Thursday, three weeks after the session was officially gaveled open.

Senate Committee Assignments Trickle In; Rules Changes Considered

Jan. 26, 2011

The Senate continued to slowly organize on Wednesday as a snowstorm bore down on Capitol Hill, and the chamber appeared on pace to end negotiations on rules changes by the end of the week.

Senate Ends First Day, Dashing One Strategy to Changes Rules

Jan. 25, 2011

Senate leaders agreed on Tuesday to end their first day of the 112th Congress, according to two Democratic aides, in a move that scuttles a strategy to change the chamber’s rules while inching the Senate closer to an agreement on the issue.

Rules Changes Dominate Senate Luncheon Discussions

Jan. 25, 2011

Senate leaders on Tuesday took to their respective caucuses to pitch a deal that would restrict the use of secret holds and allow some nominees to go through unchallenged by the minority party.

After Marathon Luncheon, Democrats Inch Toward Rules Change Deal

Jan. 25, 2011

Senate Democrats on Tuesday were not able to reach an agreement on proposed changes to the chamber’s rules, but Majority Leader Harry Reid indicated the end of the long debate was near.

Lawmakers Search for a ‘Date’ From the Opposite Party

Jan. 24, 2011

As Members of Congress scramble to find opposite-party seating partners for the State of the Union address, the scene inside the House chamber tonight could look like a giant speed-dating event.

Senate Panel Ratios Still in Limbo

Jan. 21, 2011

Nearly three weeks after the Senate was gaveled into session, the chamber remains virtually frozen as a result of unresolved disputes over proposals to change Senate rules and the ratios of committees.

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