Feb. 9, 2016

Emily Heil


Emily Heil is a features writer for Roll Call, where she covers the politics, people and culture of Capitol Hill. For nearly four years, she wrote Heard on the Hill, the oldest and best-loved Congressional gossip column.

Emily came to Roll Call from the Hill newspaper, where she wrote the Under the Dome gossip column. Prior to that, she spent three years covering Congress for National Journal’s CongressDaily, where her beats included health care and labor issues. Her previous journalism jobs include chief Congressional correspondent for the Bureau of National Affairs and reporter for the Eastern Shore News.

A native of Virginia’s Eastern Shore, Emily is a graduate of the University of Virginia, where she was features editor of the independent newspaper, the Cavalier Daily.

Heil no longer works for Roll Call.

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Stories by Emily Heil:

Green Tech Is Helping Restore Floridas $40 Billion Economic Catalyst:
The Everglades

Oct. 27, 2015

The Everglades was once seen as a swampy nuisance instead of the integral ecological gemstone of South Florida its considered today. Over millennia, the massive, slow moving, shallow river evolved a pattern of ponds, marshes, and uplands, cultivating a teeming biological ecosystem along its path toward Florida Bay. At its peak, the Everglades could have flooded the entire state of New Hampshire.

An Ending and a Beginning for 9/11 Firefighter

Sept. 2, 2011

Ken Haskell, an adviser to House Homeland Security Chairman Peter King, comes to his Congressional job from a path unlike that of the typical aide. The 42-year-old has been a firefighter for 18 years and was a New York City police officer for three years before that.

Restaurant Week Kicks Off in D.C.

Aug. 15, 2011

It’s no coincidence that Restaurant Week comes along just as Washington’s pace is slowing from a dead sprint to an ambling mosey.

Bachmann: Debt Ceiling Stance Helped Propel Ames Win

Aug. 14, 2011

Rep. Michele Bachmann partly credited her opposition to raising the debt ceiling, a position that put the Minnesota Republican at odds with the majority of her own party in Congress, for her success in the Ames straw poll Saturday.

Eatery Brings True Big Easy Taste to H Street

Aug. 2, 2011

H Street Northeast might be developing a reputation as the liveliest stretch of nightlife in the city, but it’s no Bourbon Street.

Novel Examines Navy’s Deal With the ‘Devil’

Aug. 1, 2011

In a question-and-answer with Roll Call, Eric Dezenhall talks about his latest novel, explains how his day job influences his work and about which of today's political scandals might be tomorrow's fiction.

Unhealthy Hill: Stress, Schedules Take Toll

July 29, 2011

When Republican leaders trucked in a stack of pizza boxes Thursday night as Speaker John Boehner (Ohio) attempted to cajole GOP freshmen into voting for his deficit reduction plan, it was par for the course.

Hill Physician Pulled Into 2012 Politics

July 26, 2011

With Dr. Brian Monahan’s note last week declaring Rep. Michele Bachmann in “overall good health” and saying that the Minnesota Republican’s migraines are controlled with medication, the nonpartisan and normally under-the-radar Office of the Attending Physician was thrust into a highly charged debate.

Don’t Fret Your Debt

July 26, 2011

No matter what the negotiators working on the deficit deal say, you know the cold financial truth: You’re about to hit your own personal debt limit. But fret not, young cheapskate, we’ve got you covered with fun, food and libation on Capitol Hill at prices that even the stingiest deficit hawk could love.

A Show of Arms

July 18, 2011

During a Republican press conference urging Senate leaders to cancel the chamber’s July Fourth recess to work on debt issues, Sen. Kelly Ayotte struck a can-do attitude.

When One Meeting Matters, and You Are Not in It

July 15, 2011

In a week of closed-door negotiations, the door separates a small A-list from the vast rest of the crowd.

When Cuisine Runs in the Genes

July 15, 2011

Stephen Cheung’s new Italian restaurant on Barracks Row is the first restaurant that he has ever opened, but it’s not exactly his first rodeo. Cheung’s parents have owned and run Fusion Grill, just a few doors down the street, for almost 30 years.

Few Staffers Willing to Spill the Beans on Their Bosses

July 5, 2011

Bad behavior by Members of Congress hardly raises an eyebrow in Washington, D.C., anymore. But on Capitol Hill, where current and former staffers describe a culture of extreme loyalty, it’s still unusual for them to blow the whistle.

Be Careful What You Call Your Boss

June 28, 2011

On Capitol Hill, staffers often find that addressing one’s boss is rarely a straightforward affair. What you call the person whose name is on the door might depend on your own seniority and your audience. Mostly, though, it depends on the bosses’ personal quirks.

Fire Sparks Tune Inn Memories

June 22, 2011

Like so many memories gathered from atop barstools, some of the best nights at the Tune Inn are lost to the ages and to the Pennsylvania Avenue bar's famed pitchers of cheap domestic brew.

Dawn of a Delicacy

June 20, 2011

The Sweet Lobby, a new shop on Barracks Row, is turning out what might be the best macarons this side of the Champs-Élysées.

Weiner Photos Draw Eyes to Little-Known House Gym

June 15, 2011

If Congress is a boys' club, the House Members-only gym might be its inner sanctum. The gym got a star turn this week when pictures of naughty texter Rep. Anthony Weiner surfaced.

H Street Merchants Hope Construction Completion Will Bring Business

June 14, 2011

The construction has been creeping along H Street since the summer of 2008, a block or two at a time, and finally, it has reached the corridor’s final frontier.

Reality and Hope Collide on Giffords

June 11, 2011

Supporters of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords are getting mixed messages about the Arizona Democrat’s political future.

Ayotte Starts Fund for Lawsuit Defense

June 8, 2011

Sen. Kelly Ayotte has established a legal expense fund to help cover costs stemming from lawsuits filed by a left-leaning blogger who claims he should have been allowed to attend a 2010 Nashua GOP fundraiser.

On Brag Walls, Politicians Get Framed

June 8, 2011

Yellowing, with curled corners, or fresh and glossy, pictures of politicians stand watch from the walls of barbecue joints, shoe shines and delis all over Washington, D.C.

Weiner Goes on Media Spree, but Questions Remain

June 1, 2011

After a college student received a lewd picture from the Twitter account of Rep. Anthony Weiner, the New York Democrat seemingly had two choices. He could either duck the controversy or address it head-on. Instead, on Wednesday, Weiner opted for a third way.

NoMa Experiencing Watershed Moment

June 1, 2011

Ellen Kassoff Gray and her husband, the acclaimed chef Todd Gray, are well-known in Washington circles. And they’re hoping their Hill connections take note of their newest venture, a seafood-centric eatery called Watershed in the burgeoning NoMa district.

Voice-Over Vs. Voice-Over

May 25, 2011

Even the voices in televised political ads are divided by red and blue: Democrats and Republicans stick to their own voice-over artists.

HOH’s One-Minute Recess: Congress Gone to the Dogs

May 17, 2011

Your addiction to ogling pet pictures online just got a Congressional angle, so it should be considered work, right?

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