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Matt Fuller


Matt Fuller covers House leadership for Roll Call. He previously covered defense, veterans affairs, energy and agriculture for CQ, as well as the House and Senate floor. He came to CQ Roll Call as a legislative information researcher in August 2010 and was previously an intern for Roll Call's GalleryWatch team.

Hailing from the seacoast area of New Hampshire, Matt graduated from Saint Anselm College in 2010. During his college days, he founded a joke newspaper and served as a member of student government.

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Stories by Matt Fuller:

House Leaders Keeping Options Open on Shutdown

Sept. 15, 2015

Two weeks away from a government shutdown, neither chamber has released a bill to fund the government past Sept. 30 — and it doesn’t seem like the House or the Senate are in much of a hurry.

Ahead of Planned Parenthood Battle, House to Vote on Abortion Bills (Video)

Sept. 14, 2015

As lawmakers return this week for some behind-the-scenes work on a continuing resolution — a measure that could be endangered by anti-abortion members insistent on defunding Planned Parenthood — House Republicans will put forward two bills to address the embattled group and potentially appease those conservatives.

House Republicans Say Obama Failed to Comply on Iran Deal

Sept. 10, 2015

A week before the Iran nuclear deal takes effect and just hours after Senate Democrats dealt the Iran disapproval resolution a major procedural blow, House Republicans adopted a resolution stating the Sept. 17 deadline is null and void.

Freedom Caucus to Oppose Any Spending Bill With Planned Parenthood Money

Sept. 10, 2015

Updated 6:33 p.m. | The House Freedom Caucus has spoken.

Boehner and the Planned Parenthood Waiting Game (Video)

Sept. 10, 2015

Three weeks away from a government shutdown, as Republicans wrestle with just how far they’re willing to go to defund Planned Parenthood, Speaker John A. Boehner isn’t ruling out anything.

Conservatives Force Boehner to Rethink Iran (Updated)

Sept. 9, 2015

Updated 6:38 p.m. | Speaker John A. Boehner’s latest cave to conservatives may not portend well for this September. Or it’s a signal Boehner is listening to the House Republican Conference and could emerge from a busy month even stronger.

Freedom Caucus to Leadership: Delay Iran Vote

Sept. 8, 2015

House Freedom Caucus members are poised to demand Wednesday that Republican leaders delay a vote on an Iran disapproval resolution until the White House has revealed all “side deals” with Iran.

Conservative Reform Network Argues for Compromise

Sept. 8, 2015

Republicans face some challenges this fall, including government funding, a fight to defund Planned Parenthood, spending level negotiations, the debt ceiling — but an outside center-right group is telling conservatives these challenges can be opportunities, if lawmakers are realistic.

The 'Trump Phenomenon' and the Effort to Overthrow Boehner

Sept. 3, 2015

A day before the August recess, when Rep. Mark Meadows announced a legislative move to strip Speaker John A. Boehner of his gavel, few would have predicted that Donald Trump would be the summer’s biggest political story.

Papal Address Comes With Complications for Both Parties

Sept. 2, 2015

With his ongoing criticisms of hardline immigration policies and consistent warnings about climate change, Pope Francis’ address to Congress later this month is starting to look a little uncomfortable for Republicans — especially Catholics such as Speaker John A. Boehner, who invited the religious leader to speak.

Report: Hensarling's Ex-Im Bank Opposition Costs Dallas

Sept. 1, 2015

With the Export-Import Bank’s charter now expired for two months and counting, pro-Ex-Im businesses are putting new pressure on the House Republicans behind the effort to shut down the federal credit agency.

Iran Deal Puts Jewish Democrats in Spotlight

Aug. 28, 2015

With Senate Democrats getting closer to thwarting a GOP override vote on the Iran deal, and with House Democrats increasingly showing their own strength in upholding a presidential veto, one constituency remains a key focus in the public relations battle over the Iranian nuclear agreement: Jewish Democrats.

5 Members of Congress Who Could Endorse Trump

Aug. 27, 2015

Donald Trump may be polling far ahead of the rest of the GOP presidential field, but there’s one constituency that remains reluctant to support the insurgent candidate: Congress.

Hashtag #TrumpThis: Lawmakers Mix It Up on Social Media

Aug. 26, 2015

In an age of sanitized social media, Donald Trump has proved to be a politician doing his own messaging can be an asset. In that spirit, here’s a look at some of our favorite pols doing their own thing. (Seriously, we hope it’s not a staffer doing this stuff.)

Congress' Squishy Financial Disclosure Deadline

Aug. 20, 2015

A week after Congress’ Aug. 13 deadline for members filing financial disclosures — a deadline already extended 90 days from May 15 — there are still almost a dozen members who have not turned in their forms.

Lawmakers Ask DOJ for Statistics on Sale of Fetal Tissue

Aug. 17, 2015

Following the controversial release of a string of undercover Planned Parenthood videos, House Republican leaders want to know if the Department of Justice is enforcing bans on the sale of fetal tissue.

Yep, Congress' Poll Numbers Still Unfathomably Bad

Aug. 13, 2015

If you’re Donald Trump, you talk about poll numbers. It’s what you do. If you’re in Congress, well, you’re probably better off changing the subject.

Democrats' August Messaging Plan: 'Call a Fork a Fork'

July 30, 2015

As House Democrats head back to their districts for the August break, the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee’s 12-page “August Playbook” gives a key messaging strategy: Communicate more like Republicans.

Anti-Boehner Motion Muddies GOP's Recess Messaging (Video)

July 29, 2015

Updated 6:53 p.m. | House Republicans may have left Washington for the next five weeks, but the divided conference’s problems will be tagging along with them.

House Preps 3-Month Highway Bill, Sans Ex-Im Bank

July 28, 2015

With House Republicans — for now — unwilling to take up the Senate’s six-year highway bill, and with the Senate unwilling to act on the House’s five-month bill, House GOP leadership has a legislative offer it’s hoping can get them to the August recess a day early.

Meadows Explains Effort to Overthrow Boehner

July 28, 2015

So why exactly did Rep. Mark Meadows offer a resolution to strip Speaker John A. Boehner of his gavel?

McCarthy: House Won't Take Up Senate Highway Bill Before Recess

July 27, 2015

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy had a message for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Monday: The House is not taking up the Senate highway bill before the August recess.

Pelosi: Investigate the Makers of the Planned Parenthood Videos (Video)

July 23, 2015

Following the release of a controversial hidden-camera video, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi doesn’t buy the need to look into Planned Parenthood and the alleged sale of fetal tissue. In fact, with revelations the video was somewhat misleadingly edited, Pelosi thinks it’s time there’s an investigation into the makers of the clip.

Highway Bill Game of Chicken Imperils August Recess (Video)

July 23, 2015

With the Senate still working through a six-year highway bill, and with just four scheduled legislative days before the Highway Trust Fund runs dry — and the August recess begins — House leaders, Republican and Democratic, are sending a unified message to the Senate: Take our highway bill. Please.

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