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Matt Fuller


Matt Fuller covers House leadership for Roll Call. He previously covered defense, veterans affairs, energy and agriculture for CQ, as well as the House and Senate floor. He came to CQ Roll Call as a legislative information researcher in August 2010 and was previously an intern for Roll Call's GalleryWatch team.

Hailing from the seacoast area of New Hampshire, Matt graduated from Saint Anselm College in 2010. During his college days, he founded a joke newspaper and served as a member of student government.

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Stories by Matt Fuller:

Conservatives Surprisingly Optimistic About Ending Ex-Im Bank

April 22, 2015

It was a smaller room than usual for the monthly “Conversations with Conservatives” event Wednesday. There were fewer attendees than normal, too, both among members and the audience. But among the many topics conservatives delved into — over plates of their customary Chick-fil-A — members seemed united, even hopeful, on one item: the Export-Import Bank.

Cárdenas: FBI Has Not Contacted Me — 'That Is the Truth' (Audio)

April 21, 2015

Things are getting weird for Rep. Tony Cárdenas.

Cárdenas Responds to Reports of FBI Investigation (Audio)

April 21, 2015

In an impromptu hallway conversation with CQ Roll Call on Tuesday, Rep. Tony Cárdenas did not confirm nor deny reports that his district director was subpoenaed by a federal grand jury about using staffers to conduct campaign work.

“I don’t know more than what you guys have been trying to say in the press,” Cárdenas said during the two-minute conversation.

When CQ Roll Call posited that Cárdenas must know why his staffer was subpoenaed, Cárdenas said he didn’t.

“No. I am not able to confirm any of that,” he said.

Conservative Groups: Let Ex-Im Bank Expire

April 21, 2015

As Congress approaches a June 30 expiration date on the Export-Import Bank, more than 50 conservative groups wrote to lawmakers Tuesday urging them to oppose its reauthorization.

House to Take Up Cybersecurity Bills in Condensed Week

April 20, 2015

With a scheduled work week that even a college senior could endorse, House lawmakers return to the Capitol Tuesday for just three days to deal with cybersecurity bills and to put the finishing touches on a budget and trade legislation.

All the Budget Conference's a Stage

April 16, 2015

How do Republicans and Democrats from the House and Senate conference a partisan budget that is little more than a messaging document? They don’t — at least, not really.

House Wraps Tax Week, Prepares Trade Issues

April 16, 2015

With the exception of a homemade gyrocopter landing on the Capitol lawn, everything in the House went just according to plan this week.

Lawmaker's One Elevator Rule: Pee Before You Get On

April 14, 2015

The 114th: CQ Roll Call’s Guide to the New Congress

Boehner Aims to Move Iran Bill Before Negotiations Finish

April 14, 2015

As the Senate prepares to take up a bill that would let Congress reject a nuclear agreement with Iran, Speaker John A. Boehner reaffirmed Tuesday that he’s waiting for that bill with open arms.

“Congress absolutely should have the opportunity to review this deal,” Boehner said Tuesday. “We shouldn’t count on the administration, who appears to want a deal at any cost.”

Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker, R-Tenn., has been leading the charge to give Congress the ability to review an Iranian nuclear agreement before it’s finalized. While the votes appear to be there for passage, Corker has been working to line up a veto-proof majority despite objections from President Barack Obama.

Boehner: Corker Bill to Move Before Iran Deal Finalized (Video)

April 14, 2015

As the Senate prepares to take up legislation that would let Congress reject a nuclear agreement with Iran, Speaker John A. Boehner reaffirmed Tuesday he’s waiting for that bill with open arms.

At Reinstated Pen-and-Pads, McCarthy Gives Press Plenty (Updated)

April 13, 2015

Updated 3:20 p.m. | House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy did something Monday that hasn’t happened in years: a pen-and-pad sit-down with Capitol Hill reporters. And this was a good one.

Boehner: Obama Knows Deal Leads to Nuclear Iran

April 7, 2015

It’s no surprise that Speaker John A. Boehner isn’t happy with the Obama administration’s Iranian nuclear deal, but his level of discontent seems to be mounting.

Boehner's Travels: Speaker Shares Details on Trip

April 3, 2015

John A. Boehner’s trip to the Middle East this week was covered extensively by the press both here and overseas, but few news organizations offered the behind-the-scenes details the House speaker himself shared on a new blog.

In Israel, Boehner Dials Down Anti-Iran Nuclear Deal Rhetoric

April 1, 2015

When Speaker John A. Boehner announced he would lead a congressional delegation to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, many believed it was another effort to undermine the efforts of President Barack Obama’s administration to negotiate a nuclear deal with Iran.

Gowdy Requests 'Transcribed Interview' With Clinton Over Emails

March 31, 2015

Benghazi Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy wants answers — and the truth, presumably — from Hillary Clinton regarding her use of a private email address and server during her time as secretary of State, and he wants those answers no later than May 1.

The Speaker Strikes Back: Boehner Cancels Gohmert's Travel (Video)

March 27, 2015

Speaker John A. Boehner has repeatedly said he doesn’t believe in retribution against the GOP lawmakers who didn’t vote for him to be speaker. But he increasingly seems to believe he doesn’t exactly have to reward those members either.

Boehner Cancels Republican's Trip for Floor Opposition

March 27, 2015

Speaker John A. Boehner has repeatedly said he doesn’t believe in retribution against the GOP Reps. who didn’t vote for him to be speaker. But Boehner increasingly seems to believe he doesn’t exactly have to reward those members either.

Rep. Louie Gohmert, a member who has made no secret of his opposition to many of Boehner’s plans, has found himself kicked off two upcoming congressional trips during the House’s two week recess.

According to Gohmert’s office, the Texas Republican was slated to travel with California Republican Dana Rohrabacher “to meet with their friend,” Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. “But his participation was disapproved after all arrangements were made,” his communications director, Kimberly Willingham, told CQ Roll Call.

Schocked, Schocked That Coffee Is on House Floor (Video)

March 26, 2015

Aaron Schock, whose resignation officially takes effect on March 31, may be leaving Congress, but not before breaking just one more House rule: Schock brought coffee to the House chamber Thursday.

Aaron Schock's Final House Address

March 26, 2015

In his final floor speech before his March 31 resignation takes effect, Aaron Schock struck a somber tone, thanking his colleagues and constituents while finding time to break one more House rule: bringing coffee into the chamber.

The Illinois Republican was on the floor following his final vote to deliver a farewell speech. And as he waited, Schock found all sorts of ways to commemorate his departure. He shook hands with a number of members. He had one last back-patting hug with fellow Illinois Republican Rodney Davis, one last exploding fist bump with Wisconsin Republican Sean P. Duffy. In another violation of House rules, Schock took a picture with his congressional buds Kristi Noem and Jason Smith — or, rather, Bill Huizenga took it for him.

Before yielding back his time, Schock also issued an apology: “I leave here with sadness and humility. For those who I’ve let down, I will work tirelessly to make it up to you.”

House Passes SGR Deal in Big, Bipartisan Fashion (Video)

March 26, 2015

On Thursday, the House touched the third rail. Lawmakers didn’t punt. They didn’t kick the can down the road. And they were bigger than the clichés that have come to describe the predictable patterns of Congress.

GOP Defense Hawks Trump Conservatives as House OKs Budget

March 25, 2015

After months of leadership’s best-laid plans falling apart on the floor and behind the scenes, House GOP leaders eked out a much-needed victory Wednesday, with Republicans endorsing a budget that added even more defense dollars to the blueprint reported out committee.

Richest Man in Congress Knows His Soda Bargains

March 24, 2015

Rep. Darrell Issa may be worth at least $357 million, but he apparently knows where to find the cheapest sodas on Capitol Hill.

Quirky 'Queen of the Hill' Rule Could Solve GOP Budget Impasse

March 23, 2015

Republicans are breaking out their procedural rulebooks for the House budget resolution, with leadership getting creative to appease defense hawks who want additional spending and conservatives who are apt to reject more military dollars that aren’t offset.

Make-or-Break Week for Republicans on 'Doc Fix,' Budget

March 23, 2015

As the House returns Monday, Speaker John A. Boehner faces two big tests of his hold on the ever-unruly Republican Conference: pushing through the GOP budget and putting the final touches on a speaker-approved Medicare “doc fix.”

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