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Kansas Senate Race

Incumbent -- Sam Brownback (R) ; governor

Safe Republican
Race Ratings Key

Updated Oct. 14, 2010

The bitterly fought primary between two longtime Republican Congressmen essentially decided who would be the next Senator. Rep. Jerry Moran beat Rep. Todd Tiahrt, 50 percent to 45 percent, in the Aug. 3 primary, and he doesn't need to wait until November to start preparing to move to the other side of the Capitol.

The two men sparred mostly over their overlapping and similar tenures in the House. Tiahrt worked to portray himself as the true conservative in the race and got the endorsement of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Moran, on the other hand, got the support of Sens. Jim DeMint and John McCain. He criticized Tiahrt's service on the Appropriations Committee and promised to rein in government spending. Moran maintained a lead in polling throughout the race, at least partially because of the large base of Republican support from the "Big First" western Kansas district he represents.

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College administrator Lisa Johnston is the Democratic nominee, but Kansas has not sent a Democrat to the Senate since the Great Depression.


State Information

U.S. Senate Delegation: 3 Republicans
U.S. House Delegation:

Kansas's Other Senator

Gov. Sam Brownback-R
First Elected: 1996 (2nd full term)
Last Elected: 2004 (69.16%)

State Offices

Governor: Sam Brownback, R
First Elected: 2010 (1st term)
State House Control: Republican
State Senate Control: Republican

State Election History
Year Election Candidate Votes Percent
2010 general Jerry Moran (R) 587,175 70.1%
Lisa Johnston (D) 220,971 26.4%
Michael Dann (LIBERT) 17,922 2.1%
Joe Bellis (D) 11,624 1.4%
2004 general Sam Brownback (R) 780,863 69.2%
Lee Jones (D) 310,337 27.5%
Steven Rosile (LIBERT) 21,842 1.9%
George Cook (REF) 15,980 1.4%
1998 general Sam Brownback (R) 474,639 65.3%
Paul Feleciano Jr. (D) 229,718 31.6%
Thomas L. "Tom" Oyler (LIBERT) 11,545 1.6%
Alvin Bauman (REF) 11,334 1.6%
Vote For President
Year Democrat Republican Independent
2012 + : :
2008 Barack Obama: 41.65% John McCain: 56.61%
2004 John Kerry: 37% George W. Bush: 62%
2000 Al Gore: 37% George W. Bush: 58%
+ Nearly complete, unofficial returns




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