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Florida Senate Race

Incumbent -- Marco Rubio (R) (Defeated Kendrick B. Meek, D, to succeed George LeMieux, R, who retired); Will retire at end of current term. LeMieux announced he would not seek election in 2010 following his appointment to the seat

Race Ratings Key

Updated Oct. 14, 2010

Since being chased out of the Republican primary and deciding to run as an Independent, Gov. Charlie Crist has made no secret that he's looking to take votes from both Democrats and Republicans. But it looks increasingly unlikely that he can carve out enough votes in the center to win the three-way race against Rep. Kendrick Meek (D) and former state Speaker Marco Rubio (R).

Republicans have focused most of their attention on painting the governor as a liberal in disguise. Meek is touting himself as the only real Democrat in the race in an effort to prevent Crist from eating too far into the Democratic vote and becoming viewed as the de facto Democrat in the race.

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What appears likely is that Rubio will capture the lion's share of the Republican vote and a portion of GOP-leaning independents. Meek will get the Democratic base vote and Crist will get some middle-of-the-road and Democratic-leaning independents.

That math adds up to a Rubio victory, which is reflected in current polls.


State Information

U.S. Senate Delegation: 1 Democrat, 2 Republicans
U.S. House Delegation:

Florida's Other Senator

Sen. Marco Rubio-R
First Appointed: 2010; Defeated Kendrick B. Meek, D, to succeed George LeMieux, R, who retired
Last Elected: 2006 (60.3%)

State Offices

Governor: Rick Scott, R
First Elected: 2010 (1st term)
State House Control: Republican
State Senate Control: Republican

State Election History
Year Election Candidate Votes Percent
2010 general Marco Rubio (R) 2,645,743 48.9%
Charlie Crist (I) 1,607,549 29.7%
Kendrick Meek (D) 1,092,936 20.2%
Alexander Snitker (LIBERT) 24,850 0.5%
Sue Askeland (NPA) 15,340 0.3%
Rick Tyler (NPA) 7,397 0.1%
Bernie DeCastro (CNSTP) 4,792 0.1%
Lewis Armstrong (NPA) 4,443 0.1%
Bobbie Bean (NPA) 4,301 0.1%
Bruce Riggs (NPA) 3,647 0.1%
Piotr Blass (WRI) 47  
Richard Lock (WRI) 18  
Belinda Quarterman-Noah (WRI) 18  
George Drake (WRI) 13  
Robert Monroe (WRI) 6  
Howard Knepper (WRI) 4  
Carol Ann LaRosa (WRI) 2  
2004 general Mel Martinez (R) 3,672,864 49.4%
Betty Castor (D) 3,590,201 48.3%
Dennis Bradley (VET) 166,642 2.2%
Mark Stufft (Write-In) 119  
1998 general Bob Graham (D) 2,436,407 62.5%
Charlie Crist (R) 1,463,755 37.5%
1992 general Bob Graham (D) 3,244,299 65.4%
Bill Grant (R) 1,715,156 34.6%
Charles Evans (Write-In) 86  
Wayne Wiechart (Write-In) 71  
Dan Fein (Write-In) 63  
1986 general Bob Graham (D) 1,877,543 55%
Paula Hawkins (R) 1,552,376 45%
Vote For President
Year Democrat Republican Independent
2012 + : :
2008 Barack Obama: 51.03% John McCain: 48.22%
2004 John Kerry: 47% George W. Bush: 52%
2000 Al Gore: 49% George W. Bush: 49%
+ Nearly complete, unofficial returns




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