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Arkansas Senate Race

Incumbent -- Blanche Lincoln (D) ; Defeated by Rep. John Boozman, R, in general election on November 2, 2010

Race Ratings Key

Updated Oct. 14, 2010

In a testament to just how steep Lincoln's path to victory is this cycle, a recent poll from the Arkansas News Bureau that showed her behind by 14 points was actually the best news the Senator has had on the polling front in months.

Several public polls over the summer showed Rep. John Boozman (R) ahead by anywhere from 17 to 31 points.

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The race will likely tighten before Nov. 2, but Lincoln may simply be too far behind to have much hope of overtaking the Congressman.

Lincoln's path to victory wasn't made any easier by an expensive primary and runoff. It was a fight that put the moderate Senator at odds with much of her Democratic base, and it remains to be seen whether the wounds of that nasty contest have healed enough for Democrats to come out in force this fall.

Lincoln is working hard to frame Boozman as part of the radical wing of his party. But the four-term Congressman has brushed off the attacks and mostly avoided locking horns with Lincoln, a sure sign that he's running from a position of strength. When he has taken shots at Lincoln, it has mostly been to tie her to her more polarizing party leaders.

President Bill Clinton, who was a strong supporter of Lincoln in the primary, isn't done playing in the race. He continues to be a key fundraiser for Lincoln, and she'll need all the help she can get. That's because it remains to be seen whether the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee will commit significant resources to a contest that even some Democratic insiders admit may already be too far gone.


State Information

U.S. Senate Delegation: 2 Democrats, 1 Republican
U.S. House Delegation:

Arkansas's Other Senator

Sen. Mark Pryor-D
First Elected: 2002 (2nd term)
Last Elected: 2008 (79.53%)

State Offices

Governor: Mike Beebe, D
First Elected: 2006 (2nd term)
State House Control: Democratic
State Senate Control: Democratic

State Election History
Year Election Candidate Votes Percent
2010 general John Boozman (R) 451,618 57.9%
Blanche Lincoln (D) 288,156 36.9%
Trevor Drown (I) 25,234 3.2%
John Gray (GREEN) 14,430 1.8%
Stephan Hercher (WRI) 519 0.1%
2004 general Blanche Lincoln (D) 580,973 55.8%
Jim Holt (R) 458,036 44.2%
Glen A. Schwarz (Write-In) 212 0%
Gene Mason (Write-In) 128 0%
1998 general Blanche Lambert Lincoln (D) 385,878 55.1%
Fay Boozman (R) 292,906 41.8%
Charley E. Heffley (REF) 21,860 3.1%
1986 general Dale Bumpers (D) 433,122 62.3%
Asa Hutchinson (R) 262,313 37.7%
Vote For President
Year Democrat Republican Independent
2012 + : :
2008 Barack Obama: 38.86% John McCain: 58.72%
2004 John Kerry: 45% George W. Bush: 54%
2000 Al Gore: 46% George W. Bush: 51%
+ Nearly complete, unofficial returns




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