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Florida - 4th District

Incumbent -- Ander Crenshaw (R) ; Running for re-election

Safe Republican
Race Ratings Key

CQ Politics rates this race as "Safe," meaning the incumbent party is virtually certain to win the seat.


District Information

District Profile from Politics in America

The Republican 4th is anchored in Jacksonville and the surrounding beach communities of Duval County. It wraps around the northeast corner of the state and then runs across the northern border counties as far west as Leon County, where it narrows to a finger to take in a small part of eastern Tallahassee, the state capital. Much of the 4th shadows Interstate 10, a highway that traverses the 150 miles of rural territory between Jacksonville and Tallahassee.

Defense, agriculture, inland water and coastal issues dominate the 4th's politics. Republicans hold a slight but growing edge in voter registration after decades of Democratic dominance. Many nominal Democrats in the more rural areas of the district are old-line conservatives who now side with GOP candidates. One such example is Baker County, where Democrats account for 53 percent of registered voters but gave John McCain 78 percent in the 2008 presidential election, his third-highest percentage in a county statewide. Overall, McCain took 62 percent of the 4th's vote.

Jacksonville is a major city, with health care and financial services sectors. The local economy is still partly supported by manufacturing. The Port of Jacksonville (located in the 3rd District) is the southern hub for international importers and exporters. The Navy's strong presence along the St. Johns River, which slashes through the center of Jacksonville, bolsters the city's economy and provides many jobs. This area depends on the tourism and hospitality industries -- visitors have come to the district's plentiful beaches and golf courses for decades, and many residents work for hotels, resorts and other vacation spots.

Major Industry

Defense, financial services, tourism, health care

Military Bases

Naval Air Station Jacksonville, 9,995 military, 6,153 civilian (2011); Naval Station Mayport, 1,651 military, 931 civilian (2009)


Jacksonville (pt.), 462,018; Jacksonville Beach, 21,362


Fernandina Beach is the only part of the current United States to have existed under eight flags: France, Spain (twice), England, "Patriot," "Green Cross of Florida," Mexico, Confederate States and United States.




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