Virginia: NRSC Launches First IE Ad in Senate Race

The National Republican Senatorial Committee kicked off its independent expenditure spending in Virginia today by launching a television ad that criticizes former Gov. Tim Kaine (D) for supporting increased federal spending. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdZ9mZp0xzg The ad does not mention President Barack Obama, but it ties Kaine to the health care law, the stimulus and "trillions in wasteful bankrupting spending." It also mentions the looming defense cuts, which has been a hot topic of debate between Kaine and former Gov. George Allen (R), given the importance of defense jobs in Virginia. The Kaine campaign has said its candidate is the only one with a realistic plan to help avoid the cuts. The ad is part of a $5.5 million reservation of TV time in the state, where Kaine has also been pummeled by other outside groups, such as Crossroads GPS. Allen has been targeted by the Democratic-aligned Majority PAC, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee launched its first independent expenditure ad in late September. It accused Allen of wanting to privatize Social Security. After being tied since April 2011, Kaine led in almost every poll released in the past month. Roll Call rates the race as a Tossup.