April 18, 2015

2012 Presidential Archive

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Democrats Propose Speeding Up Voting

Efforts to improve election administration and address the long lines that greeted voters on Election Day shifted to Capitol Hill on Thursday as House and Senate lawmakers unveiled related bills.

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Time to Second-Guess Super PACs

It’s been tempting for pundits and analysts to cast Republican super PACs and advocacy organizations as the big losers in this election.

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Democrats Clear Winners Tuesday

The 2012 elections will go down as a victory for Democrats, who held the White House and control of the Senate, even as the party appeared likely to pick up only a handful of seats in the House.

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Barack Obama Victorious, but Divided Government Continues

Voters have granted President Barack Obama another four-year term, capping the most expensive and divisive national campaign in memory and ensuring at least two more years of divided government in Washington, D.C.

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Under Romney or Obama, GOP Still Balks at Debt Limit Increase

If GOP candidate Mitt Romney wins the White House, he is likely to face as much of a challenge as President Barack Obama did in persuading conservative Republicans to raise the debt ceiling and avoid a government default.

Republicans Eye Tax Overhaul Tactics

Mitt Romney has not filled in details of what the tax code would look like if he wins the presidential election, but conservatives in Washington, D.C., are formulating ambitious plans for how to get an overhaul through Congress.

Conservative Groups Distance Themselves from Anti-Obama Text Messages

Conservative groups are distancing themselves from a Virginia communications firm that appears to be behind a flurry of unsolicited text messages criticizing President Barack Obama that were sent to Washington-area mobile phones in recent days.

Rules of the Game: Lessons Learned From First Post-Citizens United Presidential Race

With its unrestricted super PACs, wealthy mega-donors, secret money and more than $6 billion projected price tag, this election cycle boasts more unfettered campaign spending than any in recent memory.

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Barack Obama Puts Campaign on Hold; Mitt Romney Schedules ‘Storm Relief Events’

President Barack Obama will stay in Washington, D.C., at least through Wednesday, suspending his re-election campaigning to keep an eye on recovery efforts following Hurricane Sandy.

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Candidates Set Aside Campaigning to Focus on Storm’s Effect

Even before Hurricane Sandy made landfall, political observers were analyzing the storm’s effect on the presidential race and on the logistics of the elections along the East Coast.

From Hope to Doubt in a Single Election Cycle

Four years ago we had just one “Rorschach candidate” for president, with millions voting for Barack Obama, seeing in him their kind of leader. This year, we’ve got two. Obama or Mitt Romney — it’s a vote shot into the dark.

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An Electoral Tie Could Bind the Senate

One of Washington’s favorite parlor games is conjecturing about the remote possibility of an Electoral College tie. Prognosticators have come up with various maps and scenarios under which the election would result in a 269-269 deadlock, which would vest the responsibility of choosing the country’s leaders squarely in what polls say is one of the least popular institutions in the country — Congress.

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Rand Paul, Confident of Romney’s Prospects, Still Leaves Door Open for Own White House Bid

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) is dispensing with conventional wisdom and predicting an Electoral College landslide for GOP nominee Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential contest. But he’s leaving the door open for his own White House run as early as 2016.

Romney Campaign Dismisses Obama Immigration Push

Mitt Romney’s campaign is dismissing President Barack Obama’s plans to push for an immigration overhaul next year as merely a repeat of a broken promise from 2008.

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Obama’s Campaign Quick to Capitalize on Text-to-Donate Option

President Barack Obama appears to have wildly outraised his Republican opponent among text message donors, capitalizing on the newly approved digital fundraising option.

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Barack Obama Predicts ‘Messy’ but ‘Grand’ Deficit Deal if Re-Elected

The Des Moines Register today released a previously off-the-record interview with President Barack Obama in which he gave his frankest answers to date on his second-term agenda, including breakthroughs on a “grand bargain” on the deficit and on immigration reform next year.

Candy Crowley Defends Her Own Debate Performance

CNN anchor Candy Crowley spoke candidly about her role as the moderator of the second presidential debate during a panel discussion at the Newseum on Tuesday night and defended her fact-checking moment during the 90-minute exchange between President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

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Barack Obama’s ‘Closing Argument’

With Election Day just two weeks away, President Barack Obama repackaged his agenda for the next few years while campaign manager Jim Messina and adviser David Axelrod touted their ground game and lead in early voting.

Barack Obama Says Sequestration ‘Will Not Happen,’ Hits Back on Military Spending Attacks

President Barack Obama used the final presidential debate Monday night to hit back aggressively against claims that his budget will gut the U.S. military, something the Republican Party has been using as a political cudgel against him all year.

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Barack Obama Attacks, Mitt Romney Moderates in Final Debate

President Barack Obama and GOP nominee Mitt Romney faced off in a sharp final debate Monday night in Boca Raton, Fla., trading barbs over foreign affairs while repeatedly returning to the issue atop voters’ minds — the economy.