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Republicans Win Belated Legal Battles, but Elections Can’t Be Undone

You canít rewrite history, but Republicans probably wish you could.

5 Things Winning Candidates Say

After the overwhelming response to ď6 Things Losing Candidates SayĒ and its successor, ď4 More Things Losing Candidates Say (Readersí Edition),Ē I decided to try to turn it around and point out some common themes from winning candidates.

How Bad Is the GOP Rift? Worse Than Democrats in the 1980s

Political parties seem to suffer through internal battles periodically, but the current state of the GOP is much worse than what Democrats went through some 25 years ago, when organized labor and old-style liberals fought against the Democratic Leadership Council for the soul of the party.

Family Politics: When Water Is Thicker Than Blood

The relationship between parents and children can be complicated, particularly when both are politicians.

House Strategists Continue Search for 2014 Candidates

My colleague Kyle Trygstad nearly declared the end to the Senate recruitment season recently, but House strategists on both sides of the aisle still have their work cut out for them.

Democrats Ready to Land Recruit in Elusive California District

Itís no secret Democrats whiffed at a huge opportunity in Californiaís 21st District last cycle. And while itís taken them awhile to get their footing, it looks like they have found a candidate that could run a competitive race that matches the competitive district.

Is South Carolina's Nikki Haley in Trouble?

If you listen to South Carolina Democrats, you are pretty certain that Republican Gov. Nikki R. Haley is in deep trouble next year. Not so, says Haleyís top strategist, Jon Lerner, arguing she is very likely to win re-election. Both assessments canít be correct, can they?

Michigan: There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute

Attorney David Trottís recent announcement that he plans to challenge freshman Rep. Kerry Bentivolio, R-Mich., in next yearís GOP primary in the 11th District has gotten plenty of attention, both in Roll Call and elsewhere. And it deserved it, since Bentivolio is one of a very small handful of House incumbents who seem poised to lose bids for renomination.

Is Dan Benishek Waffling on Term Limits?

When Rep. Dan Benishek, R-Mich., first ran for office, he was a strong proponent of term limits. But now, the two-term Republican congressmanís stance is much less clear.

Barack Obama’s Sad Sausage-Making Foreign Policy

They say that the process of making sausage isnít pretty, but all that matters is how it tastes. And often, that applies to politics, as well.

And for John Kasich's Next Act in Politics ...

We will know in a little more than a year whether John R. Kasich has a second act, or even a third one, in politics. But donít be surprised if he does.

Ratings Change: Virginia Governor

As the stretch run for the Virginia gubernatorial election begins, Democrat Terry McAuliffe has established himself as a narrow but clear front-runner over state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, a Republican.

Florida’s 2nd District: When You Don’t Need to Poll

On Thursday, Democrats released a poll showing Democrat Gwen Graham running neck-and-neck with GOP Rep. Steve Southerland II. They could have saved themselves a few thousand dollars because you donít need a poll to show that Floridaís 2nd District will be competitive. But that also doesnít mean that Southerland is on the verge of defeat.

The Biggest Mistake of Obama’s Presidency?

President Barack Obama could have saved himself a lot of headaches, and potentially his presidential legacy, if he had done one thing: cultivated a relationship with Congress.

3 Local Races That Could Affect the Fight for the House

Local races rarely have an impact on statewide or congressional elections, but a trio of local races this year could have an effect on three competitive House districts next year.

Are There Really Fewer Competitive House Districts Than Ever Before?

According to conventional wisdom, there are fewer competitive House races than ever before thanks to partisan gerrymandering. But a closer look at the past 10 elections shows that the 2014 batch of races isnít far from other non-wave cycles.

Obama's Muddled Syria Politics

President Barack Obamaís jaw-dropping decision over the holiday weekend to ask Congress for authorization to strike Syria was initially seen by some as a savvy political move, because it gives him political cover and puts Republicans in the hot seat.

RATINGS CHANGE: Illinois Governor

Democrats had a much easier road to victory next November in Illinois, but state Attorney General Lisa Madiganís decision not to run for governor will take her party down a much messier path.

What Happens When Political Spouses Misbehave?

Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell has endured weeks of negative headlines as The Washington Post thoroughly examines his relationship with a campaign donor. But as the investigation moves along, his wife, first lady Maureen McDonnell, is coming under increased scrutiny as well.

Keep Your Eye on the Dow

While the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up just short of 13 percent over the past year, it has lost almost 850 points since it hit its 52-week high of 15,658.43 on Aug. 2. With the Dow closing today at 14,824.51, thatís a drop of only 5.3 percent.




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