New Jersey: More Members Side With Bill Pascrell

More Members have donated to Rep. Bill Pascrell in his race against a fellow Democratic incumbent. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

With less than a week to go before the primary, more Members are picking sides in the battle between New Jersey Democratic Reps. Steven Rothman and Bill Pascrell.

The Member-vs.-Member race has already revealed divided allegiances among legislators. The bulk of Member donations have been directed to Pascrell, who is also getting a campaign visit Friday from President Bill Clinton.

Donations from four more Members surfaced in Pascrell's latest series of 24-hour reports to the Federal Election Commission:

  • Rep. Jerry Costello's (Ill.) Costello For Congress account donated $2,000
  • Rep. Carolyn McCarthy's (N.Y.) CAP PAC donated $3,500
  • Rep. Nick Rahall's (W.Va.) Keep Nick Rahall in Congress account donated $2,000
  • Retiring Rep. Heath Shuler's (N.C.) Heath Shuler for Congress donated $2,000
One former Democratic lawmaker also appeared on Pascrell's pre-primary financial report: ex-Rep. David Wu (Ore.). Wu resigned last year under pressure from Democratic leaders after he was accused of sexual misconduct.

Thanks to redistricting, the two men are facing off in the Democratic primary in the 9th district. Whoever wins Tuesday's contest will nearly certainly win the general election in the fall. Roll Call rates this race as Safe Democratic.