Montana: Looking For an Edge in the Senate Race

Sen. Jon Tester (above) is in a tossup race with Rep. Denny Rehberg. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

The Montana Senate race is expected to be among the closest in the country, and both parties are looking for any edge possible.

Democrats hope to gain some traction with the release of an investigative report into the 2009 boat crash that injured Rep. Denny Rehberg (R), who is now challenging Sen. Jon Tester (D).

A district judge on Wednesday issued an order for the records to be released as early as today, as soon as the court's clerk redacts the personal information of others involved in the crash. Former state Sen. Greg Barkus was convicted of criminal endangerment for driving the boat after a night of drinking, which ended with a crash on the shores of Flathead Lake that left all five on board injured.

Meanwhile, after spending much of the past two years tying Tester to President Barack Obama in a state Obama won't win, the National Republican Senatorial Committee released a radio advertisement today that went a step further. The ad directly attaches Rehberg to the hip of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, whose prospects nationwide have improved over the past month.

"America needs a new direction with Romney-Rehberg," the ad's announcer says.


Roll Call rates the race as a Tossup.