McIntyre Campaign Slams Rouzer for Recount Expense

The campaign of McIntyre, above, said Rouzer's request for a recount is an unnecessary cost to taxpayers. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

The campaign of Rep. Mike McIntyre, D-N.C., begrudgingly accepted a recount of the vote in the 7th Congressional District but slammed Republican David Rouzer for requesting one. McIntyre currently leads the state senator by 655 votes.

McIntyre campaign manager Lachlan McIntosh said Rouzer's request is hypocritical because he supports fiscal responsibility and is "asking taxpayers to pay for his pursuit of his own personal political ambition."

"While we respect the legal right for a recount, it is unfortunate that taxpayer dollars, time, and resources will be spent on a process that has been closely monitored,"  McIntosh said in a statement. "All twelve county boards of elections in the 7th District have carefully reviewed the votes and the results have already shown Mike McIntyre to be the winner."

The recount will begin after Thanksgiving. Don Wright, the general counsel for the North Carolina State Board of Elections, said that each county in the district would meet, conduct the recount and report the results to the state board of elections.

Although a timeline for a congressional recount is not set by statute, Wright said he expected counting on Nov. 26 and 27 and a conclusion to the process by the end of Nov. 27 or sometime on Nov. 28.

The 7th District race is the final outstanding House race from the Nov. 6 elections. One other House race in Louisiana will be decided by a December runoff.