Maryland: Rob Garagiola Slams John Delaney Endorsements

Maryland Senate Majority Leader Rob Garagiola (above) blasted rival House candidate John Delaney for his endorsements. (Douglas Graham/ CQ Roll Call)

In a Wednesday email with the subject line “Unity,” Maryland Senate Majority Leader Rob Garagiola sharply criticized his rival for the 6th district Democratic nomination, businessman John Delaney.

“Our opponent, John Delaney, can have his flashy endorsements — the best that money can buy — and he can use his quarter of a billion dollars to try to buy this election,” Garagiola wrote. “But we’ve got people like you and a growing base of Democratic activists who will make sure that we will win on April 3.”

One of those endorsements came from President Bill Clinton, and as the Washington Post pointed out at the time, Delaney was a major fundraiser for then-Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.

“No one buys President Clinton’s endorsement. No one buys the Washington Post’s endorsement. These insulting accusations might give Garagiola some comfort, but the truth is voters across the district are turning away from a career lobbyist turned politician and seeking new leadership in John Delaney,” Delaney campaign manager Justin Schall said in a statement.

The winner of the Democratic primary will likely face Rep. Roscoe Bartlett in the general election, although he does have several GOP primary challengers.