Quigley Claims Russia Hacked Illinois Board of Elections

State board says hackers viewed information for at least 3,000 people, possibly 80,000

Rep. Mike Quigley, D-Ill., said that federal resources should be devoted to protect the integrity of voting systems. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call file photo)

Democratic Rep. Mike Quigleyclaims that Russia hacked into Illinois’ State Board of Elections last year to undermine voters’ faith in the electoral process.

Quigley, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, made the assertion on Monday to the Chicago Tribune after an interview with its editorial board.

“I believe they’re on the doorstep to hacking into our voting systems. That is my educated guess,” Quigley said. 

The congressman said the committee should look at classifying election systems as a “target” and devote federal resources to protect their integrity.

Ken Menzel, the general counsel for the state board of elections, told the Tribune that no voter information was influenced, but that the identification information of 3,000 voters was viewed and up to 80,000 might have been viewed.

But Menzel was skeptical about additional resources.

“A lot of election administrators would like more resources and more help, but what kind of help is he talking about? What kind of hardening of things? The election administrators would not be happy with a pile of additional unfunded mandates,” he said.

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