Arizona: DSCC Adds to TV Buys for Carmona

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is spending an additional $673,000 on the Arizona Senate race in support of former Surgeon General Richard Carmona's bid against Rep. Jeff Flake (R). This is an extension of the committee's independent expenditure investment, bringing the total to about $1.6 million in the state. The new buy will last Oct. 16-22. The National Republican Senatorial Committee's independent expenditure arm has spent about $1.1 million in Arizona. This is the DSCC ad for Carmona that the money is supporting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_5-xjsVJkk It has been a heated day in this race. This morning, the Flake campaign released an ad that received national attention. A former Carmona female supervisor looked into the camera and essentially accused him of harassment. By the afternoon, Carmona's campaign manager issued a statement on the ad. "These allegations are completely false. Dr. Beato is a partisan who was caught trying to politicize science at HHS and couldn't be confirmed to a post because she lied on her résumé," campaign manager Alexis Tameron wrote. "It's no secret that Dr. Carmona pushed back on her attempts to spin science for political gain, but this accusation is a work of fiction," she added. "Congressman Flake's decision to run this false ad is deplorable and shows how desperate he is. Congressman Flake should take this ad down." A Flake spokesman, Andrew Wilder, indicated via Twitter after the statement that there was more to come from the Flake camp on this front: ‏@AndrewWilder: .@RollCallAbby U'd think @CarmonaForAZ wld tread lightly blaming Dr.Beato. What will they say when other women come out w/ similar stories? This is an open-seat race created by the retirement of Sen. Jon Kyl (R).