Feb. 10, 2016

Policy Briefings: Transportation

Should a National Infrastructure Bank Be Created as
Part of the Surface Transportation Reauthorization?

Rep. Rosa DeLauro: Yes

I have long championed legislation to create a national infrastructure bank and strongly agree that now is the time to establish such an entity as part of a national growth strategy.

Rep. John Mica: No

After years of deficit spending, the United States finds itself in dire economic straits. One need look no further than the current debate over the nation’s budget and debt limit.

Should Congress Pay to Fund President Obama’s
Proposed High-Speed Rail Program?

Rep. Jeff Denham: No

Over the years, many proposals have been offered to bring high-speed rail to California, as it has to other parts of the country, namely the overcrowded Northeast Corridor.

Rep. John Olver: Yes

Any driver who has sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic and listened to radio reports about how Americans have the longest commuting times of any developed nation knows that our transportation network needs improvement.

Should ‘Green’ Transit Projects, Such As Bicycle Paths,
Be Included in the Highway Bill?

Rep. Earl Blumenauer: Yes

An effective and efficient transportation system is one that offers an interconnected network of roads, railways, bus routes, bike paths and pedestrian accommodations. These multimodal transportation options give commuters choices and create competition, improving our ability to move people and goods as efficiently as possible.

Should the Gasoline Tax Be Replaced With a
Fee Based on the Number of Miles Driven?

Rep. Cynthia Lummis: No

With gas prices hovering near $4 a gallon, families are taking common-sense measures to tighten their belts. Carpooling, cutting back on driving and buying more fuel-efficient vehicles are among the solutions many Americans are using to deal with the pain at the pump.