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Roll Call Policy Briefings


Nearly six years after the House abandoned a Senate-passed immigration bill in 2007, immigration policy is front and center on the 2013 domestic policy agenda. This time, both parties are motivated, Hispanics are the fastest-growing voting bloc, and Democrats and the GOP want to court these voters. CQ Roll Call sought some of the most prominent voices on immigration policy for their take on what could happen this year.

Defense Sequester

Nobody seems to like the automatic Pentagon spending cuts set for January, but there is little Congressional agreement on an alternative.

Health Care

10 Members of the giant freshman class of 2010 share their experiences of an eventful 2011 and look ahead to what they expect in 2012.

Freshman Congress: 1 Year Later

10 Members of the giant freshman class of 2010 share their experiences of an eventful 2011 and look ahead to what they expect in 2012.


Job creation has everybody’s attention, but Democrats and Republicans have very different ideas on how to go about it.


As both chambers begin the process of writing a new surface transportation bill, lawmakers face the conundrum of trying to satisfy a wide range of constituencies with a shrinking highway trust fund.


Should combat curbs on women be lifted? Should they — and the rest of the troops — be brought home from Afghanistan? Should the alternate F-35 engine be revived? Members offer their best “yes” and “no” arguments on these big questions in this year’s defense authorization debate.

Health Care — The Next Steps

A year after the passage of historic health care reform legislation, six lawmakers weigh in on what’s next.

Freshman Priorities

Ten members of the largest House freshman class in two decades discuss what they hope to accomplish in the 112th Congress.

Climate and Energy

In the aftermath of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Congress continues to fight over climate and energy legislation.

Technology and Telecommunications

Technology and telecommunications issues have taken a back seat to more high-profile matters this Congress, but there's still a full plate of legislation that Members must act on before the year ends.

Health Care Reform: The Next Critical Steps

Health care reform is now the law of the land, but the work on implementing it isn't done. Members of Congress and Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius weigh in on what needs to be done next.

Transportation and Energy

As the summer travel season heats up, Members of Congress explore the state of our roads, rails and skyways, and discuss the future of alternative fuels.

Five Months, Five Ways

Roll Call offers a special report on what Congress can do over the next five months to help fix the economy, with provocative opinion pieces by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and nine other key Members.

Financial Regulatory Reform

With financial regulatory reform still on the legislative front burner, 10 key Members of Congress weigh in on what needs to be done.

Energy & Environment

With Earth Day approaching and the debate over climate change about to heat up in the Senate, several Members of Congress weigh in on energy and environmental legislation.

Health Care Legislation: What Now?

As Democrats plan one final push to pass health care reform, nine Members of Congress weigh in on what they'd like to see the legislation look like.

Climate and Energy

The fate of cap-and-trade legislation remains very much up in the air, but the debate over energy policy — and its connection to the push to create jobs — will occupy Congress in the months ahead.

The Agenda Ahead

Many of the 2009 legislative fights will continue into 2010, when Congress' to-do list will grow — the Agenda Ahead takes a look at the next year.


Roll Call invites Members of Congress to write about climate change and other important energy legislation.

Health Care: Who Pays and How?

Money isn't everything — it's the only thing as Congress intensifies its debate on health care reform.

Health Care and Aging

Members of Congress discuss the stakes involved for senior citizens as the health care reform debate gets even hotter in Congress.

Energy Reform

Members of Congress weigh in on policy priorities, cap-and-trade legislation and the economics of energy reform.

Defense and Aerospace

Members address defense spending priorities and discuss what the government can do to help the men and women of the military, and House Armed Services Chairman Ike Skelton takes part in a Q&A about the Pentagon's acquisition process and the strategy for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Energy and Environment

Eight Members weigh in on topics such as climate change, energy legislation and national parks, and Rep. Ed Markey takes part in a Q&A.

Health Care

In their own words, 10 Members of Congress weigh in on the mother of all policy debates — health care reform.


Roll Call's first policy briefing of 2009 focuses on highway and FAA reauthorization and features a Q&A with Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.

The Agenda Ahead

Members of Congress offer their views on the outlook for health care, economic recovery, energy, global warming and finance in the 111th Congress.




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