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Policy Briefings:Freshman Priorities

House Freshmen Share
Their Goals, Ambitions for
112th Congress

The largest collection of House freshmen in almost two decades — they’re fully 22 percent of the chamber’s membership — has been in office for two months now. As a class, they’ve gained attention across the country and around the world because the arrival of 87 new Republicans (and just nine new Democrats) heralds the revival of a GOP majority after four years on the outs — and the return of divided government for the second half of President Barack Obama’s term.

Stutzman: Time to Redefine ‘Rural’ for USDA

The Obama administration is taking steps to separate the American people from the land that feeds and clothes them. Federal agencies are looking for more ways to regulate our daily lives, and every week they overreach their authority.

Yoder: Cuts Needed to Make Ends Meet

Last fall, the American people sent a simple but unmistakable message to the politicians and lifelong bureaucrats in Washington: “Cut spending and reduce the size of government.”

Mulvaney: GOP Will Write Serious Budget Plan

The morning after unveiling his fiscal 2012 budget, President Barack Obama held a news conference at the White House to discuss and defend a proposal that most folks were already describing as timid.

Hanabusa: U.S. Safety, Security Is First Focus

It is a privilege to be serving on the House Armed Services Committee, especially coming from a state where the military has such an important presence.

Gardner: Energy Sector Can Power Economy

Jobs and the economy are still the No. 1 issue in America and in Congress, but the spending spree that has defined the past two years has done nothing to rein in unemployment and create the jobs that are needed to get our economy moving again.

Black: GOP Ready to Enact Real Solutions

During his State of the Union speech and again with the unveiling of his budget three weeks ago, President Barack Obama’s tagline has been that government innovation and investment will enable us to “win the future.”

Meehan: A Decade After 9/11, Threat Is Real

Six days after al-Qaida terrorists attacked New York, the Pentagon and my own home state, I was sworn in as the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

Adams: Strengthen Laws to Protect Kids

Few things are more important to Americans than the health and well-being of their children. As a mother, I know what it is like to worry about your daughter when she goes to the mall with friends or walks to the school bus stop.

Richmond: Protect Loans to Increase Exports

Can a Louisiana engraving equipment firm illustrate the path to win the future? Yes. Xenetech Global Inc. revolutionized the computerized engraving industry last year with the Duo Desktop, which combines two technologies into one machine. An Export Express loan through Hancock Bank and guaranteed by the Small Business Administration helped Xenetech take the Duo global.

Reed: Infrastructure Critical to Economy

Everyone understands the reality that the federal government is operating in the midst of a debt-driven crisis. Every dollar we spend must be closely examined in terms of effectiveness. Taxpayers rightly demand and deserve a good return on their investments.




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