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Budget Fights Begin With Obama's $4.23 Trillion Proposal

President Barack Obama proposed a $4.23 trillion fiscal 2017 budget Tuesday, which the White House argued contains some proposals that could win bipartisan support, even though Republicans were scathing in their criticism of what's likely to be the administration's last complete fiscal plan.

On Unemployment Rate, Obama Spikes the Football

President Barack Obama on Friday took credit for the latest jobs report, saying the 4.9 percent rate shows his stewardship has made the U.S. economy the “strongest and most durable” in the world.

Flint Aid Triggers Partisan Battle Over Senate Energy Bill

A bipartisan energy bill turned into a partisan battleground on Wednesday as party leaders in the Senate accused each other of sabotaging the measure for political purposes.

Appropriators' Move to Free Up Earmarks Shows Wonkiness of Transportation Spending

State transportation departments will see extra dollars for roads and bridges, thanks to a move by appropriators in the fiscal 2016 omnibus to free up some $2 billion in once-earmarked money left unused.

Washington Heating Up on Self-Driving Cars

Congress and the Obama administration appear united in a push to help self-driving cars hit the roads as technology advances are bringing the concept closer to reality.

District's Roads, Transit Score Badly in Engineers' Report

Roads are among the worst parts of Washington, D.C.’s transportation infrastructure, while the bridges that connect them are in better condition, according to a report on the city’s infrastructure released Thursday by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

State of the Union: Five Things That Might Happen, Five That Won't

Not much is expected in the final year of a presidential administration, especially one marked by partisan gridlock.

Funding Bills Drive Lobbyists' Election-Year Agenda

K Street won’t cede the year’s policy battles to election-year politics just yet.

White House Sets Feb. 9 Budget Rollout Date

The White House will release its fiscal 2017 budget request on Feb. 9, narrowly missing the statutory deadline for sending the proposal to Congress.

Northeast Corridor Complicated by Jurisdictions' Tunnel Vision

The case for investment in the passenger rail network known as the Northeast Corridor is, on the face of it, easy to make. The 457-mile route from Washington to Boston is the busiest rail system in the country. It connects four of the nation’s 10 largest metropolitan areas, and the region it serves accounts for about a fifth of the U.S. economy.

Omnibus Spending Bill Lands at Last, With Oil Export Ban Lifted

The House and Senate Appropriations committees early Wednesday filed a $1.15 trillion fiscal 2016 omnibus spending bill that would end a 40-year ban on exporting crude oil and breathe new life into an expired land conservation account.

Senate Panel Advances Four-Year Pipeline Reauthorization Bill

The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee Wednesday sent a four-year reauthorization of pipeline safety programs to the full Senate by voice vote.

Mikulski: 'Poison Pill' Riders, Taxes Drag Down Omnibus Talks

The top Senate Democratic appropriator said Tuesday more than three dozen policy riders and a package of tax extenders continue to trip up omnibus negotiations that could stretch into the weekend.

Congress Raids Fed's Surplus for Highway Funding

The Federal Reserve is once again a populist punching bag on Capitol Hill.

Bitterness Lingers as Omnibus Talks Stumble Over Policy Riders

Senior appropriators attempted to pick up the pieces Thursday after a messy 36 hours laid bare just how far apart the parties remain on the fiscal 2016 omnibus.

Drone Policy Abuzz in Washington as Holiday Gift Season Approaches

An army of small drones are heading for the national airspace this holiday season — many of them hiding in closets and gift-wrapped boxes under Christmas trees.

Omnibus Spat Spills Into View as Democrats Ready Counteroffer

House Democrats on Wednesday were preparing a counteroffer after they formally rejected Republicans' opening proposal on the largest outstanding policy and funding sticking points in the fiscal 2016 omnibus spending bill.

Congress Has a List of Deadlines, Is Checking It Twice

Congress returns this week for a pivotal work period with multiple deadlines, a busy schedule for an institution that tends to wait until the very last minute to get things done.

Bill Shuster Wants 'Like Father, Like Son' Moment

When negotiators on the highway and mass transit bill formally convened Wednesday, it took only a few minutes for them to cut their first deal: Rep. Bill Shuster was named chairman of the conference committee.

Shuster and Ryan: Exercise Buddies, Highway Bill Champions

Rep. Bill Shuster, R-Pa., who’d been waiting three years for the House to take up long-term highway legislation, was wary when he saw nearly 300 amendments had been filed on the bill he’d helped draft. An added challenge: The bill was scheduled to hit the floor during Speaker Paul D. Ryan’s first week on the job.




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