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Members and Staff Should See the World, Especially Taiwan | Commentary

With so many problems facing us on the domestic scene and in the Middle East, it’s important to raise questions about what’s going on in the rest of the world.

Energy Tax Credits Set to Expire Could Hurt Wind Farm Industry

Alternative fuels advocates aren’t the only ones looking for guidance from lawmakers on what their future tax treatment might look like. Several energy tax incentives — including the production-tax credit that has helped the wind power industry grow — are scheduled to expire on Dec. 31.

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Propane Industry Prepares to Battle to Protect Its Tax Breaks

Propane lobbyists are gearing up for a hard sell on Capitol Hill for tax incentives they say would help make the fuel more readily accessible to vehicle fleet operators and homeowners who want to invest in energy-efficient technologies.

Being No. 1 in Tax Rates, Regulations Isn't Helping U.S. Economy | Commentary

People love rankings. Whether it’s sports teams, colleges or most anything else, people gravitate to that which is labled ‘No. 1’.

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Barge Operators to Congress: 'Raise Our Taxes'

It’s not often that an industry comes to Congress begging to pay higher taxes — but that’s exactly what users of the inland waterways barge system are proposing.

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Trade Reports Offer Competing Data

No matter which side of the trade debate a group is on, it is almost certain to invoke a recent study on jobs to bolster its argument.

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Trade Policy Hardly on Labor's Fast Track

While negotiators met at the office of the U.S. Trade Representative late last week in their latest bid to thrash out the many details in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a boisterous collection of union organizers and other activists made clear there is only one detail that matters to them: jobs.

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Tax Incentive Plans Quietly Taking Shape for Startups

The technology boom of the 1990s that created a wave of new businesses and jobs was built on innovation that lawmakers would dearly love to revive in today’s sputtering economy.

Minimum Wage May Wait Until 2014 Action

The National Federation of Independent Business and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce stand adamantly against a higher minimum wage, and even a package of tax incentives would make the plan a tough sell for many businesses.

Bill Would Clear Path for Global Companies to Invest in the U.S. | Commentary

The House this month passed the Global Investment in American Jobs Act and the Senate is currently considering companion legislation. That’s good news for our economy, since this legislation would help clear a path for global companies to invest in the United States.

Tax Overhaul Should Retain Energy Infrastructure Partnerships | Commentary

Tax reform is on everyone’s mind in Washington, and for good reason. The United States has always been a global leader in many areas, yet when it comes to the nation’s tax code, our political leaders are realizing that, in many ways, we maintain an antiquated and often burdensome system.

A Tax Credit Both Parties Can Get Behind | Commentary

As Congress returns to legislative business this month, key members will be putting pen to paper on comprehensive tax reform bills, marking a rare opportunity to set our priorities as a nation and decide what we want our taxpayer dollars to accomplish.

Congress Should Fix Uneven Business Taxation | Commentary

Tax reform is a hot topic in Congress these days and for good reason. Our current tax system is broken, complicated and clearly gives preference to some industries over others, which is obviously unfair.

Don't Let Tax Reform Keep Students Out of Dorms | Commentary

Recently, Sens. Max Baucus, D-Mont., and Orrin G. Hatch, R-Utah, started rebuilding the tax code from scratch, aiming to eliminate all existing tax breaks and loopholes. As the code gets rebuilt, the tax benefits associated with Section 529 college savings or prepaid tuition plans could be at risk of being eliminated. 529 plans are designed to encourage early saving for future higher-education expenses, and the tax benefits are an important part of their increasing popularity and success — it is critical that the tax benefits for 529 plans remain intact.

Farm Bill Negotiations to Continue Into September As Expiration Looms

Sen. Jeff Flake in a colloquy before lawmakers adjourned for their August recess helped Senate Agriculture Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow lay down her markers for shaping a final farm bill, or, failing that, another extension of the 2008 farm bill, by questioning continued payments for cotton farmers.

Facilitate, Don't Complicate, U.S.-India Trade | Commentary

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., during his recent visit to India, addressed the key issues that stand out for policymakers on both sides of the U.S.-India relationship, noting that protection of intellectual property, limits on foreign direct investment, inconsistent tax dues and barriers to market access are the “tough problems” between the two countries. He went on to add that they will “have to be negotiated and worked through in order to meet the potential of this relationship.”

With True Tax Reform, Details Matter | Commentary

In a Washington that has been defined for years by die-hard partisanship and stark policy differences, conceptual support for a sweeping reform of our tax code has been a rare point of agreement. And this is with good reason. Drastic reforms are necessary to ensure American growth in the years ahead — especially since the U.S. corporate tax system is among the worst in the world.

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Obama's 'Grand Bargain' Tax Plan Is Hard Sell to GOP

Lawmakers regarded President Barack Obama’s latest attempt to engage them on an economic proposal as largely irrelevant Tuesday, with neither Democrats nor Republicans viewing it as an actual step forward toward breaking their ongoing budget impasse.

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14 Things You Need to Know About Obama's New 'Grand Bargain'

1. It’s not particularly grand. Nor is it necessarily a bargain. Or even new. It’s mostly a repackaged offer of proposals the president has offered before.

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The Baucus-Camp Tax Road Show Faces Obstacles

LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. — Give them credit for this much: The top congressional tax writers are doing their level best to push for an overhaul of the nation’s outdated tax code.




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