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Taxes & Trade Archive

The True Patriotic Response to our Growing Tax Crisis | Commentary

On Tuesday, the Senate Finance Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing that will examine a critical issue impacting the long-term health of the U.S. economy – our international tax system. Dubbed “Love it, Leave It or Reform It!” the committee promises to delve into the specific issue of corporate tax inversions, which describes a practice whereby companies reincorporate in a foreign country.

Extenders Are Part of the Long Game in Tax Overhaul

As the debate over renewing dozens of expiring tax breaks unfolds this year, House Republicans are making an unusual sales pitch: Congress needs to cope with the fact that the grab bag of reductions is much more costly than lawmakers like to admit.

Congress Needs To Act To Keep The Internet Tax-Free | Commentary

Internet service is an essential staple of everyday life, with over 80 percent of Americans able to access the web at home and work and nearly 60 percent carrying smartphones with mobile broadband service. Smart government policies forbidding Internet service from being taxed have helped make broadband available and affordable for Americans of all ages and incomes, but a critical piece of federal legislation, the Internet Tax Freedom Act, is set to expire in November.

Understanding the Economic Benefits of Increased Saving | Commentary

Saving. In the U.S., it is a lost art. According the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the U.S. household saving rate has steadily tracked downward over the past 30 years, to just 3.8 percent today. Across older households aged 40 and above, those on a low income are particularly vulnerable to under-saving, with those in the bottom income quartile needing to save about 21 percent more of their pre-tax income, on average, to ensure financial security in retirement. Unless they can boost their saving, many households will have to choose between working beyond the official retirement age or accepting a lower standard of living in old age — or running out of money altogether. That’s not just a problem, it’s a crisis.

Affordable Housing Credit May Be Heading to Floor

A loose alliance of banks, state officials and business groups is pushing for a permanent extension of a low-income housing tax credit enacted during the financial crisis.

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Tax Writers Hope to Stabilize Housing Industry

A housing recovery moving in fits and starts is fueling new efforts on Capitol Hill to protect tax incentives for home ownership and oppose any reductions in the tax breaks that might be part of a broad tax overhaul.

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Conservatives See Highway Trust Fund Fight as Road to State Control of Transportation Spending

Conservative groups and Republican lawmakers want to revive a policy debate over the federal role in transportation policy as Congress gets ready to debate a long-term reauthorization of highway and transit programs.

A Broadened Perspective on Tax Reform | Commentary

Consensus is an almost unheard of commodity today in Washington, and it’s not difficult to find confirmation of this fact. The 113th Congress has produced less than 100 bills that have been signed into law – an historically low level of output.

Unlocking Foreign Investment to Fix U.S. Infrastructure: A Bridge to Bipartisanship | Commentary

Outdated tax rules are depriving the U.S. of billions of dollars in foreign investment. The must pass transportation bill is a rare bi-partisan opportunity for Congress to implement pro-growth tax reform and put Americans to work on our nation’s crumbling roads and bridges. With political gridlock increasingly the norm, our national leaders must seize opportunities to advance commonly held objectives.

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Tax Treaties at Standstill in Senate Over Privacy Issues

Approving tax treaties with other nations used to be relatively routine business on Capitol Hill, but that’s no longer the case.

A Mistake to Overlook Latin America's Role in Today's Trade Negotiations | Commentary

This is a pivotal year for global trade policy. Two huge deals—namely the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership —have the potential to dramatically redefine the nature of the global economy and reinvigorate global growth. Congress has an important role to play as these negotiations move forward.

Allowing States the Option of Using Tolls Is a Good Idea | Commentary

A provision in the GROW AMERICA Act, introduced to Congress last month by Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx, proposes lifting a decades-old ban on tolling existing interstate general purpose lanes.

Tax Reform Plans -- When it Comes to Competitiveness, There's No Competition | Commentary

It’s a central tenet of Economics 101: the more you tax something, the less of it you get. Whether intentional or inadvertent, the weight of a heavier tax burden on the producers of any good or service reliably reduces the volume of output that can be expected. Other benefits are diminished too, such as the prospects for more jobs, better shareholder returns and affordable prices.

House Will Push Back Votes on More Permanent Tax Credits

The House, which passed one permanent extension of an expired business tax break, will delay any action on other so-called extenders until at least June following the demise this week of the Senate’s two-year tax break patch.

C-J-S Bill Advances After Democratic Gun Provisions Turned Aside

House appropriators advanced a measure Thursday to fund the Justice and Commerce departments, along with science agencies, after endorsing a GOP gun proposal and sidelining a series of Democratic firearm policy amendments.

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Manufacturing's Comeback: Numbers Fabricate a Complicated-Yet-Rosy Outlook

American manufacturing hit an important milestone in April, when the Commerce Department reported that the sector had recovered all the value lost in the recession.

The Economy Needs Bitcoin | Commentary

A failure to adopt bitcoin will rob our nation of future economic growth and job creation. This fundamental fact should spur Congress to understand this new currency and create a bright line regulatory environment.

LNG Exports: An Opportunity for America | Commentary

Last week, in a welcome display of bipartisan achievement, the House Energy & Commerce Committee reported HR 6, the Domestic Prosperity and Global Freedom Act, to the House floor. The bill, as amended by the Committee, demonstrated significant compromise, and the Committee’s bipartisan action sends a message to the rest of the world of growing Congressional support for the United States re-emergence as a global energy leader. In light of the mounting support for accelerated liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports, the House and Senate must now take action on this bill to accelerate the permitting of LNG export applications.

It's Time To Level The Playing Field For Main Street Businesses | Commentary

Small-business owners like myself have for years urged Congress to create a level playing field that will allow us to compete with our online-only competitors. One year ago this week, the Senate overwhelmingly passed legislation that would accomplish this goal, and we’re counting on the Republican-led House of Representatives to do the same.

Repatriation Tax Holiday Is Not a Fix for Highway Trust Fund Insolvency | Commentary

All over the United States, construction crews are shaking off the winter cold and gearing up for a busy season repairing and expanding our transportation infrastructure. Yet, one ominous question remains: Will the Highway Trust Fund have enough money to keep them on the job?




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