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Taxes & Trade Archive

The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth | Commentary

Rep. Charles B. Rangel, D-N.Y., recently delivered a striking rebuke of Americas energy industry (Commentary: We Aint Broke, Nov. 22, 2013). But his criticism provided a distorted picture of this vitally important sector of the economy.

The Less-Than-Charitable Cost of Tax Reform | Commentary

If your household is like mine, you made your yearly charitable donations to a number of worthy causes last month, trying to get under the wire for the years tax deduction. But if the administration proposal to limit deductions passes Congress as a part of broader tax reforms, your annual contributions might actually cost more in the future. As this important conversation progresses, it is crucially important that Congress not alter the charitable contribution deduction.

It's Time to Reform Taxes for U.S. Businesses | Commentary

The conventional wisdom is that tax reform is dead.

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For Poverty, Tax Code Debate Offers Little Consensus

With the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnsons declaration of a war on poverty triggering new congressional debates on fiscal issues, prominent members of both parties are trumpeting plans to limit poverty. For Democrats, the Wednesday anniversary is entwined with questions about income inequality, a theme the White House says it will emphasize this year.

Don't Allow Small Business to be Caught in Tax Reform Crossfire | Commentary

After years in the drawing room, Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., recently released a set of drafts addressing our nations outdated tax code. If the early drafts treatment of the energy sector is any indication, small businesses inside and outside of the oil industry have reason to be on high alert.

Unequal Tax Benefits Punish Public Transit Riders | Commentary

With cuts to tax benefits for transit commuters set to be triggered at the end of the year, it is essential that Congress act to ensure that transit riders benefit from the same tax incentives available to commuters who drive to work.

Thanks to Congressional Inaction, Seeking Clarity From the IRS Is No Joke | Commentary

A few months ago, the Internal Revenue Service was accused of improperly targeting conservative nonprofit organizations for special scrutiny. Whoops. Now the IRS and the Treasury Department have proposed new rules to curb the political influence of one type of nonprofit organization.

Listen to the Factual Record on the ITC, Not the Broken One | Commentary

The International Trade Commission, an independent federal agency that I was fortunate to serve for 12 years, has been much maligned as of late, even derogatorily referred to by some as the International Trolling Commission as the patent debates have heated up. These hyperbolic claims by the critics have little relation to the reality of the ITCs important work as a trade enforcement agency and I feel a sense of duty to my former agency to help sort fact from fiction.

Improving Our Tax Code for American Students and Families | Commentary

Over the last few months, the media has described Congress as dysfunctional and broken, and the public as frustrated and angry with its lawmakers. Interestingly, those are the same words that are used to describe todays tax code.

Recipe for U.S. Jobs Starts With Trade Promotion Authority | Commentary

Congress faces an important choice in the months ahead as it considers legislation to renew Trade Promotion Authority. TPA is vital because economic growth and job creation at home depend on our ability to sell American goods and services to the 95 percent of the worlds customers living outside the U.S.

New Voices on Manufacturing Council Will Strengthen Economy | Commentary

The U.S. Manufacturing Council, created in 2004 by President George W. Bush, serves as the principal private sector advisory committee to the secretary of Commerce on the U.S. manufacturing sector. It provides a critical forum for finding solutions to industry-related problems, and its intended to keep America as the premier destination for investment in manufacturing throughout the world.

Amid Shutdown Talks, Steer Clear of Punitive Tax Hikes | Commentary

With the federal government in a partial funding lapse and a seemingly unavoidable decision point on the debt ceiling near, Washington is abuzz with renewed discussion of a grand bargain aimed at addressing our nations vexing fiscal challenges.

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The Incredible Shrinking Budget Talks

Grand bargains are out. Tax hikes are out. Short-term and stopgap solutions are very much in.

Members and Staff Should See the World, Especially Taiwan | Commentary

With so many problems facing us on the domestic scene and in the Middle East, its important to raise questions about whats going on in the rest of the world.

Energy Tax Credits Set to Expire Could Hurt Wind Farm Industry

Alternative fuels advocates arent the only ones looking for guidance from lawmakers on what their future tax treatment might look like. Several energy tax incentives including the production-tax credit that has helped the wind power industry grow are scheduled to expire on Dec. 31.

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Propane Industry Prepares to Battle to Protect Its Tax Breaks

Propane lobbyists are gearing up for a hard sell on Capitol Hill for tax incentives they say would help make the fuel more readily accessible to vehicle fleet operators and homeowners who want to invest in energy-efficient technologies.

Being No. 1 in Tax Rates, Regulations Isn't Helping U.S. Economy | Commentary

People love rankings. Whether its sports teams, colleges or most anything else, people gravitate to that which is labled No. 1.

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Barge Operators to Congress: 'Raise Our Taxes'

Its not often that an industry comes to Congress begging to pay higher taxes but thats exactly what users of the inland waterways barge system are proposing.

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Trade Reports Offer Competing Data

No matter which side of the trade debate a group is on, it is almost certain to invoke a recent study on jobs to bolster its argument.

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Trade Policy Hardly on Labor's Fast Track

While negotiators met at the office of the U.S. Trade Representative late last week in their latest bid to thrash out the many details in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a boisterous collection of union organizers and other activists made clear there is only one detail that matters to them: jobs.




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