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Legal Affairs Archive

White House Asks High Court to Hear Immigration Case This Term

Government attorneys late Tuesday urged the Supreme Court to decide the case over President Barack Obama’s immigration executive actions by the end of this term in June.

US to Argue in Affirmative Action Case at Supreme Court

The United States will argue before the Supreme Court this term in support of a Texas university’s affirmative action admissions process and Arizona’s redistricting plan.

Marco Rubio Reprises Obamacare Line of Attack

Sen. Marco Rubio, the Florida Republican vying for position in the crowded GOP presidential field, is reiterating his opposition to an insurance-company friendly part of the Affordable Care Act and hoping congressional leaders follow along.

Texas Seeks Delay in Immigration Case at Supreme Court

Texas asked the Supreme Court on Monday for a scheduling change that could determine whether the Obama administration gets a chance to implement executive actions that would affect millions of undocumented immigrants.

Obama: No Cigs At White House in 5 Years

President Barack Obama has acknowledged enjoying cigarettes at the White House, but says he stopped lighting up there in 2010.

Obama Administration Files Appeal in Immigration Case

The government on Friday asked the Supreme Court to lift an injunction that has blocked President Barack Obama's executive actions affecting millions of undocumented immigrants.

Paris Attacks Highlight 9/11 Health Care Bill

Days after the terrorist attacks in Paris, first responders from the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on American soil headed to the Capitol to push Congress to renew their health care programs.

Abortion Opponents Deny Partisan Tilt of New Subcommittee

Marsha Blackburn is quick to point out that a new investigative panel she chairs is not called the “Planned Parenthood Committee.”

Court Decision Could Profoundly Affect State Rules on Abortion

The Supreme Court agreed Friday to hear a case challenging strict measures in Texas’ anti-abortion law.

Does Obamacare Repeal Have a Senate Path Without the Mandates?

The search is on for 51 Senate votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act, raising questions about whether the House’s attempt to use the budget reconciliation process to do so will succeed.

Appeals Court Immigration Decision Could Head to Supreme Court

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit ruled against the Obama administration late Monday in the main challenge to sweeping immigration executive actions announced a year ago.

Supreme Court Passes on Cell Phone Tracking Case

The Supreme Court declined on Monday to hear a challenge concerning digital privacy and cell phone location records as several proposed bills on the issue remain stalled in Congress.

Pelosi Pans Planned Parenthood Special Committee

At her weekly news conference Thursday afternoon, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi praised the six Democrats she appointed to serve on the new subcommittee to investigate Planned Parenthood.

Brady Set to Replace Ryan as Ways and Means Chairman

Updated 5:43 p.m. | Kevin Brady was chosen to replace Paul D. Ryan as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

White House Deflects Blame for GOP Gains

Shifting demographics and Republican turnout fueled another victorious election night for Republican candidates, the White House contends, not the president or his health care law.

Cannon Reopens After Asbestos Scare

Officials have reopened the Cannon House Office Building after an asbestos scare shuttered its doors from late Friday through most of Saturday.

Brady Makes Pitch for Ways and Means Gavel

Hours after Paul D. Ryan was sworn in as speaker, Rep. Kevin Brady made his pitch to succeed the Wisconsin Republican on the Ways and Means Committee.

Boehner Names Planned Parenthood Committee Republicans

Speaker John A. Boehner announced Friday that Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., will chair the investigative panel created following a string of hidden camera videos showing Planned Parenthood employees talking about the sale of fetal tissue.

Cruz: Senate Umpire Works for Us

Updated 4:54 p.m. | GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz signaled the Senate parliamentarian should be ousted or ignored if a full repeal of Obamacare is deemed to violate budget rules.

Cruz, Gohmert Want Bust of Planned Parenthood Founder Removed

Two Texas lawmakers are leading a call for a bust of a Planned Parenthood founder to be removed from the National Portrait Gallery.




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