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Immigration Archive

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Eight Potholes for 'Gang of Eight' Immigration Bill

The “gang of eight” senators rolling out a bipartisan immigration overhaul this week are gearing up for the battle to formally be joined at the Senate Judiciary Committee and ultimately on the floor this summer.

Schumer, McCain Issue Summary of Immigration Bill

The bipartisan group of senators working on an immigration overhaul proposal has released a 17-page summary of its bill, which includes a provision that will exempt the children of unauthorized immigrants from a $500 penalty charged to those seeking to have their status legalized.

Boston Bombing Likely to Postpone Unveiling of Immigration Bill

Bipartisan immigration overhaul legislation may not be released until at least Wednesday out of respect for the tragic events that took place during the Boston Marathon on Monday.

Leahy Adds Immigration Hearing Following GOP Requests

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday pushed back a hearing on immigration until later this week and added another one for early next week, bowing to Republican requests.

Rubio Defends Emerging Immigration Bill From Conservative Criticism

Sen. Marco Rubio sought to reassure conservatives Sunday that the bipartisan immigration bill he and seven other senators are expecting to unveil on Tuesday would not provide “amnesty” for the roughly 11 million undocumented immigrants thought to be living in the United States.

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Barletta's Battle to Halt Illegal Immigration

At a closed-door GOP Conference meeting April 10, Rep. Lou Barletta went up to the microphones for the first time since he was elected to Congress in 2010.

King, House GOP Conservatives Seek to Slow Momentum on Immigration Bills

House GOP conservatives don’t believe Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney lost last year’s election because he failed to win over enough minority voters, as they look to tamp down growing GOP support for passing a comprehensive immigration overhaul.

Reed: Tech Industry Ready to Do Its Part for STEM Education

The technology industry needs highly skilled workers so desperately it is willing to pay for their education — at high school and even earlier.

Blown Immigration Deadlines by 'Gang of Eight' Testing Senate Nerves

The bipartisan Senate group working on immigration legislation blew yet another deadline Wednesday when Republican members did not deliver an anticipated briefing to their colleagues during a GOP Steering Committee lunch meeting. Members of the group insisted afterward that they are on track to deliver a bill this week or next.

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Immigration Bill: Senate Group 'Close'

Members of the bipartisan Senate group working on a sweeping immigration bill said they were rushing to introduce a bill as early as possible, with Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., suggesting that the measure could be wrapped up by the end of this week.

Flake Says Senate GOP to Be Briefed Wednesday on Bipartisan Immigration Talks

Republican members of the bipartisan group drafting Senate immigration legislation are expected to brief Senate Republicans Wednesday on the details.

Steinberg: Congress Must Correct Injustice for Immigrants With Mental Disabilities

One issue that I am hopeful Congress will incorporate in immigration overhaul legislation is one that ought to be uncontroversial: that people with serious mental disabilities should receive legal representation in their immigration proceedings so that they are not compelled, as they are now, to represent themselves.

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Immigration Bill 'On Track' for End of Week, Schumer Says

Sen. Charles E. Schumer said Sunday that a bipartisan group of eight senators is “on track” to introduce comprehensive immigration legislation by the end of this week, despite recent “kerfuffles” in its negotiations and competing items on the congressional agenda.

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'Gang of 8' Immigration Bill Set to Drop

The bipartisan “gang of eight” senators insists it will be ready to unveil its much anticipated immigration bill in the coming week, despite skepticism from advocacy groups and critics.

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GOP Members of Immigration 'Gang of 8' Pressured by Fellow Republicans

Four Senate Republicans, including Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, want the details of the immigration overhaul package being drafted behind closed doors by a bipartisan group of eight senators that hopes to unveil its bill next week.

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Has Obama Given Up on Republicans?

Fewer than 75 days into his second term, President Barack Obama already seems resigned to the reality that big chunks of his second-term agenda will die without Nancy Pelosi holding the speaker’s gavel.

ICE Union Skewers Bill From Immigration 'Gang'

The union for immigration agents slammed the immigration bill being drafted by the Senate’s “gang of eight” because it does not focus on enforcing immigration laws in the nation’s interior.

Evangelicals Ramp Up Immigration Ads

As part of a six-figure campaign to promote an overhaul of immigration laws, a coalition of evangelical Christian groups on Tuesday launched radio ads in Colorado, Florida, North Carolina and Texas.

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Leahy Seeks Meeting With Immigration 'Gang of 8'

Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick J. Leahy said Tuesday that he wants to meet with the bipartisan group of senators drafting an immigration overhaul as he looks to clear a path for passage of the legislation.

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For Immigration, Timing Could Be Tricky

How long does “full and careful consideration” of an immigration bill take?




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