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Immigration Archive

Don't Devalue Exchange Programs in Immigration Reform | Commentary

Comprehensive immigration reform is a large and complex task. As legislation makes its way through the necessary processes, all sorts of compromises will be made in order to end up with a final product that most can agree on. Along the way, however, it will be important to remain mindful of those things that add value to the nation.

Is Senate Immigration Bill Better Than the Status Quo? | Commentary

Senate passage of immigration reform legislation, S 744, begs the question: Is it better than current law? Probably, but the answer could change.

Napolitano Departure in Fall Likely to Add Wrinkle to Immigration Overhaul Efforts

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitanos decision to leave the Cabinet this fall means President Barack Obama will have to find a replacement just as deliberations over an immigration overhaul may reach their peak.

Strategic Immigration Reform Is Our Competitive Advantage | Commentary

Recently the Senate passed the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act of 2013. The bill ensures the United States will remain a magnet for talent and innovation, proposing new visas for high-skilled immigrants. These visas would allow the U.S. to retain the best and brightest a critical step in addressing our nations shortage of high-skilled workers. This bipartisan bill may not be perfect, but we cannot wait another 18 years for the chance to bring our immigration system up to speed. The global economy wont wait for us.

GOP Border Security, Health Mandate Concerns Rebuffed by White House

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney defended the presidents record on border security Wednesday and dismissed concerns raised by members of both parties over the legality of delaying the employer health care mandate of the Affordable Care Act for a year.

America Is a Country of Immigrants, Not Illegals | Commentary

I grew up in a time when people of color were given numerous labels and called horrific names. Then, as it is now, referring to a group of people in this negative way was far too common in our speech. As an elected official, I, along with my colleagues, feel enough is enough. So we have decided to be an example of civility and compassion. America is and has always been a country of immigrants, so it is unacceptable to just now start referring to the status of immigrants as an illegal. For some time now, we have begun to accept the rampant misuse of the term illegal when referring to people seeking to make America their home.

Obama to Meet With Hill Leaders Tuesday

President Barack Obama will meet with the top four Congressional leaders on Tuesday at the White House with student loans, immigration and the budget among the topics expected to be discussed.

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'Border Surge' Amendment Attracts More GOP Support for Senate Immigration Bill

The Senate immigration bill got a boost Thursday, when a bipartisan group of lawmakers agreed to a border surge amendment that would double the number of border agents and spend $3.2 billion on equipment to seal off the southern border.

'Hastert Rule' Worries Hispanic Caucus

Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus emerged from a meeting with Speaker John A. Boehner on Wednesday afternoon sticking to their hope that the House could pass a comprehensive immigration bill.

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Boehner and the Immigration Revolt

Speaker John A. Boehner looked to cut off a budding revolt Tuesday when he told his fellow Republicans that he couldnt see a way to bring a bill to the floor without majority GOP support a move that alarmed Democrats and appeared to shrink the chances of a bill reaching the presidents desk.

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Health Care and Immigration: Uncomfortable Bedfellows

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus was emphatic that illegal immigrants should be included when the landmark health care bill was being negotiated in 2009. But the White House and Democratic leaders said it was not the right time and health care would be taken care of when immigration was overhauled.

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Rubio, Republicans Preparing Tougher Border Security Plan for Immigration Bill

Republicans are preparing a border security amendment to the bipartisan Senate immigration bill and plan to release it as early as next week.

Regional Lines Divide Aging Demographic Patterns

The aging of the American population is a decidedly different story from region to region.

Welfare Shouldn't Ruin Immigration Reform | Commentary

There is a common argument that goes like this: Many immigrants are poor, and some poor people abuse welfare. Therefore, we should not let in more legal immigrants, some of whom may abuse and eventually bankrupt the welfare system.

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Paul Signals Openness to Discussing Changes With Immigration Bill Supporters

Sen. Rand Paul said he cannot support a bipartisan Senate immigration overhaul bill in its current form, but he is open to discussions with the bills supporters on what it would take to win him over.

Obama Urges Congress to Pass Immigration Bill by End of Summer

With the Senate voting Tuesday afternoon to begin consideration of its immigration overhaul measure, President Barack Obama pushed Congress to send him a bill to sign into law by the end of the summer and not miss an opportunity to deal with a problem that has festered for decades.

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Senators to Watch on Immigration

If there werent serious political skin in the immigration game, the Senate would not even be debating a framework to overhaul the system this week. But as it stands, senators are set to begin the formal deliberations Tuesday on a bipartisan framework.

No More Captive Workers | Commentary

As the Senate votes this week on amendments to the immigration bill drafted by the gang of eight, it needs to make sure that it doesnt bring one group of immigrant workers out of the shadows while trapping another in captive labor.

Message to Congress: Immigrants Pay More Than Their 'Fair Share' of Medicare | Commentary

Immigrants dont just pick our fruit, deliver our take-out food and design our computers they pay for our medical care.

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Immigration Battle Shifts to House as Senate Readies Bill

Immigration may be coming to the Senate floor next week, but the House has become the central focus in the struggle to pass a comprehensive bill.




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