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Immigration Archive

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Health Care and Immigration: Uncomfortable Bedfellows

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus was emphatic that illegal immigrants should be included when the landmark health care bill was being negotiated in 2009. But the White House and Democratic leaders said it was not the right time and health care would be taken care of when immigration was overhauled.

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Rubio, Republicans Preparing Tougher Border Security Plan for Immigration Bill

Republicans are preparing a border security amendment to the bipartisan Senate immigration bill and plan to release it as early as next week.

Regional Lines Divide Aging Demographic Patterns

The aging of the American population is a decidedly different story from region to region.

Welfare Shouldn't Ruin Immigration Reform | Commentary

There is a common argument that goes like this: Many immigrants are poor, and some poor people abuse welfare. Therefore, we should not let in more legal immigrants, some of whom may abuse and eventually bankrupt the welfare system.

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Paul Signals Openness to Discussing Changes With Immigration Bill Supporters

Sen. Rand Paul said he cannot support a bipartisan Senate immigration overhaul bill in its current form, but he is open to discussions with the billís supporters on what it would take to win him over.

Obama Urges Congress to Pass Immigration Bill by End of Summer

With the Senate voting Tuesday afternoon to begin consideration of its immigration overhaul measure, President Barack Obama pushed Congress to send him a bill to sign into law by the end of the summer and not miss an opportunity to deal with a problem that has festered for decades.

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Senators to Watch on Immigration

If there werenít serious political skin in the immigration game, the Senate would not even be debating a framework to overhaul the system this week. But as it stands, senators are set to begin the formal deliberations Tuesday on a bipartisan framework.

No More Captive Workers | Commentary

As the Senate votes this week on amendments to the immigration bill drafted by the ďgang of eight,Ē it needs to make sure that it doesnít bring one group of immigrant workers out of the shadows while trapping another in captive labor.

Message to Congress: Immigrants Pay More Than Their 'Fair Share' of Medicare | Commentary

Immigrants donít just pick our fruit, deliver our take-out food and design our computers ó they pay for our medical care.

House Immigration Group Claims Deal, but Labrador Drops Out to Pursue Separate Bill

A bipartisan group of House lawmakers has come to an agreement on immigration overhaul legislation, but one key Republican member will not sign off on it and will write his own proposal instead.

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Immigration Battle Shifts to House as Senate Readies Bill

Immigration may be coming to the Senate floor next week, but the House has become the central focus in the struggle to pass a comprehensive bill.

How to Address the Identification Issue of Immigration Reform | Commentary

As the Senate amends S 744, the immigration reform bill, we suggest paying particular attention to the language around identification. The billís lack of clarity around identity and document verification has already created at least one red herring, recent claims that E-Verifyís photo tool is a precursor to a national biometric database. E-Verify is not a database but rather a method of querying numerous databases managed by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the State Department, and federal and state government agencies. And the photo tool has nothing to do with biometrics. Yet, without a reliable method to authenticate citizenship credentials or immigration benefits, Congress and taxpayers cannot reasonably expect the U.S. government to be able to enforce its own immigration laws.

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GOP Bolsters Hispanic Outreach Efforts

Itís no secret that Republicans needed to revamp their outreach to Hispanics after Mitt Romneyís dismal electoral showing last year, and GOP leaders hope a new marketing effort will help their members connect with the burgeoning bloc of voters.

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House Immigration Bill Back on Track, Say Bipartisan Negotiators

Bipartisan House negotiators emerged from a critical meeting Thursday signaling that they again have come to a tentative agreement on a comprehensive overhaul of the nationís immigration system.

Senate Immigration Bill Could Benefit Hiring of Immigrants Over U.S. Citizens

The current draft of the Senateís immigration overhaul appears to give some employers a $3,000-a-year incentive to hire a newly legalized immigrant rather than an American citizen in order to avoid the new employer mandates in the health care law.

Justice System Should Determine Which Immigrants Are Public Safety Risk | Commentary

We are on the cusp of finally realizing federal immigration reform in the United States. As our nationís lawmakers debate this much anticipated bill, it is essential that we are diligent in ensuring that all aspiring citizens have a fair shot at the pathway to citizenship. There are those who believe that anyone with a criminal conviction, no matter how minor or old, should be shut out of this process and deported. I strongly disagree.

The Importance of Family Immigration | Commentary

For too long our immigration system has had an exclusionary effect, leaving families separated and causing unimaginable heartache. Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders know this too well. The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, for the first time in our nationís history, excluded a group of people based purely on ethnicity.

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Rubio Questions State Department's Enforcement of Human Trafficking Laws

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., is raising questions about whether the State Department is failing to enforce human trafficking provisions when it comes to foreign dignitaries on U.S. soil, in the wake of recent allegations of human slavery against a Saudi diplomat in Washington.

Small Businesses Need Consideration in Immigration Reform | Commentary

When we hear the words ďimmigration reform,Ē we probably assume that any rules coming out of the legislation will apply only to immigrants. Wrong.

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Hatch Wants to Be Wooed on Immigration

Sen. Orrin G. Hatch wants to vote for comprehensive immigration legislation, but he has a few conditions first.




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