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Immigration Archive

Immigrants in America: Open For Business | Commentary

If Congress would look at immigration reform as an opportunity, 2014 would be the year to make significant changes happen for the future of this nation.

Congress Must Step Up on Immigration Reform | Commentary

On again. Off again. So goes the debate with immigration reform. With mid-term elections just nine months away, our leaders appear poised to backpedal to a time honored tradition of kicking the can down the road. Inaction is always the easy way out, especially when there are major political dynamics and important voting blocs in play. Unfortunately, for businesses trying to keep their doors open we cant also just put the economy on hold until after the election when tough votes on important policy is more convenient. We are eager to do our part to grow, prosper and create jobsbut the continued inaction on immigration reform impedes us from making those dreams a reality.

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Cruz Does Boehner No Favors

After championing the Affordable Care Act defunding strategy that led to the government shutdown in October, Sen. Ted Cruz continues to do Speaker John A. Boehner no favors and some of Boehners allies think the tea party Texan should mind his own business.

Immigrant Families Should Not Pay the Price| Commentary

For a while now, kids particularly those in immigrant families have been unfairly under attack in the Senate, and the only plausible explanation is unconscionable: to score political points.

Should Illegal Immigrants Be Legalized? | Commentary

The president and some members of Congress are promoting immigration legislation that legalizes most of the 11 million illegal immigrants now in the country. But whats the rush?

Good News for Immigration: It Is an Election Year | Commentary

Opponents of immigration reform say it has no chance of passing in an election year. History suggests they are wrong.

3 Steps for Successful Immigration Reform | Commentary

Immigration reform is alive and well in 2014. Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, recently said he would pursue it but, one step at a time. So if a step-by-step process is how immigration reform is going to get done, there are three critical components that must be included for it to be a success.

Here's How Not to Jump-Start Immigration Reform in House | Commentary

If you believe what you read in the papers and hear on TV, the House is getting ready to engage on immigration reform. Or, maybe not, depending on how House Republicans respond to legislative principles outlined by Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio. It seems like the prospects for reform waver every day.

White House Looks Past Congress for Its Agenda

President Barack Obama is heading into the next year looking in many ways past a gridlocked Congress eyeing regulations and other ways of acting on his stalled agenda.

Congress Can Act on Immigration Before Year's End | Commentary

The clock is slowly ticking down. As the year is coming to a close, so is the prospect of passing meaningful immigration reform.

Our Renewal of Confidence in Immigration Reform | Commentary

Immigration reform advocates may feel disheartened after Speaker John A. Boehners declaration that House immigration bills will not be combined with the Senates proposal to fix our immigration system. In times like these as we reinforce our efforts at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue to carry our just immigration policies it is important to reach back for the lessons of history, stay grounded and keep our eyes on the prize.

Here's Bipartisanship at Work on Immigration | Commentary

Bipartisanship. It is so rare in todays toxic political environment that some may not remember what it is or how its supposed to work. But I, for one, havent lost hope that it can exist; indeed, it must re-emerge as the force that pushes Congress to pass common-sense immigration reform this year.

Communities Change When Local Police Enforce Immigration Laws | Commentary

Should local police be involved in enforcing the nations immigration laws?

Immigration Law's Double Standard Subjects Children to Lasting Harm | Commentary

Recent news suggests the House may fail to act this year on comprehensive immigration reform. As advocates for children, we urge House members on both sides of the aisle not to miss this opportunity to change a system that harms children every day.

Time Has Come for a Renewed Push on Immigration Reform | Commentary

Last week thousands of people marched on the National Mall in support of comprehensive immigration reform. They were loud, they were clear and they demanded what each and every person deserves dignity and respect.

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Obama Wants Immigration, Farm, Budget Deals

President Barack Obama scolded congressional Republicans on Thursday morning for shutting down the government and flirting with default, while hoping that the end to the episode would lead to budget, immigration and farm bills by the end of the year.

EB-5 Investor Visa Program Needs Better Oversight, Regulation | Commentary

The job of overhauling the nations immigration system is not getting any easier, but as Congress gets more detailed in its analysis of what elements should be kept, what should be discarded and what should be amended, good ideas for improving the system as a whole are coming to the fore.

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Becerra Pushes Immigration Overhaul as Deficit Reducer Again

Rep. Xavier Becerra has a plan for dealing with two thorny political problems at once this fall: bring down the national deficit by passing an immigration overhaul.

Evangelicals Announce Ad Buy Urging Republicans to Back Immigration Overhaul

A coalition of evangelical groups plans to spend $400,000 advertising on Christian radio stations to call on Congress to pass a broad immigration overhaul that would grant citizenship to many of the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the country.

Study Predicts Immigration Overhaul Would Boost District's Economics | D.C. Notebook

If legislation largely modeled on the Senates immigration proposal were signed into law this year, Washington, D.C., would see an influx of particularly high-skilled workers and growth in economic indicators such as total job creation, according to a recent study released by Regional Economic Models Inc., an economic forecasting firm.




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