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Immigration Archive

Democrats Will Protect Families Until Immigration Reform Happens | Commentary

In Illinois, business leaders from the Illinois Business Immigration Coalition and Archbishop Blase Cupich of Chicago pulled together moderate Republicans to pledge to work toward immigration reform in Washington that supports families and the economy. Gov. Bruce Rauner, Sen. Mark S. Kirk, and Reps. Robert J. Dold, Adam Kinzinger and Aaron Schock, all Illinois Republicans, are welcome additions to the team fighting for immigration reform, border security and legal immigration. But it will take more than a news conference and nice words about the issue to break us out of gridlock.

Democrats Rebuff DHS Bill Over Immigration Provisions

Democrats banded together Tuesday to block the Senate from considering a Homeland Security spending bill, leaving GOP leaders scrambling to find another path forward to challenge the president over immigration.

Boehner Plans to Authorize House Suit Against Obama Over Immigration

House Republican leaders are finalizing a plan that would authorize the chamber to take legal actions against President Barack Obama over his executive actions on immigration.

Our Fight's With the President, Not DREAMers | Commentary

In November, President Barack Obama unveiled one of the most sweeping Executive Orders in American history. Ignoring for a moment the merits of the immigration policy itself, such actions cannot be condoned by the American body politic. Unilateral action defies the separation of powers on which our country was founded, and on which our federalist democracy is sustained. Imagine a future president refusing to enforce drug laws, environmental laws, criminal penalties for sexual assault or tax collection for important constituencies.

The Case for Protected Status for Central American Migrants | Commentary

In recent years, the United States has experienced a steady rise in unauthorized migration from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, the “northern triangle” countries of Central America. A crippling set of adverse conditions — including staggeringly high crime rates, weak government institutions and scarce employment opportunities — is fueling this trend. Transnational gangs are now a formidable political force in the region, generating protracted violence that has caused thousands to flee.

Why Minorities Oppose Utility Regulations on the Internet | Commentary

Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, and even the executive branch, continue to grapple with net neutrality and whether or not the government should reclassify the Internet as a public utility.

Gracias, Mr. President. Congress, Now It's Your Turn | Commentary

As I sat in the Del Sol High School gym, I saw people all around me in tears of joy following President Barack Obama’s announcement of doubling down on immigration executive action. A day later, I witnessed the exhilaration of a 6-year-old Guatemalan refugee who had just been released from immigration detention as he spoke with his father about their reunification.

Obama's Executive Order Does Harm to American Workers | Commentary

The most frustrating part of the debate over President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty program is that the conversation is almost entirely centered on what is good for illegal immigrants, rather than what is beneficial to legal American workers. There are substantive constitutional separation of powers concerns and national security implications in the president’s decree, but it seems that no one wants to talk about the nearly 20 million Americans who woke up this morning either unemployed or underemployed. At long last, isn’t it time someone stood up for American workers?

What Obama's Amnesty Means for the American Worker | Commentary

Work permits for millions of illegal aliens is just the beginning of President Barack Obama’s unlawful attack on American workers at every skill level.

Immigration Is About People. That's an Opportunity for Republicans | Commentary

Emotions are running high following President Barack Obama’s announcement Thursday of executive action on immigration.

Price Pushes Plan to Separate Immigration Funding From Omnibus

House GOP leaders are likely to float a proposal in their conference next week to fund most government agencies through September 2015, while providing a shorter-term stopgap component for immigration-related programs and initiatives.

Obama's Immigration Actions Test Presidential Power

President Barack Obama’s sweeping immigration executive actions will once again test the limits of his legal authority to take action without Congress.

GOP Lawsuit on Immigration Order Viewed With Skepticism

Republican lawmakers would have to vault high legal hurdles to succeed in getting federal courts to stop President Barack Obama’s sweeping immigration action, constitutional law experts say.

Republicans: Exec Action Timing Sends Divisive Signal

Miffed that President Barack Obama plans to announce his immigration actions while they are strapped in at 30,000 feet en route to their home districts, congressional Republicans say the timing shows that the president has no regard for their input.

House GOP Eyes Rescission Bill in Standoff Over Immigration

House Republicans are casting around for some kind of spending compromise that would avoid a government shutdown, while still addressing the White House’s expected executive actions on immigration.

Emergency Spending Requests Weighed in Omnibus Talks

White House emergency spending requests are taking a back seat to a debate about whether to use a wrap-up fiscal 2015 spending package to block executive actions on immigration.

Congress Needs to Act Now to Save Lives | Commentary

As war again rages in the Middle East and the public’s attention pivots to the U.S.-led battle against the Islamic State terrorist group, it is critical this nation remembers to keep faith with those who risked their lives alongside us in the war on terror: our Afghan and Iraqi allies.

Conventional Wisdom Wrongly Underestimates the Latino Vote -- Again | Commentary

We are still here. No matter how hard our opponents try to push us down, no matter how much the media tries to send us back into political slumber as election time comes around, the Latino community is alive and well and continuing to fight for our issues, such as immigration reform.

Congress' To-Do List: Border Funding, Stopgap

Democrats and the Obama administration will continue to push for more border funding when Congress returns from recess, but a short legislative calendar and a growing rift between the parties on immigration may leave the upcoming continuing resolution as perhaps their only shot for securing additional dollars before the elections.

GOP Threatens Immigration Order Payback Via CR

House Republican leaders are aiming to move a “clean” stopgap spending bill next week with as little drama as possible.




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