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Health Care Archive

White House Looks Past Congress for Its Agenda

President Barack Obama is heading into the next year looking in many ways past a gridlocked Congress ó eyeing regulations and other ways of acting on his stalled agenda.

What Beyonce and Jay-Z Can Teach Us About the Farm Bill | Commentary

The superstar duo of Beyonce and Jay-Z is on to something, and Washington should be paying attention: Their new plant-based diet can teach us about revamping our health and, believe it or not, repairing the broken farm bill.

Panel Puts Focus on Obesity Causes, Consequences

America is a nation struggling with the issue of weight and the consequences of obesity.

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Searching for Solutions to America's Weight Problem

The United States recently hit the pause button on rising obesity levels among adults after nearly a generation of ever-expanding waistlines, research indicates.

Prevention Is Still the Best Medicine | Commentary

The ongoing political play over the Affordable Care Act has grabbed headlines and stirred heated debate across America. But believe it or not, there is one principle of the ACA that is actually supported on a bipartisan basis; is proven to lower health care costs; can pay immediate societal dividends; helps insurance companies, hospitals and doctors; and puts oneís health care directly in the hands of the consumer.

Congress Must Address the Long-Term Care Workforce | Commentary

On December 18, Congress takes up one of the most difficult challenges facing our nation: how to provide quality long-term services and supports to older adults and people living with disabilities. The Senate Special Committee on Aging is holding a hearing on the recommendations made by the federal Commission on Long-Term Care, a panel of experts appointed earlier this year to examine the barriers to providing affordable, quality care to millions of Americans who need daily assistance with activities such as bathing, dressing, toileting and preparing meals.

Affordable Care Act Now GPO's Most Popular Digital Document

The rocky rollout of the Affordable Care Act has piqued interest in the text of the bill, according to statistics released by the Government Printing Office.

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Congress Wrestles With Laws on GMO Labeling

Just a few weeks before Election Day in Washington state this year, polls showed voters were solidly behind a measure calling for labels on genetically modified food. Proponents, from state farming coalitions to D.C.-based advocacy groups, felt optimistic.

True Health Insurance Reform Would Make Subsidies Transparent | Commentary

Policymakers across the political spectrum agree that the new health insurance plans mandated under the Affordable Care Act need a lot of young, healthy people to sign up to cover the costs of older, less healthy people.

Real Solutions to Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse, Diversion at the Pharmacy Counter| Commentary

While the debate around health care brings out political rancor in Washington, there is a rare issue that unites rather than divides both political parties: combating the problem of prescription drug abuse and fraud.

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Can Congress Solve Medicare's 'Doc Fix' Problems?

With all the enthusiasm and energy to get rid of the flawed system that Medicare uses to pay physicians, why isnít it gone yet?

HealthCare.gov and the Threat to Cybersecurity | Commentary

Even in an era when denial-of-service attacks and cyber-theft are all too common, the security of one particular website ó HealthCare.gov ó has garnered significant public and congressional scrutiny.

Payment Cuts Might Not Lead Doctors to Avoid Medicare Patients

Provider groups have often raised the specter of physicians shutting their door to Medicare patients as a possible consequence of the perpetually looming Medicare physician payment cuts. But administration officials and the independent Medicare Payment Advisory Committee say the problem is not as dire as some suggest.

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Capitol Hill Feels Pains of Obamacare Sign-Up Troubles

Members of Congress who have gone along with the idea that they should get insurance through Obamacareís system of exchanges are getting a stronger dose of medicine than they bargained for.

DC Health Link Glitch Causes Headaches at House Health Fair

On Thursday, with about five days left until the end of open enrollment, House staffers trickled out of the health benefits fair with packets of new insurance information and knowledge of a new roadblock.

As Open Enrollment Deadline Approaches, Insurers Scramble to Give Staffers Support

Open enrollment for members of Congress and their designated staff ends at 11:59 p.m. on Dec. 9, and both chambers appear to be scrambling to help users confront DC Health Link glitches.

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9 Questions About HealthCare.gov Answered

HealthCare.gov is working much better than it was at the start of October. But the woebegone federal website that must haul a system of affordable health coverage into place if the health care law is going to succeed has a long way to go and a short time to get there.

Translating the Health Tech Lingo

The technical problems with HealthCare.gov revealed a universe of jargon most people had not heard before. Below is a guide to terms used by health technology and policy experts.

Triage for HealthCare.gov: Administration Punts on Small Business Exchange

Sometimes to save the patient, you have to chop off a limb. The Obama administration is doing just that with the underperfoming HealthCare.gov website, announcing Wednesday that it will give up on opening the exchange for small businesses for another year and will rely on direct enrollment through insurance companies and brokers instead.

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Will the Supreme Court Take On Contraception Coverage Challenge?

While Congress continues to focus on the rocky rollout of the health care overhaul, the Supreme Court is expected to mull over challenges to another piece of the law two days before the justices sit down to their Thanksgiving dinners.




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