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Budget Fights Begin With Obama's $4.23 Trillion Proposal

President Barack Obama proposed a $4.23 trillion fiscal 2017 budget Tuesday, which the White House argued contains some proposals that could win bipartisan support, even though Republicans were scathing in their criticism of what's likely to be the administration's last complete fiscal plan.

Flint Aid Triggers Partisan Battle Over Senate Energy Bill

A bipartisan energy bill turned into a partisan battleground on Wednesday as party leaders in the Senate accused each other of sabotaging the measure for political purposes.

CQ Roll Call Survey of Hill Staff Finds Cruz, Trump on the Rise

Republican staffers on Capitol Hill still are hoping Florida Sen. Marco Rubio will win the GOP presidential nomination, but more of them are having doubts that he'll be able to do it.

Graham's Draft AUMF Snags Spot on Senate Calendar

Sen. Lindsey Graham's draft resolution for a war without limits against the Islamic State nabbed a spot on the Senate calendar Wednesday night by†bypassing traditional procedure.

Giuliani Calls Trump a Friend As He Weighs Endorsement

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani just made a major decision to switch law firms, but the one-time GOP presidential contender says heís still weighing an even tougher choice: whom to back in the 2016 race.

High Court to Review Bribery Conviction of Former Va. Governor

The Supreme Court agreed Friday to review the conviction of former Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell on federal corruption charges that he accepted gifts and loans in exchange for official actions.

Chamber's Donohue: 'Loud Voices' in 2016 'Politically Stupid'

U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Donohue took swipes Thursday at the Obama administration's regulatory agenda and the GOP's leading White House contenders, as he outlined the 2016 mission for Washington's biggest lobbying organization.†

State of the Union: Five Things That Might Happen, Five That Won't

Not much is expected in the final year of a presidential administration, especially one marked by partisan gridlock.

Funding Bills Drive Lobbyists' Election-Year Agenda

K Street wonít cede the yearís policy battles to election-year politics just yet.

White House Sets Feb. 9 Budget Rollout Date

The White House will release its fiscal 2017 budget request on Feb. 9, narrowly missing the statutory deadline for sending the proposal to Congress.

Top Two Legal Challenges to Gun Control

The Obama administration said new executive actions on gun control will withstand any legal challenge, a claim that might be put to the test by gun sellers, Second Amendment advocates or Republican lawmakers.

House Intel Panel Looking into Report NSA Spying Netted Lawmakers

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is looking into allegations that the National Security Agency vacuumed up communications between Israeli officials and members of Congress, the panelís chairman said Wednesday.

Omnibus Directs Cash to Conventions, Inauguration Security

The presidential nominating conventions are months away, but Congress earmarked funding in the omnibus appropriations bill to beef up security in host cities Cleveland and Philadelphia and for the 2017 inauguration of the next White House occupant.

Omnibus Spending Bill Lands at Last, With Oil Export Ban Lifted

The House and Senate Appropriations committees early Wednesday filed a $1.15 trillion fiscal 2016 omnibus spending bill that would end a 40-year ban on exporting crude oil and breathe new life into an expired land conservation account.

Omnibus Bill Could Shape E-Cigarette Regulation

Electronic cigarette manufacturers are pushing hard for a policy rider in the year-end catchall spending bill that would shield them from a costly, time-consuming Food and Drug Administration approval process.

Mikulski: 'Poison Pill' Riders, Taxes Drag Down Omnibus Talks

The top Senate Democratic appropriator said Tuesday more than three dozen policy riders and a package of tax extenders continue to trip up omnibus negotiations that could stretch into the weekend.

Fate of FCC's Net Neutrality in Federal Court

A federal court will hear arguments Friday in a lawsuit that challenges the Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules. It is a high-stakes case that is likely to touch on free speech and is expected to affect how the Internet works in the future.

White House Asks High Court to Hear Immigration Case This Term

Government attorneys late Tuesday urged the Supreme Court to decide the case over President Barack Obamaís immigration executive actions by the end of this term in June.

US to Argue in Affirmative Action Case at Supreme Court

The United States will argue before the Supreme Court this term in support of a Texas universityís affirmative action admissions process and Arizonaís redistricting plan.

Appeals Court Immigration Decision Could Head to Supreme Court

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit ruled against the Obama administration late Monday in the main challenge to sweeping immigration executive actions announced a year ago.




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