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Executive Branch Archive

Park Testimony Was Critical to Tamp Down Interbranch Acrimony | Commentary

The Barack Obama White House made the correct decision when it agreed to allow the administration’s top technology officer, Todd Park, to testify before Congress about troubles with the Obamacare rollout.

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Obama Tries to 'Win Back Some Credibility' With Obamacare Fix (Updated)

A deeply frustrated President Barack Obama moved to quell a growing revolt in his party Thursday morning, announcing an administrative fix that would let health insurance companies extend existing policies for a year.

Democrats Fume at White House Over Affordable Care Act's Troubles

A broken promise, plunging poll ratings and the disastrous start for HealthCare.gov have rattled President Barack Obama’s party, and the impatient rank and file want solutions, not just an apology, from the commander in chief.

Senate Starts Bringing Staffers Up to Speed on Health Exchanges

The Senate offered staffers their first opportunity to interact with DC Health Link representatives Tuesday morning, one day into the four-week open enrollment period.

Blame for Health Care Law Failure Lies With Cohen | Commentary

Gary Cohen has got to go. Mr. Cohen, more than anyone else, is responsible for the failed launch of the president’s health care law. Unfortunately, he is protected by his obscurity and hidden by his anonymity.

Puerto Rico's Political Status Needs to Change With the Times | Commentary

A year ago, U.S. citizens in the 50 states and the District of Columbia cast their ballots in the presidential election. The same day, their fellow citizens in the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico — who can’t vote for president, senators or voting members of the House — participated in a referendum on the island’s status.

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Reid Dangles Two-Week Thanksgiving Recess if Senate Expedites Legislation

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Tuesday that he hopes to take a recess the week of Thanksgiving and the week after, but he warned that senators would need to cooperate to expedite work on the floor if that is to happen.

Pilot ID Mandate May Complicate Licensing

A small provision in last year’s Federal Aviation Administration authorization threatens to complicate government issuance of airman’s certificates to commercial airline pilots.

Group Purchases for Prescription Drugs Get Bad Rap | Commentary

Critical prescription drug shortages continue to plague American hospitals and health care providers and jeopardize patient access to many essential medicines. Although Congress, the Food and Drug Administration and the private sector have made progress toward a solution, shortages persist.

Drug Safety Bill Puts Urgent Treatment in Jeopardy

We all remember the scenes in the film “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” where Gene Wilder nonchalantly warns, “Stop. Don’t,” as various characters try unknown products and experience unanticipated effects. Of course, each instance ends with predictably unfortunate results.

Time to Clean Up Security Process That 'Cleared' Alexis, Snowden | Commentary

Come to Washington, and you learn some new terms. The Hill refers to Congress. Langley is the CIA. And if someone asks if you have a clearance, they want to know if you’ve passed a background check — not whether the team doctor says you’re ready to get back on the field.

Credit Card Swipe Fees Are a Rip-Off by Banks, Abetted by U.S. Law | Commentary

U.S. merchants who have been fighting in Congress for transparency and competition in the credit card industry are eyeing a European Union proposal that reins in the excessive swipe fees merchants bear every time a customer chooses to pay with plastic.

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Just How Responsive Is the Obama Administration to Oversight Questions?

The deeply troubled Obamacare rollout has renewed the debate over just how responsive — or unresponsive — the administration has been to congressional oversight, with Republicans complaining of a litany of stonewalling prior to the Oct. 1 opening of the health care exchanges.

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White House Tours Are Back

The White House has informed members of Congress that it will resume offering limited tours to their constituents after canceling them earlier this year and blaming the sequester.

218: Paul Ryan's 'No' Vote Concerns Pelosi, Hoyer

Ryan, left, walks to Wednesday’s House Republican Conference meeting in the Capitol. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

America Didn't Invent the Shutdown, Didn't Learn From It Either | Commentary

Mark Twain famously quipped, “History doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme.” He might have been talking about the government shutdown in Washington this month.

Minerals Bill Would Boost American Competitiveness | Commentary

The mood in Washington is especially trying as legislators confront a slew of difficult decisions, both foreign and domestic. However, there is an opportunity for Congress to stimulate job growth, spur economic activity, revive domestic manufacturing and assuage some of our security concerns.

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Once the Deciders on Spending, Appropriators Now Follow the Leaders

There’s little doubt that if the two lawmakers who share control of the budgets of most federal programs had their way, fiscal 2014 would have started Oct. 1 with the federal government operating on a normal basis.

Obama Warns Social Security Checks Will Be Delayed Absent Debt Limit Hike

Seniors who rely on their Social Security checks might want to start pinching their pennies.

Treasury Warns of Disaster if Congress Allows Default

The Treasury Department warned of catastrophe that could plunge the nation into the worst recession since the Great Depression if Congress fails to raise the debt ceiling.




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