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Executive Branch Archive

If Congressional Oversight Is to Be Taken Seriously, It Shouldn't Be Packaged as a Comic Book | Commentary

In December, Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma issued his annual “Wastebook” that purports to highlight unnecessary and wasteful government spending both by Congress and by federal agencies.

Do What's 'Necessary' to Protect Workers | Commentary

In coming months the Occupational Safety and Health Administration will hold public hearings on one of its most far-reaching new regulations in recent years. OSHA’s proposed silica rule would affect more than 2 million workers in construction, oil and gas exploration, manufacturing, and any work that involves silica-containing materials such as soil, dirt, sand, rock, brick, pavement or concrete.

I Agree With Secretary Gates: Clinton Would Make a Good President | Commentary

In a recent interview on CBS’ “Sunday Morning,” former Defense Secretary Robert Gates was asked whether Hillary Rodham Clinton would make a good president. He responded, “Actually, I think she would.”

Senators Propose Rebranding GPO as Government Publishing Office

Since 1861, the Government Printing Office has been churning out federal documents. Now, with more and more of those products being published online, the congressional agency feels ready for a rebrand.

Eisenhower Memorial Losing Support from Congress

Congress is using the power of the purse strings to put more pressure on the planners behind the Eisenhower Memorial, a project that is now nearly 15 years in the making.

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Senate Democrats Aim to Shift Politics of Climate Change

Senate Democrats launched a new effort Tuesday to reclaim the political initiative in the climate change debate and create a sense of urgency about mitigating the causes of the planet’s warming atmosphere.

Native Alaskans Grapple With Global Warming

A group of Native Alaskans traveled to Washington, D.C., this week to plead for congressional action on climate change as they grapple with its dramatic impacts.

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AOC a Winner Among Legislative Branch Agencies in Omnibus

Preparations for the two-year Capitol Dome restoration brought renewed attention to deteriorating conditions of one of the world’s most iconic structures in late 2013, perhaps inspiring a funding package that would allow those projects to continue.

Senior Staffers Hampered by Health Care

The recent changes to health care benefits are taking their toll on senior-level staff morale on Capitol Hill, according to a new survey.

White House Looks Past Congress for Its Agenda

President Barack Obama is heading into the next year looking in many ways past a gridlocked Congress — eyeing regulations and other ways of acting on his stalled agenda.

Restoring Scientific Integrity to Government Decision-Making | Commentary

The aim of scientific research is to increase our understanding beyond what is already known. When scientific research is used to shape government policy, it assumes a special obligation — it becomes the glue of a contract between the public, the research community and government.

Senate Confirmation Process Goes 'Nuclear,' but Some Burdens Remain | Commentary

Individuals nominated for executive or judicial branch positions will now have a very different road to confirmation than those in the past. While the road to confirmation has gotten much smoother for some, effective navigation is still needed to avoid the many obstacles that could force a nomination or appointment off course. Nothing the Senate achieved this past month reduces the burden placed on those going through the vetting process.

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Subdued Obama Hopes for Better 2014

After the toughest year of his presidency, Barack Obama on Friday called on Congress to make 2014 “a year of action” and promised to keep pushing for an immigration overhaul, an extension of unemployment benefits and other items.

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Architect of the Capitol Previews Dome Restoration

While climbing the 349 stairs winding between the Crypt and the top of the Capitol Dome, the water leaks that Architect of the Capitol Stephen Ayers aims to halt are evident.

Affordable Care Act Now GPO's Most Popular Digital Document

The rocky rollout of the Affordable Care Act has piqued interest in the text of the bill, according to statistics released by the Government Printing Office.

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Obama's Plans for Adapting to Climate Change Rely On Local Action

The EPA may not have many friends in Congress, but the Obama administration is focused on making them where it counts when it comes to advancing the president’s climate agenda: at the local level.

Red-State Town Follows 'Green' Strategy to Rebuild

Bob Dixson is exactly the sort of local official the White House wants to hear from on climate preparedness.

House Administration Committee Explores Rebranding, Reworking GPO

Rebranding the Government Printing Office as the Government Publishing Office is one strategy that could help the 152-year-old federal agency cope with a changing information landscape.

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Food Service Losses Could Derail Support for Amtrak Subsidies

Florida Republican John L. Mica bristles at the idea of Amtrak partnering with master chefs to upgrade meals on its long-haul trains at a time when the passenger railroad continues to lose tens of millions of dollars a year on its food services.

Federal Efforts to Go Paperless Ignore Seniors' Needs and Digital Divide | Commentary

It’s difficult for many of us to imagine a world without the benefits of technology. As mobile providers revolutionize our daily lives with each new gadget and companies tout the simplicity of e-commerce and social networking, it’s all too easy to forget that this technology is simply not accessible for millions of Americans, especially seniors.




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