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Drug Safety Bill Puts Urgent Treatment in Jeopardy

We all remember the scenes in the film “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory” where Gene Wilder nonchalantly warns, “Stop. Don’t,” as various characters try unknown products and experience unanticipated effects. Of course, each instance ends with predictably unfortunate results.

Credit Card Swipe Fees Are a Rip-Off by Banks, Abetted by U.S. Law | Commentary

U.S. merchants who have been fighting in Congress for transparency and competition in the credit card industry are eyeing a European Union proposal that reins in the excessive swipe fees merchants bear every time a customer chooses to pay with plastic.

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Just How Responsive Is the Obama Administration to Oversight Questions?

The deeply troubled Obamacare rollout has renewed the debate over just how responsive — or unresponsive — the administration has been to congressional oversight, with Republicans complaining of a litany of stonewalling prior to the Oct. 1 opening of the health care exchanges.

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White House Tours Are Back

The White House has informed members of Congress that it will resume offering limited tours to their constituents after canceling them earlier this year and blaming the sequester.

218: Paul Ryan's 'No' Vote Concerns Pelosi, Hoyer

Ryan, left, walks to Wednesday’s House Republican Conference meeting in the Capitol. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

America Didn't Invent the Shutdown, Didn't Learn From It Either | Commentary

Mark Twain famously quipped, “History doesn’t repeat, but it does rhyme.” He might have been talking about the government shutdown in Washington this month.

Minerals Bill Would Boost American Competitiveness | Commentary

The mood in Washington is especially trying as legislators confront a slew of difficult decisions, both foreign and domestic. However, there is an opportunity for Congress to stimulate job growth, spur economic activity, revive domestic manufacturing and assuage some of our security concerns.

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Once the Deciders on Spending, Appropriators Now Follow the Leaders

There’s little doubt that if the two lawmakers who share control of the budgets of most federal programs had their way, fiscal 2014 would have started Oct. 1 with the federal government operating on a normal basis.

Obama Warns Social Security Checks Will Be Delayed Absent Debt Limit Hike

Seniors who rely on their Social Security checks might want to start pinching their pennies.

Treasury Warns of Disaster if Congress Allows Default

The Treasury Department warned of catastrophe that could plunge the nation into the worst recession since the Great Depression if Congress fails to raise the debt ceiling.

Obama: 'This Time Is Different'

President Barack Obama warned Wall Street on Wednesday that they should be worried about a government default.

Obamacare's Acute Affliction on Restaurant Industry | Commentary

Without changes, the Affordable Care Act will hurt economic growth and make flexible work schedules for employees more limiting to offer.

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Obama Invites Leaders to White House to Talk Shutdown, Debt

President Barack Obama has invited congressional leaders to the White House to discuss the government shutdown and the debt ceiling, according to spokeswoman Amy Brundage.

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Shutdown Obscures Congressional Inaction

The government shutdown that began Tuesday morning has overshadowed Congress’ dysfunction and inaction on several other major issues, including farm programs that expired Monday along with funding for the federal government.

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Obama Tells GOP to Reopen Government and 'Move On'

President Barack Obama blasted the GOP for a “Republican shutdown” and said it should “move on” from its insistence on dismantling Obamacare.

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Shuster Uses Social Media in Innovative Pitch for Water Bill

House Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman Bill Shuster waited months after the Senate passed a water projects bill to present a House version, but infrastructure policy groups said it was worth the wait.

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EPA Seeks Definition of 'Bodies of Water' for Clean Water Act

The EPA took a giant step toward finally defining which bodies of water are subject to regulation under the Clean Water Act last week, when it filed a draft rule with the White House regulatory czar designed to settle the confusion created in recent years by a series of court decisions.

Lawmakers Who Opposed EPA 'Guidance' Remain Wary of Proposed Rule

The EPA’s and Army Corps of Engineers’ shift toward writing a formal regulation clarifying their Clean Water Act jurisdiction is likely to draw further criticism from members of Congress who fear a heavy-handed regulatory hand on environmental issues — particularly if it looks anything like the enforcement guidance that was previously issued.

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Lack of Consensus Among District Advocates as D.C. Government Shutdown Looms

Local activists worry that the inclusion of language to defund Obamacare in the continuing resolution endorsed Friday by the House makes it increasingly likely that D.C. will be caught in a government shutdown after Sept. 30, but there’s no clear consensus on how to alleviate the threat.

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Obama Vows to Veto House CR

President Barack Obama would veto the House spending bill that would defund Obamacare, the White House said Thursday in a Statement of Administration Policy.




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