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Lawmakers Must Not Delay Flood Insurance Reforms | Commentary

Congress took crucial steps last year to reform government-backed flood insurance by passing a law that allowed for market-based rate increases in high-risk areas. But with opponents now trying to stall these reforms, lawmakers must reaffirm their support for these badly needed rate fixes and allow them to take effect without delay.

Lautenberg-Vitter Is a Breakthrough for Flawed Toxics Law | Commentary

One thing I learned during my years of public service is that no piece of legislation is perfect. However, in the current debate over modernizing and strengthening our decades-old chemical regulation law, the status quo is not an option. Not when we finally have the opportunity to pass a bipartisan bill that will ensure the safety of chemicals that Americans are exposed to in their everyday lives.

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Diplomats Try to Defuse Dispute Over EU's Aviation Emission Rules

The airline industry’s attention will turn to Montreal later this month, where European environmental regulators and a host of skeptical nations — including the United States — will square off at the United Nations civil aviation arm’s triennial meeting over how to control jet aircraft emissions.

Cyprus' Energy Exploration Can Help Stabilize the Region | Commentary

From economic crisis to domestic turmoil and international disputes, many recent events in the eastern Mediterranean nations have been alarming.

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States Battle to Recover Royalties for Energy Production on Public Lands

Western governors won a rare — though potentially short-lived — victory last month when the Interior Department reversed plans to withhold roughly $100 million in fiscal 2013 royalty payments to states for oil, gas and coal produced on federal lands within their borders.

Oysters at Risk From Ocean Acidification, as Are Farmer Livelihoods | Commentary

The recent news about illnesses related to eating raw oysters is having big impacts on our nation’s shellfish farmers. It is a prime example of how a good year can quickly take an unexpected turn in the opposite direction. Shellfish farmers around the nation confront some of the same threats that land farmers face — unfavorable weather, predators, disease and varying market conditions — any one of which can ruin the harvest for the year.

Toxics Control Bill Will Handcuff EPA | Commentary

Tens of thousands of chemicals are used in the products that we purchase and use every day. It may come as a surprise to many that the vast majority of those chemicals are not now, and never have been, regulated.

Chemical Safety Improvement Act Is Major Improvement | Letter to the Editor

Alex Formuzis’ opinion piece on the Senate Chemical Safety Improvement Act is little more than a character assassination of one of the legislation’s sponsors rather than an examination on the merits of the bill.

A Chemical Safety Bill From 'Senator Formaldehyde'? | Commentary

These days, legislation rarely makes it through Congress without support from interest groups on both sides of the issue, forcing lawmakers to draft bills that are largely balanced. Now, however, the American people are being pushed by big polluters to accept “chemical safety” legislation advanced by one of Washington’s most ardent anti-environmental advocates, Sen. David Vitter, R-La., that has virtually zero support in the environmental and public health communities.

Chemical Reform: Time to Strengthen and Fix Legislation | Commentary

It might sound like a crazy thing to say but the United States Senate has been doing a pretty good job at compromise in the past month or so. From student loans, to immigration, to even avoiding a crisis over filibuster reform, Democrats and Republicans have been working together to move forward on getting things done. It’s my hope that this sense of compromise holds intact for an important piece of legislation that stands to make the products we buy online and off store shelves a lot safer when we bring them into our homes.

Chemical Reform, Getting It Done Right | Commentary

Both chambers of Congress are suddenly stirring on how to protect the public from toxic chemicals. The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee has a marathon hearing on Wednesday with three large panels of experts. House Energy and Commerce has already conducted two hearings. Improbably, reforming our broken chemical law is emerging in this Congress as a thing that can get done.

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Chemical Bill's Backers Hope to Assuage Barbara Boxer's Concerns

Supporters of bipartisan legislation to overhaul the nation’s toxic chemicals law hope to use a committee hearing Wednesday to assuage a Senate chairwoman’s concerns that the proposal would usurp tougher state environmental laws.

A Bipartisan Breakthrough to Update Chemical Safety Law | Commentary

Congress is best known these days for hyper-partisan debate and gridlock. This is particularly true with bigger, national issues, including almost all involving President Barack Obama’s EPA. That why a recent breakthrough bipartisan bill that I’ve helped craft on chemical safety could become a really positive milestone and model — for modern environmental legislation and for a more functional Congress more generally.

Congressional Action Needed to Fix Flood Insurance | Commentary

In recent months, it has become clear that congressional action is needed to address unintended, drastic increases to National Flood Insurance Program rates for home and business owners along our coasts and rivers.

Energy-Efficiency Bill Is a Good Start | Commentary

While people across the country continue to bemoan Congress and its sclerotic dysfunction, sometimes you just have to find a silver lining. For energy consumers, the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act may just be that bright spot in an otherwise gloomy outlook.

Decades-Old Fight Over ANWR Rages On

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in northeast Alaska consists of 19 million acres — including a 1.5 million acre coastal plain seen as the potential source of at least 7.7 billion barrels of technically recoverable oil.

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Alaska Governor Pursues New Strategy in Push to Open Arctic Refuge to Drilling

After being frustrated for decades in their efforts to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas development, Alaska politicians are trying a new approach that may shift the battleground from Congress to the courts.

DeFazio Tapped as Top Democrat on House Natural Resources Panel After Rival Withdraws

Peter A. DeFazio of Oregon won the contest Thursday to become ranking Democrat on the House Natural Resources Committee, after Arizona Democrat Raúl M. Grijalva surprised colleagues with his decision to withdraw from consideration.

GOP and Energy: It's Time for the Tail to Stop Wagging the Dog | Commentary

Recently, President Barack Obama unveiled his new plan to combat global climate change. In the weeks and months ahead, the actors on both sides of this needlessly partisan political drama will play their parts and stick to the script. Most Republicans will charge the White House with over-reaching and most Democrats will counter that Republicans are doing nothing to deal with the energy and environmental challenges we face.

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Ceiling Fan Makers Strive to Block Efficiency Rules They Once Sought

The House fanned an old debate this week by adopting a provision that would block the Energy Department from setting energy efficiency standards for ceiling fans.




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