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Energy & Climate Archive

Senate Moves on From Flint Crisis — For Now

With no consensus on how to address water contamination in Flint, Mich., the Senate has shelved discussion of a bipartisan energy bill for at least two weeks and plans to move on Wednesday with debate on a package of sanctions against North Korea.

Budget Fights Begin With Obama's $4.23 Trillion Proposal

President Barack Obama proposed a $4.23 trillion fiscal 2017 budget Tuesday, which the White House argued contains some proposals that could win bipartisan support, even though Republicans were scathing in their criticism of what's likely to be the administration's last complete fiscal plan.

Pelosi, DCCC Use Tea Party to Fire Up Dem Voters

Democratic leaders are urging their voting base to fill the party’s campaign coffers as part of an election-year battle against a “tide of tea party extremism.”

On Unemployment Rate, Obama Spikes the Football

President Barack Obama on Friday took credit for the latest jobs report, saying the 4.9 percent rate shows his stewardship has made the U.S. economy the “strongest and most durable” in the world.

Watch Live: House Hearing on Flint Water Crisis

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee holds a hearing on the lead-tainted water crisis in Flint, Mich.

On Cancer 'Moonshot,' Time is Ticking for Biden

Vice President Joseph R. Biden is widely seen as the engine behind the Obama administration’s “moonshot” anti-cancer push, raising questions about its fate once he leaves office next year.

Michigan Democrats Want GOP Governor to Lobby for Flint Aid

Michigan’s Democratic senators, who are seeking $600 million in federal dollars to replace Flint’s toxic water pipes and support families affected by lead exposure, are hoping the state’s GOP governor will lobby his Republican colleagues on Capitol Hill to help foot the bill.

Senate Women Rule as Work Begins After Blizzard

When the Senate reconvened Tuesday after a major winter snow storm, Alaska Republican Lisa Murkowski noticed something a bit unusual.

Will Obama Issue Executive Action on Cap-and-Trade?

The Obama administration is refusing to make his final year in office as uneventful as Republicans would like. In fact, lawmakers expect executive action on everything from terrorist detention to campaign finance to environmental issues.

A Power Congress Grabbed, Then Rarely Used

Twenty years ago, it was enacted as a classically obscure legislative rider, an opaquely worded few paragraphs, crafted by both parties, which each side agreed to keep quiet before its insertion into sprawling must-pass legislation focused on a wholly different issue.

Was There Ever an Obama-Ryan Honeymoon?

President Barack Obama repeatedly had to raise his voice to be heard over cheering Democratic lawmakers during his State of the Union address on Jan. 12. But Speaker Paul D. Ryan sat motionless, his face frozen in a polite — but unimpressed — expression.

Parsing Obama’s Words Over 8 Addresses to Congress

Delivering his final State of the Union address Tuesday, President Barack Obama relied on key phrases and terms that dominate his previous addresses to Congress.

How Heitkamp Kept Crude Oil From Being 'Keystoned'

Sen. Heidi Heitkamp wanted to avoid turning the crude oil export ban into the next monster of a Keystone XL Pipeline debate.

It's A Deal: Republicans Settle for Notable Omnibus Wins

Speaker Paul D. Ryan has been offering members the same refrain since taking the gavel from John A. Boehner two months ago.

Treaty Semantics, Senate Politics and the Paris Climate Talks

In the simple world of civics class, the president gets to make treaties and they’re binding on the United States when two out of three senators say so.

Policy Riders in Omnibus Draw White House's Ire

The White House hit congressional Republicans on Wednesday for unveiling a year-end spending bill that includes policy provisions that Democrats vehemently oppose.

Obama Climate Plan Pitch Falls on Deaf Ears in GOP

Republican lawmakers and presidential candidates are expected to put the Obama administration’s portion of a multicountry plan to slash carbon emissions through a political wringer, putting in doubt its funding and fate.

Obama: U.S. Helped Cause Climate Change 'Problem'

President Barack Obama told other world leaders Monday that the United States played a major role in causing the climate change “problem,” and warned the groups it will be the “last” with a chance to address it.

GOP Moves Forward With Sweeping Steering Panel Changes

House Republicans are moving forward with an ambitious and far-reaching plan to overhaul the membership and operation of the Steering Committee, with a vote expected Thursday.




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