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D.C. Councilmembers Oppose Boehner's Vouchers Bill

Eight members of the District of Columbia City Council expressed their opposition Thursday to Speaker John A. Boehner’s bill to reauthorize a D.C. school voucher program.

McCarthy's Benghazi Gaffe Becomes All-Purpose White House, Hillary Clinton Defense

When in doubt, talk up Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s epic Benghazi gaffe. That’s the plan of attack from the White House, the Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign and Democrats on Capitol Hill, who clearly hope his remark will be the gift that keeps on giving.

D.C. Paid Leave Law May Change Hill Staff Income Taxes

Hill staffers who are District residents could see a new line on their tax forms if D.C.’s proposed paid leave plan becomes law: a special tax for residents whose employers, such as the federal government, are not paying into D.C.’s Family and Medical Leave Fund.

Senators Move to 'Ban the Box' in Federal Government

Senators once again proved there may be room for bipartisanship when it comes to criminal justice issues, with one panel advancing a measure to “ban the box” in the federal government.

Beyond 2016: Americans and Our Apps Need More Spectrum | Commentary

Do you need to stay connected for work? To share pics and videos, watch streaming video or listen to your personalized music stream? To shop, manage transportation or even monitor your personal health?

Labor Department Urged to Heed Constructive Ideas to Fix Fiduciary Proposal | Commentary

Is President Barack Obama’s administration serious about considering feedback in response to its proposed regulation to change the way Americans, especially low- and moderate-income Americans, are informed and educated about retirement planning?

Pope's Message Speaks to Immigrant Capitol Workers | Commentary

When Pope Francis called on Congress to respect the rights of workers and immigrants, he was also speaking to workers such as myself who cook and clean for senators.

House GOP Civil War Takes to the Airwaves

Just two days after House Speaker John A. Boehner stunned Washington by announcing he will leave Congress next month, two top members of his House Republican conference traded barbs in a remarkably public display of internal dissent on a Sunday network news show.

McCarthy Profile: Genial Party Loyalist Rose Quickly

Speaker John A. Boehner's resignation at the end of October makes his top deputy, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California, the likeliest candidate to inherit the gavel. Boehner even offered his unqualified endorsement, saying the five-term lawmaker would be an "excellent" speaker.

Boehner Profile: Achievements and Pitfalls Mark Recent Years

Speaker John A. Boehner's stunning announcement Friday that he will resign from his House seat next month caps a 25-year career marked by legislative victories and intra-party conflicts. 

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Boehner to Call It Quits; McCarthy Seen as Successor

Speaker John A. Boehner told fellow Republicans Friday morning he will resign from Congress and give up his House seat at the end of October, according to members.

Path Toward 'Clean' Spending Stopgap Bill Emerges

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday began laying the groundwork for the chamber to advance a “clean” continuing resolution in the coming days after Democrats and some Republicans banded together to block consideration of a stopgap with Planned Parenthood defunding language.

Hunger Doesn't Take a Summer Vacation | Commentary

Even though the school year is now underway for America’s school children, what those kids eat during the summer is up for debate as Congress reconsiders reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Act.

Enforce 'Conflict of Interest' Rule for Financial Advisers, Save Retirees | Commentary

Those trying to do the right thing by saving for retirement — and seeking professional help to do so — deserve investment advice in their best interest. The most fundamental obligation of a financial professional should be to put their customers’ interests ahead of their own and those of their firm. “Fiduciary” is the legal term for a financial professional who is held to the highest standard of conduct under the law for advice they provide to people saving for retirement.

Holy Lobbying: Climate, Abortion in Spotlight for Pope's Visit

K Street advocates will seek divine policy intervention when Pope Francis arrives on Capitol Hill.

Preschool Suspensions Alarm Appropriators

Mental health consultant Wendy Jones is trying to explain how a 3-year-old child gets expelled from a preschool school class, and it’s taking a long time.

Beware of Phony Workplace Flexibility Bills | Commentary

Politicians aren’t always smart, but they’re often shrewd. Say your party isn’t doing well with working women — and working women are likely to determine the outcome of elections. You read the polls and see what’s moving on the state and local levels (because nothing’s moving in Congress). Pollsters tell you that working families desperately need more time with their loved ones. Paid sick days and fair scheduling are hot issues, but the business lobby demands you keep away from those. What to do?

House Sends Three-Month Highway Bill to Senate

The House Wednesday sent a three-month extension of highway and transit programs to the Senate by a 385-34 vote, just days before current authorization expires.

Retirement in America: Navigating the Perfect Storm | Commentary

When it comes to retirement in America, we’re sailing directly into a perfect storm.

National Labor Relations Act at 80: Continuing the Fight to Protect Workers' Rights | Commentary

In 1935, in the midst of the Great Depression and at a time of instability and uncertainty for families across the country, our nation recognized the need to protect the rights of workers to improve their pay and working conditions through collective bargaining. That’s why Congress passed a law called the National Labor Relations Act.




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